1300ccs! Dr salama

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I've been wanting this for ever since I was 18 but...

I've been wanting this for ever since I was 18 but never had the money now that I have a good job and can afford it im so ready im pretty skinny but all my fat seems to go straight to my belly and love handles sucks I don't like the way certain clothes looks on me and aside from that I have no booty ???? when I loose weight the little bit I do have goes away. sad! I've been looking at a few doctors fisher Salzhuer and salama but after all the bad stuff I've heard about vanity I'm scared! The price is really not a problem aslong as I look like Kim k!! Jkjk to much ass for me I have skinny legs lol I want all my fat from my love handles and belly gone but I don't want like a tiny fake looking waist I just want naural looking one and I want my butt big bubble round but not huge that is looks super fake as I've said before I have skinny legs . I'm afraid that the fat will not last and all the pain and money go to waste but it's worth a try right so after hours of research and looking at results I decided to go with salama I paid my deposit already and I'm set for June 15 in so nervous can't belive I'm doing it FINALLY!! that's I think about and I pray to God everythin g goes good!! As I've heard many scary things but hopefully it won't anyways I will keep you posted thanks guys :)

Wish pics

More wish pics and me

And more wish pics

Ok lol enough wish pics

I want to save them on here because my kids go through my pictures lol

What kinda of faja should I buy

What kind of faja should I buy butt in or butt out what's the difference? And how many messages will I need. thanks girls for any info :)

Getting ready :)

So I'm getting ready to start buying my supplies lol I know I got 3 months left but I want everything done and ready lol I'm excited so what things do you girls suggest thank you lady's :)

Working on gaining

So I'm trying to gain maybe 5 to 7 more pounds even though salama told me I'm fine since I have good fat deposits on my waist and belly that I don't need too but I'd rather have just a little extra for him to work with

Bored looking at more a**s

Got my Apetamin!

I can't really stuff my face don't feel that hungry! I read this works. I seen it on a another girls real self! Let's see if it works. You only find it on amazon!

Omg I'm worried now!!

So I've been reading about the burns with salama patients! And I'm worried now!! I am but I'm not and I tell myself eveything will be fine! But can anyone tell me why this has happens? And is their any recent salama patient that are doing fine? Any info will help lady's thanknyou :)

Time is flying by!

Yay sometimes it feels like forever. But it's actually flying by. 1 months 30 days to go lol I got a count down app lol anyways got my labs, doctors clearance and ekg done. Just waiting on the labs to come back hope evrything is well. I've already booked my hotel at Knights inn in hallendale. I should have read the reviews first. Ugh people say it's an old dirty run down place. But the pictures looked nice. Oh well I'm try to make the best of it. I got June 14 to the 18 for $380. It's also only like 5 mins from the surgery office, so that's a plus. It was pretty cheap for this area. Have any of you girls stayed there? I'm debating if I should cancel and get something a little better. Anyways so excited Im at 137. All that late night eating has helped a lot. I also started taking hema plex. Which is like a blood nutritional supplement 85mg of iron and 300mg of vitamin c. I like these, I don't think I have to take all those pills now. Well that's it for now lady's.

Woohoo weight update

Yay I weigh 139! But I think it's cause of all the food I ate through out the day. Because then in the morning I weigh like 137 idk weird lol anywys I did gain about 4 pounds :) 3 or 4 more to go. The late night eating has helped. I ate carrot cake and doughnuts last night I know bad. That's why I'm stomach sticks out more then my ass lol :/ well not after June 15. I talked to my doctors and they said they tried facing my labs and clearance but salama fax machine has been busy all day hmm that's weird. Any ways I posted some pics up of my square flat booty!

Wish pic

Love how her side bubble butt looks!! Love love love!!

Less than 2 months left

Got my labs done. I hope i didn't do them too early but says there 90 days before surgery ugh I hope I don't wnat to pay again :/ and 1 month and 23 days left woohoo!! So nervous, but excited :)



33 days left!!

