Mid 20s, No Kids, BBL with Salama 2016 - Miami, FL

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Well here we go...I've never ever done anything...

Well here we go...I've never ever done anything like this (both starting a blog on something and getting a cosmetic procedure that is). This is huge for me and very out of character. I'm really excited, and hoping to get some support from these website from others who have had this done also! Any tips and advice is very welcomed.
A bit about me: I'm 27 years old, 5'4" and 140lbs. I've always been "the girl with the pretty face". And I've always wanted to be the girl with the "pretty face and amazing body". I'm not striving for perfection or an outrageously huge butt that doesn't fit me. I naturally am curvy and have an hourglass shape *35-27-38*. I have worked pretty hard to drop a few to get to these current measurements. However I still have several stubborn areas such as my love handles, lower belly, back fat, and arms. I have very thick thighs also that of course I'd like to be leaner, but I'm ok with them, and think that maybe they will fit me better once my butt has been amped up a bit. I'm not looking for a giant butt with a huge shelf, that's not me. I'm looking for a nicely shaped upside down heart shaped butt, with some nice projection and volume that looks great in jeans and dresses, and of course bikinis. Like I said I've never had anything like this done. Is be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I'm worried about not liking my results. I'm worried about complications like lumps and burns from lipo, I've read some pretty scary stories on here. I really hope that Dr salama can give me the result I'm looking for and that I'll be complication free.

Lack Of Suppprt...

So I'm feeling kind of bummed (no pun intended). My mom and my husband are the only people that know that I want to do this, and my mom only partially knows. She thinks I'm just having lipo. I just can't bring myself to tell her I'm having the fat put into my butt to make it bigger, she just wouldn't understand and would think I'm even crazier than she already does. Both my mom and my husband think I'm nuts. They think the problem is in my head and not my body. They want me to see a therapist because they think I have body dysmorphia!!! I don't. Yes I've always been reluctant to wear a bikini and yes I've never really fully loved my body, but I don't hate everything about it. I love my face and my hair, and I love my proportions (small waist wide hips), and I've taken measures in terms of diet and exercise to make myself healthier and in better shape. I just have some problem areas and I'd love a nicer bigger rounder butt that looks great in everything. Is that so horrible? I'm not trying to change everything about myself, I'm not trying to become a different person. I'm just trying to look and feel the best that I can and give myself the confidence to rock any outfit I want. I also want to look better naked for my husband. He's definitely an ass man and he's obsessed with what I have, but I also know that he will love the result of having it enhanced! I think a small part of him is excited, after looking at other peoples results, but mostly he just thinks I shouldn't do this because he's worried about risks and complications...what if I react to the anesthetic...what if I get burns...what if I end up lumpy, what if I get an infection, what if my final result looks totally fake or is shaped weird and looks bad. He thinks I'm taking a risk in messing up what he feels is already a good thing. I don't know. I've never been confident with my body, I just want to do this for me so that I can put on a dress or a bathing suit and walk out the door and not run away every time someone brings out a camera...I just want to look and feel the best that I can!!

I do think some people take plastic surgery too far and get carried away. But I don't judge people, it's their body so they can do what they want. I just wish my husband and mom would see I'm not going to get carried away, I have never had anything done and I don't want anything else, I just think this is the perfect procedure for me and would really help my overall appearance, thus helping me with my overall happiness in life because I'll be more confident and won't stress about my body as much as I do. I spend so much energy worrying how I look and changing outfits when going out and not wanting to be in front of the camera and not wanting people to see me in a bikini...I just imagine all that energy being put to some other use, some good use!

Out of country insurance

Hey everyone,

For those of you that are like me and travelling from another country for your procedure, what are doing for insurance? I
realize for an elective procedure the procedure itself isn't covered, but what about in the event of a serious complication that required hospitalization while in Miami? My travel health insurance through work will not cover any hospitalization needed as a result of a cosmetic surgery, and I can't find any private insurance companies that will either. I found something called cosmetassure but Dr salama's office no longer offers it. Basically if something happens during the surgery or the days after and you need blood or whatever...you're screwed! You have to pay for hospital care on your own. Everyone keeps saying the chances of that happening are so rare, and yes I'm young and healthy so there is no reason to think something wil happen....but if it does we could end up having to sell our house to pay for my medical bills. What do people do? Am I just being nuts? Is this not an issue for anyone else? Does anyone on here know of any insurance that can be purchased that covers complications during surgery or else those 10 days post op that we have to stay in Miami?

