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Hi Beauties! I am 5 foot 10 and weigh 173 pounds....

Hi Beauties! I am 5 foot 10 and weigh 173 pounds. I have been doing this research for about a good year now and have learned not to rely completely on the site because I'm not sure how many reviews are real and I also can't seem to find enough credited photos. So I just decided to go with my gut and write down my top four doctors.... Who are all located in Miami. Pat Pazmino, Perez-Gurri, Sergio Alvarez, and of course the infamous Salama. I have been comparing prices but that's not the main thing I'm worried about obviously I'm worried about the outcome. I have dreams about it every day and I'm ready for my change in the next two months. I have been weighing in outweighing the positive the negatives about every doctor. And the only one who uses drains is Pazmino. I had a really great I-consult with him... So far he is the only actual doctor I have spoke with over the phone. This week I will be speaking to all the rest in making my decision in the next week.


Today I mostly leaning towards Perez-Gurri. I love that his staff is so on top of it and is very well knowledgeable about BBLs! I feel really comfortable even though it's only over the phone with Rosemarie, who I will most likely be booking the procedure with... He has a ton of before and after photos which means a lot to me.

Booking bbl SX date THIS WEEK!

So I have decided to go with Dr. Perez Gurri from Miami Florida. I have been getting my stuff ready little by little and today I went to target and found a cute deal for these items... I still have a rather lengthy list to cover before going, and I'm trying to schedule my surgery date as June 21!!!

Booked my Transformation with Dr. Perez- Gurri!!

Hey ladies I started a new review on here. Because I finally made my decision today. I'm 5 foot 10 I weigh 175 pounds and I've always wanted projection and a smaller waist. I finally made my decision, Rosemary and all the girls at the office are extremely helpful over the phone I had my phone consultation with Dr. PG today. He answered all the rest of my questions... I'm feeling confident about my choice and extremely excited! I'm booking for June 21, which is not a typical operation day but they said they were willing to open it up for me which is amazing! In the meantime I will be buying supplies here and there and booking hotel stay as well as flights. Thank God I have my girlfriend coming along to help me which will save me from needing a recovery home.

Almost 1 more month till my SX date ????

I have made a entire supply list, and I'm almost done with everything that I need. I just want to make sure that I have everything so that I won't have to go out of my way when I'm in Miami to get these things. Here is everything that I have gotten so far! Vitamin C pills, iron pills, rubber gloves, Q-tips, cotton balls, A bunch of gauze rolls, medicine container, Neosporin, non-scented lotion, adhesive tape, bunch of Band-Aids, some of them are for sensitive skin and some of them are antibacterial. Dial soap, nonaspirin pain relief tablets, anti-itch allergic cream instead of Benadryl, Anna care gel, I still have to get the pills. Antibacterial hand wipes, Clorox disinfecting wipes because I will be staying at a hotel. The PEZ is in the purple case, I actually got it on Groupon two for $12. I got sensitive skin baby wipes, and a bunch of heavy flow maxipads. I also got the Boppy pillow from eBay- 24$! and the foldout chair at big lots for $10 only. In addition I got moisture lock large training pads even though there for dogs I will be placing them underneath me when I'm sleeping. They were only five dollars at big lots and it comes with 14 in each pack. Getting excited but I also heard the bad news about the encore death from the BBL. my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. This event will Probably will make a lot of people reconsider getting the BBL procedure done. But remember it's a very rare chance of this happening... I just still can't put my mind around it that something like this could've happened to someone just for wanting to change their body... God bless her. Ladies make sure to research your doctor and make sure he's board-certified. This is your life here it's not just a simple trip to the store... That is all for now ????

Can't wait.....

The time is getting closer and I'm still preparing myself for surgery. Still have not gotten my blood work done and cleared yet but I am scheduled to do so on May 31. Also got a little bit more excited when I received my WAHL therapeutic massage or in the mail today. I actually bought one on eBay and ended up being only $12, I'm not sure of the full price at Walgreens probably around 20$... But I read other reviews and I've read that it helped a lot just for comfort reasons.

Still waiting on my bloodworm results!

So I am still waiting on my blood work results, with my SX date being June 21 which is a week away. I am extremely excited to meet the staff and Dr. PG finally. I am also extremely happy that I have someone coming with me the entire trip to help me. I have completely stopped drinking and have been eating more healthy lately because I am at the weight I want to be at for this surgery. I will be posting pictures soon on my next post!

