Petite Girl in 30's Wanting to Be Salamafied!

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Hi Ladies!!! I am new to this site and I am not...

Hi Ladies!!!

I am new to this site and I am not much of a writter, however, I love this site and the support it gives to us women looking to BETTER ourselves! There is a reason cosmetic surgery is a BILLION dollar business. When a person (especially a woman) feels comfortable in their skin it radiates through everything the do! When u look good... Well, yall know the rest! :)
I am just looking to fill out my booty and exaggerate my waist! Since having my baby my ass has lost it's shape and it not plump anymore! I had severe swelling towards the end of my pregnancy, and when the swelling left so did my ass!

So here's to being Salamafied! I hope you ladies will join me on my journey and give me advise and support!

Weight: 124
Height: 5'2". *NEED to gain at least 10lbs

Will post before pics shortly!!!

Before Pics

Hi Ladies! Here are my current pics. As you can see, I need some curves! I have NO hips, and my booty has NO definition! Just looking for a more womanly silhouette. Salama saw me at this weight and suggested I gain 10-15 pounds. I have only gained one since my consult in July. He will be doing lips on my inner thighs, arms, back, stomach, and flanks.

Before pic (back)

I am so confused updating on this site! Lol... Bare with me! Before pic of my back side!

Weight Gain

Ok ladies! As I said in my initial post, I am not much of a writer, hence why I have not updated in months!... Lol! I had my surgery 1/19. Theses are my pre-op pics (after the weight gain). These pics where taken the night before my procedure. Dr. Salama was able to get a whopping 1500cc out of my little frame! He was even shocked!!!

3 Days Post Op (1500cc's)

So here is my "Day of Surgery Review"! I had my surgery in 1/19/16. I was a nervous wreck! I was so scared the night before. All I could think about was my little baby and I just wanted to make sure I got back to her! I had my own nurse (my cousin is an RN) so I wasn't really worried a lot after care! I was told the night before to be at the surgery center at 10:30am. I woke up at 8am took a shower in antibacterial soap and made my way down to the surgery center with my baby and cousin. When we arrived we were greeted by Monica a nurse. She saw me crying while I was holding my baby in the the waiting room. My cousin immediately tells her I'm very nervous and Monica begins to calm me down and tell me that she has been under before and it's " one and done"! She told me that I had the best team and I will be fine! She was so sweet! After about about 10 mins of waiting I was told to give a urine sample and change into the surgery gear. After changing into my gear Alex the anesthesiologist came to get me and ask me pre surgery questions. As he was asking me questions I could hear my daughter laughing and talking in the waiting room (she's 3 years old) I started to cry a little and Alex was like "I will be with you the whole time, and trust me I will make sure you get back to your family". After the question were over it was time for Salama to come do his pre-op markings. He told my family to come in for the part. My daughter had him laughing because she got upset when he began to touch me while I was naked! Lol! She knows the only man that should touch me is her daddy! But after a min or Dr. Salama explaining to her he is a doctor she then said "oh you are going to fix my Mommy?! It's ok!" Dr. Salama proceeded to go over the risk of the procedure. He told me that though he asked me to gain 10-15lbs. And I only gained 10lbs that should be enough. He said I had a perfect shaped butt and that he wanted to do an upside-down heart shape. He said over and over "very natural". He asked me if I wanted a shelf and I said "slightly". Only because I've read many reviews of girls that want to go back for round 2's just for fullness at the top of there butts! Next I kissed and hugged my family and the nurse came to walk me into the surgery room. It was a small room well equipped. Very clean with about 3 techs in it. Alex laid me down and started an IV he asked me what do I like to drink when I go out I told him tequila. He said well I'm going to give you some tequila in your IV. We laughed, then a guy (a tech I believe walked and told me how cute my daughter was and Dr. Salama walked in and we started talking about where we all live (Alex and I live rather close). Then I started to feel real drowsy and GOOD, and I said "I know you are putting me to sleep Alex"! I heard the whole room laughing and next thing I know is I'm waking up to Dr. Salama smiling saying "You're alive! I told you" and I was able to get 1500cc's from you, I am so shocked myself" And I fell back asleep! When I left the surgery center I was in no pain! Just sore. The first night was ok. The pain started on day 2 and again it was more of a soreness. What is the most painful is mornings because the lymphatic fluid just is slushing around under your skin and burns. I feel very stiff in the morning! I am extremely swollen! Just to give you an idea I was 135lbs the night before surgery two days after I was 148lbs. I love my results my waist is shrinking by the day! Once I get rid of the swelling I know it will be amazing! Even Celia the massage therapist said my results are some of the best she's seen! I don't have anyone to take pictures because I refuse for my boyfriend to see me all swollen and bruised! So I have to try my best myself which is hard because I can't contort my body to get a great pic. Overall my experience was pleasant and I'm loving seeing my body evolve!