So I've been buying stuff over time and I have very little, I don't think I need anything else. I ordered my booty buddy 2 weeks ago they had a 25% off, so I sure took advantage. I wnated the bbl pillow but they're expensive lol I saved like $15 with the promo code. Anyways I got eveything done and ready. Just waiting for the big day. Super nervous, but excited. Idk if it's normal to go through phases of wanting to do it and then not wanting too. But I am, I know I will be happy. After seeing all these girls that went to salama these past few weeks. All I can say is WOW! And I'm ready for my turn. Due to my husbands work, he cant go with me anymore. His way to busy with his job. So I put down my deposit for the recovery house. I will be staying there only 5 days. Then I'll be driving for the 2 following appoiments. I'm really excited that I'm going to be staying at the recovery house with another really nice RS girl :) she will be there on the 12 and I'll be there on the 15. Can't wait to meet you love! And support each other through this. Super happy! I've gained a pound :) lol I think I might stop now. But a few pounds more won't hurt. I can alwys loose the weight afterwards :)

Yay! Only 6 days left!

Hi lady's!! So I got 6 days left and I'm super nervous and excited. It still doesn't feel real to me. I've stayed at pretty much the same weight 139. I think I should be good since all my fat is in my waist, mid section and back. I have thin legs and arms. I'm hoping I get a nice booty. I'm still trying to see how many ccs I want, I've been looking at pictures and I'm thinking 1100 or is that to much? I'm 5'5, 5'6 and 139 pounds. Idk I want a nice big round bubble butt. But i want to have extra fat just in case. I know you loose some volume, so I don't want to go through all the money and pain for nothing. I will be leaving Sunday morning, it's a 3 and half hour ride from Orlando. So I'll be leaving maybe 9 am. That way I have time to find a hotel for the night cause my husband is dropping me off at the recovery home Monday morning the day of my surgery. I'm guessing my pre op appointment is Sunday afternoon. I think I got everything I need. I don't want to over pack cause I heard you really don't need much. Does the recovery home really provide robes? That's it about now.

1day post op, salama is the best!!

So I'm not in to much pain just sore and bruised. After surgery I felt like throwing up and super sick, but I feel a lot better today. But other than that I've been up and walking around maybe it's the pain medicine. The recovery home is great, all the girls here are really sweet and friendly. Lourdes and grace are very helpful, friendly and sweet. It's really clean and organized. Dr salama is the best I'm so happy with new booty and I can't believe it's mine, I love it. Just wanted a nice big round bubble. It's huge, I'm hoping it will go down some and it will. But I'm very happy with everything, I would recommend dr salama and the recovery home to any one that wants a bbl. his the best when it comes to this procedure. I'm very content with my choice :)

One more thing!

I was at 132 at the begining and at surgery I was 139. I'm 5'5 and as to ccs don't know how many I got. I'm thinking 1200ccs :)

More pics after shower

Here are some more pics with out garment. I took a shower and I feel so much better and my garment is being washed.

1 week post op tm

I'm feeling better and better everyday. Still feeling a little tired and sore. But I'm good. I'm able to do some house chores. But not to much cause I get tired and my backs starts hurting. I think it's from sleeping on my stomach all the time. But it's not that bad. 5 weeks left and I can sleep on my back :)

More pics, 2nd massage

Is it ok for someone to give you massages instead of going to get them? Has anyone down their own massages at home? Well of course not on them selves lol I'm going to have my mom do them. Anyone actually do all 10 massages? Thank you for any info

1300ccs! Wow

So I called the office and asked how many ccs I got, 1300ccs! Woah!!! Wow, I started at 132 and weighed 139 at surgery. I'm still amazed lol my butt is pretty big, bimbo plan on going back to 132 in few months. Dr. Salama is absolutely the best!! My but is a little to big, but it's fine cause o plan on loosing some weight. So far I'm feeling good other the garment that I hate wearing. I'm feeling about 80% lol


Some swelling has down. I've noticed my butt is smaller. I'm glad though :) my butt is pretty big still, if gets a little smaller it will be perfect! Salama knows what his doing when he puts that extra fat in :) I will be 2 weeks post Monday! Man does time fly by! Other than that everything is going good:) thanks to God!

