24 Years Old, No Kids Yet, 5'6", 120lbs, Need a BA Looking Forward to 450 CC's HP, Areola incision - Miami, FL

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Hello, I'm a lady that's always wanted BA done...

Hello, I'm a lady that's always wanted BA done since I was a teenager. I developed late and would use clothes to support a bra when I was a teenager. I mean I just use push ups now. I have finally made the payment. Haven't confirmed scheduled date yet due to work. But will this week and will update.

Pre Booby upload

Important: Long term concerns I have for this next step In my life.

Hi y'all,
I have few concerns that will like anyone to be of help for.

do you know of anyone who had their breast done , got pregnant and fed with the implants and everything is still similar to the same way as they were before the baby?
I plan on having kids in my life time. About 4 kids I plan to have. So I'm freaking out and need to know if anyone you might know been through similar situation that I can follow and contact.

Also do you or anyone you know knows anyone who's had their breast augmentation for more than 5 years And all is still well? Everything still pretty the same. Don't see a lot of these at all. All I've seen is 1 year post up and I just need to know before diving in full to mines. These are my few concerns. Thanks

56 more days!!!!..... About 2 months pre Op and some wish pictures ??????????

So I'm actually exited somewhat n so scared at the same time. Am I really about to do this in 2 months. What will people think of me, blah blah blah. I'm a very private person so I'm not going to shout on top of the mountain to anyone I'm getting this done. My man knows , my brother who is still trying to deny this, and that's about it. I made my payment all at once after I saved up. Totally paid in full. Scheduled confirmed. N just nervous now and counting down !!!!!
I'm excited I finally have the balls to do this omg. I'll post some wish pictures soon.
Any advice will be gladly appreciated.

Less than two months to go and some boob- greed rants!

So I have less than two months to go. I'm still so excited but then I wanna analyze why I'm going the size I wanna go and why I'm thinking not going that big.

Pros of going about 475ccs to a 480ccs outweighs my cons of not going that big.
I wanna go that big cause I have seen tons! And I mean tons of people who went smaller n totally regretted n wished they can re-do the whole process and had gone bigger. I don't want that to happen to me cause I'll be super pissed. So I don't wanna deal with boob greed in short.
Secondly I'm going that big because I realize if I go small, I will have to pay my doctor again to go bigger in future. So why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone now and get it all over with?
I mean if I have to go anything again, I will love it to be in the next decade after my first one or something and just probably for a revision. N Not back to back every 2 years (in drakes voice) lol!

My main con:
People asking me "oh your boobs got so big, what did u do?" How come? Blah blah blah.
I'm african and a Christian. So people around me can be so nosey n all up in your business.
And my family too! That's like a no no to them. But I'm doing it anyways. So yea...
Those are my few cons but I think I'll deal with it one way or the other.

If u wanna go big, just do it! (I'm still skeptical a big about going so big as well. But I will). Don't think twice cause if u do, u might later regret why u didn't listen to yourself or your doc so just do it .. Like I said. Tons of people on here are regretting the decisions they made of not going big. Thanks to them, I was able to make my decision to go a little bigger and with High profile ( doing HP so I don't sag quickly as the years roll by). That's another reason I'm choosing the high profile incision. Not moderate.
Want them natural looking but not sag on me after 3,4 years. Or look too natural. If u know what I mean. Just want them pecky and cute lol.
Anyways. Done so much research that my head is full of ideas of this n that.

Hope I'm able to help at least one person make the right decision
Stay cute ladies ????????

Will update when I'm a month away from surgery!!!! Ayee can't wait ????????????????????

By the way, I'm already taking iron vitamins , calcium just to help my blood n bones ready for the day lol. just in case of when I go do my blood test n just to make sure everything goes smoothly. ????????????
Bye now..

Another wish pic I'm ...