If it was just myself that would take the financial hit in the rare event that something like this would happen, I wouldn't be as freaked out about it. But it'd be my husband and family that would pay the price as well, for a surgery I chose to have. Anyone have any insight or advice on this? Anyone know of any insurance you can buy that covers this kind of thing??

Before pictures....

Here are my before photos. Not very pretty. I tried my best to blur and cover my tattoos so I apologize that the photos are kinda weird looking.

3 more months!

Well I got the email telling me to make an appointment to get all the pre op checks and tests done soon, so I'll be doing that in the next month. I've also made a few payments so things are getting pretty real!

A lot of the time I'm still wondering if I'm making a mistake. I know if I just lose 15-20lbs I'll probably really like my body, but I still won't have a great butt. I hope I'm doing the right thing. I keep thinking about complications and scars and lumps and unevenness, I would just really hate to come out of this wishing I had never done it and kicking myself for being so vain. But with all that said, I'm still excited for it, and hoping that I have great results.

I'm posting a few more before pics. I have really big thighs, I always have. I'm hoping that having a bigger nicer butt will look natural since I already have thick legs and wide hips. I'd also like to get my thighs lipo'd because I've always dreamed of leaner legs but I'm worried about unevenness so I don't think I will. I'm also hoping having thick legs and topping them with a bigger butt doesn't just end up making me look fatter. I also can't wait to get rid of those love handles and back fat and have a nice flat stomach!!

What do you guys think??! Am I at a good weight for this? Should I try and lose a little more for best results? Do you think my natural body shape is ideal for the best results possible?? Man I hope so!!

How I look in clothes

8 days away!

Hey everyone!!

Well I leave exactly 1 week from today to Miami, and will be having my sx next Thursday!! So crazy. I've been waiting and preparing for this for 8 months, and the time has finally come! I've gained some weight. Last summer I was 130-135lbs, and now I'm probably close to 150. It's terrible I feel so fat and disgusting. Also I'm 5'5", for anyone wondering! I'm going to be adding my arms for sure and I'm going to see what he says about legs, I have really big thighs, even at 130lbs my legs are giant so with this weight gain now they are ultra giant.

I have all my supplies. I went pretty minimal. This is what I'm bringing:

-4x4 gauze
-2x2 gauze
-antibacterial soap
-sausage pillow thing for sitting (I cheaped out and didn't buy the fancy bbl pillow). I'll take a pic of it and show you guys. I also have a half foam roller thing.
-pee funnel
-blue absorbent pads (so I don't leak on sheets)
-all my prescribed meds + vit c and iron, and also bringing Tylenol for pain as it lessens, and a yeast infection tab just in case the antibiotics bring one on (that can happen). I'm also bringing a fleet enema for a few days after if I'm not able to poop on my own and with the colace. I don't really want to go more than a few days of not pooping!
-5 fitted tshirts
-maxi dresses
-giant man sweat pants and sweater
-slide on sandals
-toiletries/minimal makeup/hair stuff

I think that's it!!! If you guys can think of anything I'm missing that's super crucial, or any last minute advice, please let me know!

I'll be staying a total of 2 weeks (2 days before to get groceries and stuff and pre op appt, and then 12 days post op before flying home).

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Hey everyone!

So tomorrow is the big day. I just had my pre op appointment with dr. Salama. He told me I already have an ideal butt shape, an "A" shape, or an "inverted heart", which is great because it makes his job easier and my results as great as they can be!! So I'm excited about that.

I'm kinda freaking out. I can't believe it's all going down tomorrow. I've been researching this for over a year and had it booked since early last summer, and at the time it all seemed so far away, and now I'm here. It's pretty crazy!!!

If anyone has any last minute tips or advice or words of encouragement, I'm all ears! Lol.

I'll post an update and pics as soon as I can!

Post op day zero! Hello from the other side!!!

I must have felt nauseous a thousand times....lol.

