Paid for my BBL in Full - Miami, FL

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So today I finally decided to go with Dr. Mcadoo...

So today I finally decided to go with Dr. Mcadoo after doing months of research and reading everyone's reviews and posts. I sent full payment and paid for recovery house and undergarments which totaled about $5100. I am so excited and can't wait to schedule my surgery date. I was unable to schedule today since the office was about to close when I talked with Mercy for payment transaction. Staff seems very nice so far no complaints.

Appointment is Booked

Finally I booked my appointment today for September 15 and I will be flying in for my preop on the 14th... I can't wait tomorrow morning I will be going to the lab for my blood work. I am excited and nervous at once since I am not used to going for surgery alone.

Which pillow works best?

Hi ladies anyone has any idea which pillow works best for plane ride back from surgery?

Wish pics

This are my wish pics

My body now

My boobs were done twice before... Once in Miami C cup and second time in CT D cup. Now I'm ready for my BBL...

Preparing for surgery

I received the BBL buddy pillow and tried it.. My butt does not touch the seat and is comfortable to sit on! Also ordered boxes of large gauze pads, Arnica gel, bought a few slip on dress pajamas and vitamins and iron... Just 11 days til my preop

More supplies

I decided to order some more Arnica Gel and also decided to order some Arnica tablets

It's almost time

Omg so it's Monday, I fly in to Miami on Wednesday morning and I am so nervous and excited at the same time... Hearing some horrible news about the girl who just passed away from surgery in Miami scares me of course! Thank God that's not where I'm going but I just want to get it over and done with already! Wish me luck and to the girls getting surgery Wednesday good luck maybe we'll meet

Ready to fly

I'm ready to board the plane and head to Miami.... My nerves have definitely kicked in but I just want to get it over and done with!!!


Finally my surgery was done. I arrived at 7:30 am today and I believe by 8;30 surgery began. Definitely was nervous but staff was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. I didn't know there were 4 locations and my surgery was done at Aventura. Dr. MaCadoo was amazing and I wanted the pear shape and he actually said it was perfect since I already had that sort of look. I felt very cold when waking up like really cold it was so bad the shivering but the anesthesiologist put something in my IV which stopped it. On the ride to the recovery house which was an hour away I felt very nausea and my stomach felt like a bad burning sensation. Once I took medication I felt great and been walking a lot with no issue. Everyone's body is different so I was a bit scared because some girls at the recovery house looked like they were in so much pain and others looked great. I have been feeling great just sore. Looking at myself even though I have the girdle on I feel like my body looks amazing already can't wait til swelling goes down and I am able to see final results. The recovery house is very clean which is Seductions recovery house and the staff as well as all the girls in the house are all amazing. It was definitely well worth it! The nurses are the sweetest...

Finally going home

After 7 days I'm finally able to fly back home. I am happy with my surgery even though I am still swollen results are looking great. Again Nidya and Alicia were awesome at the recovery house. They both took great care of us and far beyond. Felt very comfortable there and I don't normally like staying anywhere! I'm going to miss them ! I did a total of 5 massages which I definitely recommend...

8 days after surgery

Here's a quick picture 8 days after my surgery. My butt looks huge and I am hoping it goes down a bit since I wanted more of a natural look. Looks nice though I just feel like it's a bit too big!


Ok so now it has been 11 days since my surgery and I am getting worried. About 3 days ago my butt was at a perfect size which I loved but as of today it has gotten a lot smaller and it is still bigger then prior to surgery but I am worried it will eventually go back to the way it was before. I texted Nayomie from Seduction Cosmetic in Aventura where my surgery was done and she read my text and has no responded. I paid for insurance in case I was not not happy with my results! If I have to take a flight back to Miami cause of no responses I will. I am worried and concerned to look like I didn't even have anything done after paying so much money because $4500 turned to about $7000-8000 between recovery house, flights, and all the extras they don't mention when you pay for the procedure.

My BBL has gotten small

So my Butt has gotten smaller and smaller 2 weeks post op and I'm not happy with the small butt. I asked for a natural big looking nice butt not something that looks like I didn't get surgery. I love the fact that my stomach is a lot flatter but I have some lumps, hopefully those go down. Someone from Seduction called me yesterday asking about my 2 week preop and I explained my concerns she asked for pictures to be emailed and I have not heard from them yet. I'm going to wait til next week. I paid for insurance so hopefully this can be fixed.

Literally no butt

So it has been 4 weeks post op and I literally have no booty... it's almost back tot he way it was only reason I believe it's a bit bigger cause of the lipo. My hips were filled in and now I lost fat in both hips but one has more indents then the other hip. It's embarrassing and not what I expected. I spoke with my coordinator 2 week post op at Seduction Aventura and she said email pics and she will let me know what the doctor says the never heard anything. She later calls me on Thursday for my 4 week post op and says the same thing again to email pics but nothing yet. I'm planning to take a trip to Florida and hopefully schedule an appointment to meet with dr in person. I'm so depressed looking at my results, wasn't what I expected

No butt


I may not be too happy with the size of my butt and hips but my waist is looking great. I am definitely doing a revision in 6 months after all.

5 weeks

Ok so with clothes and garments on my body looks great. Again I am happy how my waistline is looking but my hips are not full as I requested. I have indents on them and my butt is a bit bigger but I do want a fuller butt! So I am planning to get a revision to fill in my hips and but more. I have garments underneath or a waist trainer in pictures with clothes on.

BBL round 2

Ladies so it has officially been 5 months since my first BBL and I just booked my second. I will be back in Miami with Dr. Mcadoo for round 2 on March 29th. I am so excited and I can say that I had many ups and downs about my body through your the five months. There was times I hated it and times I loved it but I can actually say wait wait wait I was very inpatient and wanted to see results fast. I am happy with my butt but need more hips and I still have some fat to my belly so I am sure round 2 will be perfect.

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