Miami Girl Wanting a BBL - Miami Beach, FL

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Hi, luv's. ?? First off , thank you for all you...

Hi, luv's. ?? First off , thank you for all your reviews. You have helped my life and journey immensely. I live in miami beach, Florida. I'm 5'7 , 145 pounds and in desperate "want" lol of a BBL. I've chosen Dr Tachmes of Miami beach to perform my BBL. I went for a consult yesterday after tons of research. . I found the staff helpful, genuinely kind and caring. Dr Tachmes was very patient , confident , and charismatic. I got a good vibe from him. He's a straight shooter but also has a softer joking side. I made and instant patient to doctor connection. After lots of questions which he was happy to answer I Felt confident in his experience and skills. I I was directed to the amazing office manager Brandon and able to set up a deposit. I was even showed the OR. FYI! It's the only Clinic and Operating room under one roof in southbeach. It was immaculate . I am scheduled for a bbl July 15th.

Out of surgery after pics

I'm going work backwards ladies. I'm gonna start with my after pics, then before and everything In between. I was working up to the day before surgery and caring for my sister's 2 year old. It's kept me from blogging. Surgery was yesterday a 7am with Dr Tachmes. Lucky for me I live 10 blocks away from his office. He has the only operating room located inside his surgery center in southbeach. This is a huge convenience. I was able to do my consultation, blood work , pre operation, and operation all in the same building. Back to surgery. I met with the wonderful nurse Belkis who soothed my anxiety. I took a pregnancy test first, then changed into a gown hair net and socks. Doctor Tachmes came in and marked me up. He asked if there was anything I wanted to remind him. Prior to yesterdat I had met with him twice to discuss my surgery. I felt comfortable and trusted him. We decided the best shape for me would be a small waste with a cute upside down heart butt. I am relatively thin and anything too large on me wouldn't fit my frame. So we decided bigger but and hips within reason. Not to mention I didn't have a lot of excess fat to have a huge butt. We took pics, I met the anesthesiologist and off I went. I remember making small talk with him then next thing I know I'm in my faja on the recovery bed. He is a picture of myself day one post op. Please ask tons of questions if you have them. I'm a little loopy and might be forgetful. I have something over the faja they gave me to make it a big tighter. Sorry for all the blood.

Having trouble loading pics. Bare with me please

Before pics

Testing out posting pics

Sorry for the blood. Day one post OPP pics . Hope this works

Thus far. Incredible.

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