8 days Post Op during 3rd Massage

Ok ladies. This is me at Dr. Salamis office right before my third massage. I am still very swollen in my hands, arms, tummy and legs! Everywhere! Let's not even mention that he lipo's the vagina!!!! But already in happy! My ass is huge so if I only retain 900ccs of the 1500ccs he put in, I will still be happy! If you girls notice I never uploaded any wish pics. The reason for that is that I just wanted to be the best ME I could be! I was looking for a fuller butt and more curves. And that's what I got! I didn't want to get caught up in wish pics! But I'm excited about my results! Also, since this pic I've had another massage, I am going for a total of 10 massages! They really help with the swelling and the lumps!

Right before my 5th Massage

Hi! These are the best I could do! I am having such a hard time with the swelling and stiffness associated with this procedure. I've had 5 massages and she does it DEEP, yet I'm still swollen and stiff!!!! So I am not able to twist and turn my body to get the best angles for you girls :(. But so far I love my results my waist is much smaller in person but it is very swollen I am 13 days post op, and my waist is measures 26" I'm sure one the swelling is gone it'll be about 24". Sorry for the blurs... Gotta cover my Tatts!

New Garment

Good Day! So I bought a new butt-in garment. I was wearing a size medium in Dr. Salama's garment and I no longer had compression, even with the ab board and foams. Last night was my first time wearing the new garment and... I LOVE IT! It does a great job compressing the areas. Also this garment is vitamin infused. It has vitamin E and Ginkgo Biloba to aid with swelling and healing. You can smell the vitamins and it smells good! I see a difference with just one night. My only dislike of the garment is that it does not give enough support in the cuff area of the butt. The butt-out garment that Dr. Salama supplies has better support for the bottom of the butt, allowing for it to mold the cuff. So I will wear the butt-out garment a few hours a day to aid in molding that area. But so far so good! I will continue my massages in the interim to further aid with lumps and swelling. By the way... Ladies, this cabin fever is no joke! My baby hates it and so do I! I can't wait to be able to drive! This is terrible :(

Continued from update above.

after taking off new garment

Belly ring area swollen.

Does anyone have a belly piercing that has swelled? If you ladies look in the last frontal pic I posted you can see the belly piercing is swollen. I hope it does not stay like that! But I guess at my next massage I will ask about it. Just wanted to know if you girls experienced the same thing!