Just so so in love with. I love thisssss. Want mins like that ... Here it is

I'm exactly a month away!!! Ahhhhh!!????. And some more pre op pictures

Guys!! I'm freaking out now! I'm exactly a month away from this thing I'm about to do ????????????
Omg. This time next month I'll be done and probably relaxing in my hotel room. Lol.
I'm still planning to go that big 475-485 even tho I'm freaking out. But I should be fine. You all have been helpful thank u.
I'm also posting more pre op boob photos so I can compare later in future side to side what I look like. I loveeeee the way my boobs are right now. They are perfectly exactly the same size, nipples looking the same. Just want them bigger. I'm sure they will look very good when I'm done. Cause I just love the way they are right now. So cute lol.
Anyways here are the pictures and I'll update when I'm about 20 to 15 days away from surgery.
Later ladies. "Kisses"

2 weeks out... Things I got to help others

Got few things I will be needing for the surgery .. They yet to come but I hope it helps someone. I'm two weeks away , still so nervous but cannot wait to get it done. Just tired of not being totally satisfied with myself .. Let's hope this goes well. I pray so
I'm still freaking out what people will think cause I am not going to go yelling I got my boobs done. And being African .. This is gonna be crazy.

On the other side!!!!!

Wow wow what can I say? I'm all done , I'll update more later. Still in pains n won't be able to see my boobs till Monday but I'm ok. Pain was bad when I woke up but I can take some amount of pain well
My fiancé is God sent to me!!! Gosh
He's doing everything for me. Till taking down my panties n feeding me, help me get off bed. I'm up now n he is up too. He's amazing gosh

2nd day post op - 450hp right & left

Still pretty grumpy and sore but I'm ok. I slept last night with the hopes that I can now sleep on my side so I can cuddle with my baby.. WRONG IDEA!!!!!
I woke up in excruciating pain that I was crying. Could move my hands cause they were just norm and in so much pains. I was crying n my finance had to give me my meds so I can feel better. We didn't sleep till about an hour later. I am so itchy .. I guess from the medications. I'm bruised all over cause I won't stop itching. Anyone else dealt with this ?
I've been seriously drowsy/ sleeping in n out since i came out of surgery on Friday. I'm feeling sleepy as I write this too lol.
Babe is been the best. He making my food right now n I'm here laying down relaxing cause my chest still hurts actually. Can't wait to see my boobs tom. I can feel on my right nipple but not my left yet. I get nauseuos quickly but only threw up once ..
Overall I'm ok just want this phase to be over so i can enjoy myself ..
Been through a lot that I can even post some of it here this past week. But I'm surviving one way or the other. I sincerely thank GOD.

Bandages off and out of Miami!!!!

Woke up around 820am cause my sweet fiancé won't wake me up since he thought I didn't sleep well all night. He made me some food n we Head to the office to take my bandages off. One of the nurses came in , took them off, didn't hurt. Just pulled my body hair which I even liked lol. N I couldn't help but stare at my boobs. Oh boy! So swollen! N high haha. They were cute tho. They looked like they were trying to reach for the sky. Haha. I liked that cause I know when they finally drop they will look real good. Anyways, I touched em n they were still hard a little. One of my Gfs came in (Cassandra; one of the nurses I made friends with) she took pictures n taught me how to massage. After few mins the doc came in n said they looked fine. No blood , no abnormal activity so He said no bra for over a month. He said I should send him pictures in two weeks. N that I'm fine n that was it lol.
I got a bra support, wore it n I was out.
Ran late for my flight. Missed my first flight, missed the second one I was put on, n even the third I almost missed. My fiancé couldn't get on it but I did. So he waited for another. I'm sitting at airport writing this right now waiting for my connecting flight.. I swear I thought I was going to pass out through this journey today. I have stressed so much today due to this airport issues!! My boobs hurt a lot n I was not able to use my meds or eat properly. My fiancé been carrying my luggage around n my handbag to make things better for me but the walking alone was killing me. My head is pounding n my chest seems like it will pop out of my flesh. I hate today. Airport wasn't friendly at all. N it made me really really sick. I can't wait to get home n rest tonight n for the rest of the week. Thank Goodness I'm not working this week.
And to make it worse it's my period time. So I'm bleeding with all these issues I'm also going through. I'm just grossed n so tired out. Missed my fiancé but I'll be fine. Well that's my story so far for today. Will update more later this week

P:S - I went for 450hp last min cause I was scared I might be too big. Now I'm thinking dammit I should have just done my 475 but I'm fine. Greediness is real. I love them so much so far. Lol. I'm on plane now to my final destination and I'm just going to sleep through this flight. Thanks ladies. Will give you more update soon :**

Morning boob??????!???!!??