Counting down!

So tomorrow I am flying into Miami and I am very excited. My consultation is on the 20th and I cannot wait to meet the doctor and his staff. I booked first-class tickets for me and my friend who is helping me on the way home just so that I can be more comfortable. I will be updating you guys and I will also post my before pictures here. These pictures are from two days ago.

Finally over with!

Hey dolls, sorry I have not been on in a couple days. I was supposed to have my consultation on the 20th but my doctor had a delayed flight so I was a little upset about that but I did not let it get to me. Milly was amazing and she told me that I could speak with him the day of surgery and pretty much have my consultation then. Once I met the staff everyone was super nice, and I felt like I already knew Rosemarir and Milly. They anesthesiologist was really funny and made me feel at ease when they stuck the IV in me. Before I knew it I was all wrapped up and awake again. My surgery took five hours or so, and afterwards they had to slide me off the bed into a wheelchair they asked me if I had to use the bathroom and I said yes. Once I stood up I was super nauseous and felt like I had to throw up so I stood over the toilet for like four minutes and nothing happened. I just wanted to get back to my hotel and lay down. I was unable to take my pain pills till four hours later since the anesthesia did not wear off completely yet. One of the nurses put me in a wheelchair again and I went downstairs it was so hard to get in the car since my car was not a SUV size car. So I ended up kneeling on my hands and knees for the whole ride. Luckily the ride was only like five minutes long. Pain has been a little rough, the hardest part is getting in and out of bed. I found it the easiest way for me to sit right now is with a foam between my legs on my knees on a couch stool. My stomach was hurting because I slept on it all night, so I placed two pillows under my stomach and I felt a little bit better. I would say I woke up every two hours and I have been going to the bathroom a lot to do to me drinking a lot of fluids. I will take more photos when I can walk more.

Day 2...

So today I really had to go to the bathroom, but it would not come out and it was very painful. I took a Colace pill and drink about 2 cups of pineapple juice and about an hour later I was finally able to go. This was before I had to shower. Once I took my Faja off, it's still felt like I had it on. The worst pain was putting it back on and trying to squeeze back into it after I washed and dried it. I feel like a big baby... I cannot imagine how it would've been if I would've had to do this on myself. Tomorrow I have my first lymphatic drainage massage scheduled with Susana from post Lipo massage, 2885 SW 3rd Ave. This is the place that Rosemarie suggested. Also the first session is free! So that's a plus. I'm a little nervous because of the pain factor. But if this will benefit me in the long run I'm totally in. Anyway, I barely remember the day of surgery but I do remember Rosemarie coming to check up on me after everything was done. She has been amazing if it was not for her I would probably have not booked this procedure at all... She really made me comfortable along with all the other staff. Also she always answers my phone calls whenever I have random questions. So basically the worst pain is me getting up from bed off my stomach and me putting back on the garment... I definitely would not like to do a round 2.

Day 3 update

So today I actually started taking Tylenol extra strength instead of my pain pills, I'm testing them out to see which ones work better for me. I actually got out today and walked around by the pool at my hotel in the shade of course because I'm not allowed to be in the sun. I was supposed to have my lymphatic drainage massage at 12 noon but when I got out of bed I was in a lot of pain and I felt like it was too soon to start doing it, so I scheduled it for Monday. I just want to make sure that I get one done at least out here before I go back home. I'm nervous for the pain because I feel my bruises underneath my garment and I still don't really want to look at my body yet. I called imagos today and asked them about showering. They said I was able to shower every day now, but it really is the hardest thing to get on and off this damn garment. I'm gonna make sure I take my pain pills before doing it and later on today I'm going to try to get another garment at Fajas Y Mas which is only about 10 minutes drive from me. I'm excited therapy shopping is my thing!