1 month post op

Hi lady's I've been doing good I feel better and better everyday. Other than my back still :/ my butt has defenetly has gone down. But I'm very happy looks more natural now :) yay I'm so happy . My butt is 42 in and my waist is 27 in. So I hope it doesn't go down anymore lol I love it very happy still :) it looks bigger in person lol I just don't have the patience to take a million pictures to make it look good lol other than I'm doing great. I have a few dents which I'm going o tell salama about it but i can't complain I look way better than before lol

More pics

7 weeks post op!

I'm feeling Normal. I feel like the numbness is almost gone in some parts. Other than that I'm happy with results still. My butt has not gone down anymore yay :) I'm thinking it's going to stay like this. It feels soft now and it jiggles lol I will post more pictures of my butt later. This is my shape love love it :)

More pics!! At dr salama office

Missed one

Missed one

10 weeks postop

Yay Monday I will be 10 months post op and so far everything is good :) I feel 100% now lol the numbs has gone away even though I'm still a little tender and sensitive where I had lipo. But sis mm go down a little more cause I lost 2 pounds. But it's still big it fits my body perfect and it looks Natraul big :) but bad thing is a got 2 flat spots and ugh there's days they bother me and days no lol salama told me to massage it but I don't think that's going to help. I went out a few weeks ago and wore a tight dress and lol I had a guy tell me he would marry me lol I just smiled and walked away lol and damn were girls giving me stank looks lol my friends notices but told I've been waist training and doing squats lol she's like flan did you get ass implants cAuse your butt wasn't that big lol I'm like no touch you see it squishy lol I really have nothing else to say lol any question feel free to ask

11 weeks post op

Hi beautiful lady's :) I've been gone for a while but I will keep updating even if it's every once in a while lol so I feel 100% now yay I'm not numb anymore from the lipo I stopped feeling it at like 9, 10 weeks post op! I can't believe it's gone by this fast almost 3 months post op. I started sitting at 8 weeks which is safe and it felt a little weird like cushiony lol and sore but it wasn't bad at all. I stopped wearing my faja and now I wear my waist cincher. I wear it all the time only if I'm going to out on the weekend I won't wear it. My butt is still holding up pretty good. It's natural big for my body. Ladies trust me your butt will go down a lot from after surgery till like 8 weeks post op. I'm still measuring at 41 inches so I'm good.im still very happy with my result and I still do have the flat spot but it seems to be smoothing out but it's still there. Anyways I need to stop being lazy and work out lol and I'm so flattered lol dr salama put my pictures up :) lol except I'm 25 not 23 he got that wrong lol I wish :( big difference i know in the picture it doesn't look big but it's big lol anyways some friends have noticed my new body and it's kind of akward cause they just stare but don't say anything lol like wondering did she do something lol I don't want to tell anybody for what if I think the result came out natural lol I did a lot of squats and been waist training that's what I've been saying lol I wish my legs were a little thicker lol I have chicken legs some time I feel in certain clothes my butt doesn't match my legs :/ but ugh I need to stop complaining and start working out on my legs and butt to get them toned :) anyways I have nothing else to tell you guys if you have any questions let me know :)

15 week post op

Hi loves!! It's been a while, I haven't for for about you guys. My booty is till looking awesome!! I love it :) it hasn't gone down at all. It's been the same since week 5 still at 41inches. I wish I would have done this surgery a long time ago . Oh well better late than never.I joined the gym to tone up some and I get stares from guys and girls lol other than that everything is great :) if you have may question feel free to ask me. Have a great data loves :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I'm very happy with my results and decison. His a great doctor by far, I think his the best when it comes to this procedure. All his office staff are great and super nice. Very glad that I choose Him and never had a problem.

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