I'm currently feeling really well. I left the sx centre around 5 and got back to the condo I'm staying at. Right after sx in the recovery room I was in quite a bit of pain and quite nauseaous, but the nurse hooked me up right away and I felt much better. Dr salama came to check on me and said everything went super well! The nurse told me I have a super tiny waist, yay!!

I haven't really looked at myself, just focusing on looking after myself for now. My friend made me a little bit of oatmeal and I ate a bit of that. And so far I've drank a bottle of water, a bottle of gaterade, and the juice box thing they gave me in recovery. A few hours ago I took 2 percs and a gravol and that really really helped, I feel quite comfortable. I've been getting up and standing and walking a little every hour pretty much. I also peed successfully with my funnel. I took my antibiotic too.

Ok so pain: in recovery room before the pain meds id rate it a 7/10. After pain meds a 4 or 5. Once back at the condo after taking the percs I'm currently like 3/10. The butt is where I currently feel the most pain but honestly it's not bad at all. I got my arms done and I'm using them no problem. Put my hair up, using them to get up and down and repositioned, taking my house coat on and off, with relative ease!

Oh also they put me in a size large garment but it's definitely too big. They will have to put me in a medium tomorrow I think. This makes me happy because I feel like that means I must be pretty small on top already even though I'm completely swollen and padded up!

So that's it for now, I'll update tomorrow and post some pics when I'm at the post op appointment!!!

Day zero pic and day 1 pic

Hey guys.

So I'll definitely take fully body pics on Monday when I get my first massage. But thought I'd quickly show y'all what's going down so far!

My butt is pretty sore, and I was getting really nauseous every time I'd stand and walk. I'm feeling a lot better tonight though in terms of nausea, and the shower was nice too, I feel more human. These pics really don't do it justice, but seriously guys my waist is none existent. I haven't actually measured yet but I'd say it must be around 26 maybe even 25 inches and that's only 1 day post op and there is tons of swelling and stuff!!! It's crazy. My hips are nuts too. Salama really did the damn thang!

Well I'm just chillin here waiting for my garment to finish in the wash, then I'll be getting all padded up again. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask! I have nothing but time on my hands lol. Also any advice from vets is very welcome also :)

Post op Day 6

Hello everyone!

So today is post op day 6 and it's the first day i'm starting to feel better. The last 3 days have been pretty rough I'm not going to lie. Lots of pain, lots of nausea, lots of not being able to sleep because I can't get comfortable. It's just been challenging all around. But last night I had a much better night and so far today has been my best day!

I went for my second massage today and it was great. It hurt but not near as much as the first. Even the first wasn't that terrible, I guess I was prepared for the worst. I've read a lot about girls crying and screaming lol, I certainly was not near that point, just gotta breathe and tough it out. And take a pain pill before, most definitely. I have another massage tomorrow and Friday and then monday, making that a total of 5 before I leave and will continue to get them once home twice a week for several weeks, perhaps months. I'll be doing everything I can to ensure the best results possible!

Pain pills. Ok so everyone is different. Some people never seem to need anything except over the counter Tylenol or what have you. Not me. I'm still taking my percs regularly on day 6. If I don't I'm in too much pain and it ruins everything. I can't get comfortable, I can't move around as much, I feel sick from the pain, etc. So i take one every 4-6 hours at this point still, and will slowly reduce over the next week or so.

I've got very little appetite. I force myself to snack on fruit and veggies throughout the day and then eat some mushroom soup and nibble on a bagel or something as a meal. I'm not much of a meat eater but I've forced myself to eat some grilled chicken and some eggs and stuff here and there. I'm truly just not hungry but i understand the importance of being nourished so I'm doing my best.

I'm drinking plenty of water. Lots and lots. And I have a Gatorade or 2 a day also.

Still taking my iron and vit c and stool softners. So far no poop unfortunately. I even took a laxative yesterday that always works and no success. I'll take another one today and hope for the best.

I'm really hesitant to post photos because at this point they are just not good examples of what the results will be. I'm swollen and bruised and full of tape marks and stuff and 23 hours of the day I'm stuffed with thick foam pads and the garment, so I really barely even see myself. I can say that the shape even though I'm extremely swollen is definitely there and I have no doubt in the weeks and months to come I'll be really happy with the results. But if you guys really want me to post some I'll try and take some tonight when I shower!