1 month post op

Hello!!!! Here are my 1 month post op pics. These pics were taken last Tuesday at exactly 1 month post. Well... As far as recovery goes, ladies let me tell you after a few weeks your scar tissue begins to form. This is why massages are so IMPORTANT! My waist line literally feels like it's on fire because of the scar tissue being stretched at my massages. It is necessary for her to massage deeper now, however it burns!!! My neck hurts from sleeping in the same position for 1 month now. I was told I can sleep on my side but, I will not do that because I wanted fuller hips more than a bigger butt, so I will not do anything that can ruin the fat survival in that area. But overall I love my results. I'm still early in the healing stages. My butt changes shape almost every other day! Somedays it's round and small, while other days it wide and big! I did loose a lot of volume, but Dr. Salama says its normal! So please don't fall in love with your 2 week booty. That WILL NOT be your final size. Also I still swell up very bad if I'm out of my garment for even just 30 mins while I take a shower and lotion up! Speaking of lotioning up... Ladies if you are prone to stretch marks like me (I got them on my butt during puberty) then please start using an intense moisturizing oil now and continue after your procedure. I know that anytime my skin is stretch I will get them, so when I was pregnant I used Clarin's Huile Tonic. It is a very strong oil that prevents stretch marks and tightens the skin. You can buy it online or at Macy's for $60. I used it during my first trimester until 3 months after my pregnancy, and I didn't get any marks on my tummy and my skin SNAPPED right back! After this procedure I would wake up some mornings and take off the garment to find little lines looked like stretch marks and loose skin. So I immediately bought that product. I used it twice a day on damp skin. I've read reviews that girls cry about getting stretch marks on the stomach and it sucks! So take my advice! I would loose my mind if I got through pregnancy without them, only to get them after lipo! Pain... I haven't taken any pain meds on a consistent basis since week 3. I only take 1 of the prescription pain meds or extra strength Tylenol when I go to my massages. The pain is still worst in the mornings. And now I'm starting to get very sharp shooting pain in my back! It feels like little bolts of electricity! I've read that it's because the nerves are starting to function in that area again. Because since this procedure my back has been numb to the touch (except during deep massages).

And so the unhappiness begins...

Ok ladies, So I have a follow up with Dr. Salama tomorrow. I'm not 100% sure that I am going to keep the appointment because he only does follow ups and consults on Wednesday's, which sucks because he is very sought after, so he is booked out on those days, standing room only sometime. I once had a massage booked on that day and waited almost 30mins. Because those are the same rooms he using for consults. Never again did I book one on a Wednesday! The wait times are ridiculous! That's my only complaint so far about Elite (the wait times). But anyway, I booked a follow up for two reasons; 1. (Superficial) I feel like my projection did NOT IMPROVE after this procedure (am I crazy?). I won't say that I haven't ANY, because indeed I had some before, I was just lacking fullness. I asked him for projection and hips! That's all I wanted! I'm not someone who wants an ass like Lira Galore, or a huge implanted ass like Kim K., I just wanted CURVES. I have them from the front (which I knew would be easy for him because I had some of that already). I also have curves from the back. But from the side... I don't have much!? Huh? I don't know if it's just that time for me to be hard on myself or what! Ugh! 2. (More serious) Every morning since this procedure, when I wake up and take a deep breath I feel pain on the lower right side of my belly. To where I have to brace myself before! It feels EXACTLY like if you've ever had fluid on your chest and you get a shortness of breath when u breath in that is also accompanied by a bit of discomfort or even pain. I don't know what that is, but I don't like it! I told my cousin (who is an RN as I stated before) about it when she was taking care of me after the procedure, and she told me not to worry about it so long as it wasn't in my chest area. But it's that EXACT feeling!? I hate to go to his office tomorrow because of the previous stated reasons, but I changed my insurance the 1st of January and my regular Primary Doctor doesn't take my new provider. I then had my surgery 1/19/16, and have been healing since, therefore I didn't have a chance to find a new PCP. So depending on how I feel perhaps I will keep my appointment or just locate a new PCP. Either way I have to know why this is happening. Recovery Overall recovery is going very well. I've had 9 massages, and ladies believe me they are necessary! I have almost NO LUMPS at almost 6 weeks later! These pics are from right before my shower, and right after I've taken off the garment and foams. I will try to post a pic after the lines from the foam are gone, so that you all can see the results of my tummy. Still some swelling in the belly and waist. I cannot go over 20-30 mins without swelling. I still some pain (mostly feels like burning from stretching muscles). But overall ladies I am happy with my results! I love my waist and my hips. I love the roundness of my booty. My arms are great. My thighs are coming along (I'm waiting the swelling and unevenness out, as I already had some loose skin in that area before). The good thing about me is that I aim to be positive. Energy is never wasted ladies! If you have negative energy it will find its way into something, as will positive energy. So emit positive energy always! (unless u have to check someone... LMAO!)

Forgot Measurements!

Today 3/1/16 I measure in at:

32 (bust)
24.5 (waist)
39 (hips)
41.5 (butt)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I am very impressed with the staff at Elite and Dr. Salama. Very professional team!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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