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Hey so today the 12th is when I had decided to...

Hey so today the 12th is when I had decided to make the phone call to become a fisher girl, I am so nervous and happy at the sametime. Someone from the office has been emailing me back right on time and just boosted me up to go head and go forward this decision,I have to loose about 15 pounds before
The surgery so I can get the best results but I don't mind....There are so many doctors on the Vanity site I hope I chose the best one.

Was getting cold feet HELP!!! Wannabe a fisherdoll

Hey everyone so I am extremely
Serious about getting a BBL I was thinking about going with Dr.fisher in Miami because his price and deal right now is awesome and in my budget I got quoted 4500, I've been emailing a Emily Sanchez,she is very helping and writes me right back. I was getting cold feet because of some of the reviews I read about vanity Miami online, I don't want to get scammed out my money, I work extremely hard and my boyfriend is helping to pay so he would be extremely pissed to waste thousands of dollars....I've also seen some very good
Reviews from fisher work, I have to send a 1000 deposit...

DEPOSIT PAID!! Fisher doll on less than two months wow

Hello ladies it took me a whole month to really decide on fisher, I stalked this site for months and all fisher dolls look so good. Ok 5,000 is so worth a change in my life right now. I am currently 150, I want to be 10 pounds lighter before my surgery..... My date is February 25 th yesssss next month omg I'm so excited. I don't want to post pics yet until it's close to time,but I am sooo ready to have curves I'm ready to feel like like a new woman. I made my deposit through my bank so I know everything was safe and went through,I'm going to pay them the rest throughout this month...

MCADOO DOLL 7/7/2016!!!! I am so nervous and excited

Ok so I really wanted dr fisher with vanity but he's so booked, I'm so pissed about that,so now I will be going with dr Mcadoo July 7th omg that's next month,I am so excited. Any other ladies been to Mcadoo ?? Or any ladies have any dates coming up ?? I have already paid in full through a Wire through my bank, I'm not playing any comes.. I hope Mcadoo give me the look I want

mcadoo doll in less than a month

So I got the $4,000 deal with mcadoo, full Lipo with BBL. I'm 23 years old no kids, well I had a son but he died at 23 weeks because my water broke early, I had a c section, this year. So far this year has been the worst year of my life,so I know getting a bbl will make me feel a little better. Shirley Miranda at VANITY MIAMI is my coordinator and she is very understanding,she is helping me through this whole process as much as she can and She get right back with me right away. At first I was scared but MCADOO reviews seem good and I'm loving some of the girls results. I'm 4'9 155pounds but I do want to be a few pounds lighter before surgery. My surgery is paid in full already now all I have to do is get my lab work,I'm thinking about staying with Claudia RH I hear it's great and dependable. I can always find a cheap plane ticket so I'm not worried about alll this.

12 MORE DAYS MCADOO DOLL !!! No Fisher No Vanity

It has been a crazy year for me so far. But now this is the month and this is my time. So I will be having surgery with Mcadoo at AVentura, I was suppose to have surgery with Mcadoo at vanity, but he's no longer with them and then vanity took for ever with my refund!!! I'm getting the bbl with 12 Lipo no PCP for 4000. I'm 4'9 150 pounds...I did my labs already and I'm good on the bloodwork side but I'm getting my ekg done at AVentura office. I'm so excited I will keep y'all updated when I get there. I have been reading so many reviews these companies are crazy but the doctors are great. I'm just going to pray every day that things go smooth

1 week!! And I will be a MCADOO DOLL!!

I have booked my flight,rental and hotel today!! I will be in Florida on the 12th my sx is the 13th at aventura with Mcadoo!! I am sooo excited, I'm probably not going to be able to sleep for a week!!


So I made it to the airport. I talked to Sofia at AVentura who is very sweet by the way. I just have to pay the rest of my balance in cash today once I make it to my pre op appt!! I am soooo nervous!!! I have been watching this site for months and reading all of MCADOO reviews I feel like he is going to give me the look that I want. I want real curves, attention seeking curves. I am 154 pounds my bmi is 33 I feel like a bbl is the perfect procedure for me

Aventura Plastic Surgeon

IM GOING WITH MCADOO - Haven't got to meet the doctor,but he is making sure I am in good health before any surgery is done.

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