Oh I also had the back drain removed today (completely quick easy and painless by the way), and I'll have the front one potentially taken out Friday depending on drainage, if not friday then monday.

Any questions please feel free to ask!!

Day 12

Ok guys, sorry I haven't been updating! What can I say, recovery has been pretty tough. I had some pretty crappy days where i honestly just wished I could go back to normal. I'd say day 10 and 11 is when I started to feel a little bit better, a little more comfortable, a little more human. Today, day 12, is the day I flew home and I'm so so happy to be home with husband and my own bed.

So my husband. He literally went into shock. Like he just couldn't talk he didn't know what to say. In a good way. To put it simple he's very happy and very impressed.

Healing wise: some bruising still remains, but pretty minimal. Butt is definitely still pretty hard but softening a little. Pain wise I really don't have any at this point other than when I push on myself for massages and what not. Still just stiff and swollen and definitely don't feel like my old self, that will take a while, but substantially better than I was that first week and some.

Here are some pictures! I think a lot of people feel this way about their pics , but pictures really don't do it justice. I'm still swollen and bruised and stuff, I can't wait for things to soften up and flatten and be fully healed! I'm very happy with the results so far!

25 days post op

Hello everyone!

So I'm at roughly 3 and a half weeks post op. Feeling good. Still kinda stuff and sore in some lipo areas when I get massages, but not too bad. My energy levels are good and overall feel healthy and mostly normal. Looking forward to being able to go to the gym and start getting fit.

I'm currently waiting for a new garment in the mail as the one I have is way too big.

I went out with some friends the other night and wore a dress. The attention was defintely real. I always got attention but this sx definitely amped it up. I was also with my husband holding hands the entire time so I mean it's not like I had random men approach me. Just caught a few stares. I did have some girls in the washroom compliment me and then in the mall as well!

Anyways I'm gunna post a few pics. Keep in mind pics just don't capture it, it looks a lot bigger and more dramatic in person, no question.

Measurements a few days shy of 1 month post op

Hello. So i finally got a damn measuring tape and got measured.

Currently they are:

Before my weight gain I was:

I'm pretty shocked that I gained a whole 7 inches around my butt/hips, thats pretty darn significant I think. I do hope my waist will go down a few inches though, I'm hoping it will get to a 25 at least. After I'm fully healed and if I eat right and stay fit I really hope that happens!

4 weeks today

Thought I'd toss up a few bikini pics. 1 month today. Sometimes my stomach looks flatter than it does in this photo, like sometimes it's so lean looking I see muscles and bones and the kinda nuts. But sometimes it's more swollen like it is in this photo.

"That underneath angle" pic

I know it's not the greatest photo because I'm wearing black so it's kinda hard to see, but thought I'd show you guys "that underneath angle" pic, lol. Pretty nuts looking!!!

Just under 7 weeks

Hello everyone! Thought I'd post a a few photos. Everything is going well, butt is totally soft and jiggly. I'd say I feel about 90% normal. A little tightness in my sides sometimes when stretching and I still try not to sit for too long of periods as it gets a bit sore. Going to start at the gym in a few days. My measurements are 36-26-45. I feel like my butt looks smaller than 45 inches but that's what it is every time I measure! I kinda am getting the booty greed but honestly it looks totally natural and nice, it doesn't look fake or like I had anything done at all, very natural so really I'm quite happy. I do hope what's there stays though! If I was someone who didn't work and I had a rich husband is probably consider doing a round too if I felt I needed it in a year or so, but practically speaking to take the time off work and the finances of it all a second procedure of any kind for me really just isn't an option. Plus my husband would freak out. This is and will be the only thing I'll ever do cosmetically. So I hope everything stays nice!

Forgot this 1 pic!!

1 more

Stomach pic 7 weeks

A few people were curious about how my stomach looks. Here's a pic! It's not perfect, I still have some fat of course. Only a bad doctor will suck you completely try, you need to have some fat for protection and also to keep your stomach even otherwise you run the risk of having unsightly lumps and unevenness. I plan on still working on my stomach with a healthy diet and exercise to get it as flat as possible and as attractive as possible! You can see some lines and indents and stuff in this photo because I'm kind of twisting, the lines you see are muscles and movement in my body. I really don't have lumps or weird skin or anything at all. I really am very lucky. And it will only improve like I said with a healthy lifestyle. By back also is totally smooth, still some fat but I'm ok with that, I have to take responsibility for some of my fat too and eat well and be active. But I have no lumps or bumps or weird skin on my back whatsoever. Also I feel like when it gets warmer here and I have a tan everything will look better too, people (At least me), always look tighter and smoother with a tan simply because your skin looks better, at least that's my opinion.