Day 3 & 4 update

So yesterday I went to Fajas y mas. I speak pretty good Spanish, but the friend that I brought with me speaks it fluent. Think God for her because her else I wouldn't really know what I was looking for. I bought an extra for half similar to the one that I was given and I also bought a Lipo board for my back and my stomach that are different than the ones that were given to me. I also fell for the tea even though I know I can get it off of Instagram for damn near nothing but I just wanted it with me now so I could start taking it... I ended up spending $197 which is not so bad... I also got to walk around the mall yesterday for little bit until it felt like I pulled a muscle in my butt LOL. I took a shower yesterday and it was a little bit easier getting my garment on. Because I did not go to my massage yesterday I scheduled one with someone else tomorrow. Kathy from a Imagos plastic surgery recommended a lady named Esperanza. She actually comes to you and charges $70 so we will see how it goes tomorrow! Wish me luck! also I still do not have the balls to put up my photos yet and I have not even looked at them without my garment on because I am scared to. I know those are not my results and the swelling kind of freaks me out a little. But I know for sure that my back is phenomenal because when I stand up with my elbows touching my sides they barely touch where they used to! Dr. PG went to work on me and definitely gave me the hips and curves I wanted! ????

Day 5 update! First massage!

So today was my first massage finally since I chickened out last week... It felt really great I little bit painful on my stomach but that's typical. Esperanza was amazing she actually came to my hotel and set up a table for me and played calming music. Her number is 7863909108 and I highly recommend her! It's just so much easier to not have to worry about getting back in your garment and getting in a car and driving back to your hotel or wherever you're staying right after my massage I took a shower and during the massage I washed my garment. It was great. I really like my results so far it's just a lot of swelling to go down. My waist is going to look amazing I'm so excited to finally wear clothes that are a little bit on the tighter side ;)

Day6 update

So since I really enjoyed my lymphatic drainage massage yesterday I decided to ask Esperanza if she could give me another massage today because I'm flying out tomorrow. She came to my hotel at 12:30 and we got started right away, during the session we spoke briefly and she mentioned that she brought me new Lipo foams. She noticed that I had blood stained on my other lipo foams that I was using from after surgery. She told me she brought some with her today and that I could buy them from her for just $10 apiece. That was really nice of her to even go out of her way to think about me to bring them back the next day. She really is such a sweetheart and helped me lose my tension during this whole process. Not to mention her massages help me go number two twice today which was amazing. I mean any other place out here you literally have to drive and put your gment on and take it off for them then get back in your car and go home and costing the same for that hassle. it was just super easy for her to come to me and for me just to shower after seeing her and then reapply my garment and not have to reapply it more than once a day. Thanks Esperanza !!! True life saver!

Day 8, and finally at home!

So the day after I posted last, Esperanza had an opening for the next day in the afternoon thank God. She was available for me and I really appreciated that. She even brought me new Lipo foams that I bought from her because she noticed that Mine had blood stains- how sweet! Hopefully I can find someone back at home that can help me as much as her. Once I was done with the massages I felt amazing and was able to go to the bathroom easier without Colace. It also helped my swelling go down and made it easier to put on my Faja.

So the following day after that was my last doctor visit. I was really cited to show everyone the outcome, and because I did not have a lot of bruising it looked nice already. Dr. P she told me that he was afraid of my bruising because of my fair skin, and he was surprised that I didn't have much bruising. I got to see RoseMarie, Milly, and Jillian one last time before I went home. They all made me feel like a family which was really nice and more than welcome there.
Not sure if I mentioned Gillian yet but she works there when I was going under and was telling me about her own BBL story which made me feel more at ease afterwards and she also helped me from throwing up after surgery. She even gave me her email to keep in contact which was nice.

Extremely happy that I chose this doctor and I hope my results keep coming out good. I can't wait till the swelling goes down and I can feel my skin again. It's weird because I feel like my skin is not mine, and as if it has to reattach to my fat cells in order for me to have feeling. Dr. told me this could take up to six months. But that's fine I have time!

So after my doctor visit I had my flight at 5 PM. I have got first class tickets for me and my friend who came with me. However I did not know that these first class tickets involved a international plane which was amazing because our seats reclined into beds and I pretty much laid on my stomach the entire trip! I cannot imagine standing up the whole flight, because sitting was very hard and I kept feeling my toes tingling. For sitting I used a half foam wrapped in a blanket (had more support than my boppy). For my back I just use a neck pillow to keep propped up.

I am going to upload the before and after's so far :) and there will be more to come. I also forgot to mention that I do have scoliosis and the doctor noticed this right away, my left side tends to be a little bit taller than my right side which is kind of crazy.
Happy healing dolls !

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