36yr Mom to become a McAdoo Gem 6/24/16!!!

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I am really excited about the surgery!!! I have...

I am really excited about the surgery!!! I have been stalking the sight for about a year now. I desperately need to purchase supplies and find a recovery house roommate considering my husband cannot come with me. Is anyone having their surgery this day to split cost??? I'm going with Dr. James Macadoo and I heard he is a doll!

Time is winding down!!!

Time is winding down...yikes! I'm super nervous! Finally reserved the recovery house. Need to purchase supplies now. I'm so late....ugh!

Before pics...

As much as I hated to post these pics, I found it was needed to document my journey. Here goes nothing....

36yr Old Mother of One...no More Kids...in Need of a Booty!

I'm super excited to start this journey. I've been stalking RS since last year and decided to just do it. You only live once, right?! I've always had a pretty face and big boobs...I've just never been proportioned. I need the hips and booty to go with the rest of me. This will totally boost my self esteem 100 times!!!

Supplies Purchased

I'm not going to overdue it likes some lists I've seen. I'm going to get the basics and purchase anything needed after the fact. That's what help is for, right? :-) The most nerve racking thing was knowing with faja to order. I found one on Amazon for $50. we'll see how it works as it has great reviews.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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