Pics back up

Hey guys, so I took all my pics down because I panicked about people recognizing me. I'm sure I was just being paranoid, but I didn't want to risk it. I have some pretty large and very identifying tattoos so I told everything down. I am putting the love back up though! I've just blacked out my tattoos and my room and stuff, I should have just don't that in the first place. Anywhere these pics aren't new, just once we i already had but now with blacked out spots. I will post a new update soon with new pics. Please see the caption of each pic to know how many weeks post op any any other pertinent info. Also I'm now 8 weeks post op as of today and feel really good. 95% normal. But is totally soft and jiggly and not sore. I sit regularly with no issues. All lipo spots feel pretty much much normal, some minimal tightness and numbness in certain areas. All is well!

Ugh pics won't upload. Trying again.

A few more pics

11 weeks...or so

Stomach pic and butt pic. The butt pic is so awkward lol but wanted you guys to see it somewhat bent over. I'll take some more straight on ones later. I've been in the gym a lot the last few weeks, and eating well. Trying to lose about 10lbs of fat that I got hanging onto my body, I want to look lean and sculpted. I don't do much cardio, just 15 min on the stair climber at the beginning of each workout and that's it. No running or skipping or anything that makes me jiggle cause it hurts. I feel like the stair climber is the best option because it builds your leg muscles and glutes while still getting a cardio workout in, but again I just do a short time. The days of killing myself on the treadmill for 45 min are over. The rest is all free weights or exercises using my own body weight. I do a ton of squats. A variety of different kinds. I'd say I do at least 200 every time I work out, which is almost every day. Unless I've done a focused leg day with weights, then I give my legs 48 hours to recover.

Also I eat mostly raw fruit and vegetables. And nuts. Tons of spinach. And when I want something hot I do a home made chilli or soup quite often. Will see in a few months from now what kind of changes this lifestyle will bring to my body!
Anyways, that's all! Hope everyone is well!!


Hey guys, just a pic for fun. I was doing squats in my room yesterday and my husband took a picture, lol. Looks a little funny, and possibly like I'm taking a poop, but anyways here you go!

Also I'm still loving the gym, been going diligently for a month now 4-5 times a week. Leg day, then core and lower back day, then Arms/upper back/chest day, and repeat. Again, I only do 15 min of cardio each workout at the beginning, and only the stair master, never running. I'm noticing my body toning up already, and damn I'm feeling stronger and just good!! Also haven't lost any volume in my butt, still measuring 44-45 inches. Waist still 26 inches. I feel like my legs and arms are tightening up though and starting to look a little more toned, same with my abs. I'm very excited to continue this lifestyle and see where it gets me 6 months to a year from now!

Going on 4 months soon!

Hey guys, just a few updated pics I took this morning. Everything is good. I have lost a little volume because I did lose some weight, but that was my own doing because I was trying to trim of the rest of me. I still would like to lose more to get everything else slimmer and tighter but absolutely don't want to lose anymore in my butt. The only answer to this dilemma is a round 2, trim up everything else and add some more to my butt. As much as I'd love that, it will never happen because I'll never get my husband to be on board with it. So for now I'm very happy with what I have, I'll continue to do lots of body weight exercises and lift heavy weights and do minimal cardio on the stair climber, but I'm going to be less strict with my diet to maintain my current weight. Current measurements 36-25.5-43.

Just a few pics, 4 months

Miami Plastic Surgeon

My procedure was in March of 2016. I'm currently almost 1 week post op. Dr Salama is very kind, informative, and took time to answer my questions and listened to what I wanted and my concerns. His staff have also been pleasant to deal with. I won't see my final results for months from now, but so far I like what I see and the experience overall so far has been good. Please follow my review for updates and pictures as time goes on and my healing progresses.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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