What is morning boob?!!!
I don't know if that's what I'm experiencing but this feels like hell!!
I sleep everytime to wake up to feeling like I have rocks on my chest, it feels like these boobs don't belong to the rest of my body. Like they are acting strange and weird. It's like blood is not circulating right to them n they are cranky. Maybe I'm exaggerating but They hurt!
Makes me hurt, make me so cranky and angry for no reason. My right arm feels the pain too
It happens to me every morning n this is my 1 week post op
I want this gone already I'm tired of it
How long is this for? N is this what is called morning boobs ?
I don't know cause I'm lost

Check out my baby ballssssss ;)!

Just an update. What day is it now ? A week and 4 days today. What can I say, it's been a crazy ride. The night sleep is still a struggle but getting better. I can do certain ; well most simple things now. But my back is killing meeeeee!! Still is. How long is that going to be for? I like them. They look good. Still hurts a little. I'm happy they kind of same size. No difference really between Them. I just want them to drop more and look more natural soon. That's the next goal n for the incisions to heal well. But my back is the issue now. Stop taking my pain Meds mostly since last week. Just vitamins and Tylenol when my back is killing me like it is tonight. My right scar is healing great but my left isn't so well. Not so happy about that but I hope it changes over time. Overall. The experience has been crazy. Love and hate relationship kind.
Comment if any questions.
Pictures of them right now are attached.

One month boobiversary!!! Yay! Lol

Hello ladies. Been longest two weeks right? Been actually pretty occupied n all. So I decided to wait one month to update another review. I'm exactly one month today only that I had my surgery on Friday n today is Monday lol. What can I say, it's been an interesting ride! I moved last two weeks ago n had my friend help mostly but I couldn't lay around than to help a little n oh boy that was crazy. I felt all the tension, pain of carrying things on my chest. I prayed at a point I didn't damage anything in my boobs or slow the process. Well I hope not. I've been more active regardless. Removed scar sheets about 7 days ago finally from my nipples n the scar are not bad. Nipples look a little weird tho lol. I hope that gets better with time. I also noticed my left dropping a little lower than my right about 10 days ago now. N due to that, it looks more fuller than my right. I hope my right catches up soon so they look 100% even. I really cannot wait for that to happen.

My man tried to lay on me couple of times at night when we playing n it's like my boobs were going to bust open each time he does; that I had to tell him to get off me immediately every time :(. Is this happening to anyone else? I don't think I'm meant to do that yet. But this has happened a couple of times. Oops. I hope I'm safe.

Sleeping on my sides: I've been doing that about two weeks post op from surgery n still doing that without any problem for each sides but I kind of find myself in the middle of the night trying to lay on my chest n that's like a no- no yet for my body ;( my right side might permit me to do it but my lefty won't so I can't lay on my chest yet till date. Hope that changes in the next few weeks. It's only a month I have these boobs n it actually feels like I've known them to be a part of me for very long time. So weird!

I haven't been so consistent with my surgical bra honestly. I've been wearing more of sport bras mostly instead. No bras at all tho. Just those. But I hope that's not what's affecting one of my boobs to be lower than the other a tiny bit. I hope it's not. Been trying wear my surgical bra back now. I've also only been using bio oil mostly to my nipple scars and my whole boobs .. Rub it on at least once a day. Sometimes twice.
I actually do feel like I've been bad these last two weeks on how I've been managing my boobs more cause I've been too occupied. Running around, moving, new car , etc.
I hope I get better in managing them. I loveeeeeee them so much! I fill dresses much better n it's just amazing how I look, n how most people haven't noticed I have them. Well I barely show them off. Just mainly wanted them to myself n man.

What else can I say? Yes! They are so much softer. Geez. My left is a bit softer than my right tho. N I think that's because lefty dropping faster than righty. I still do feel sore here n there with them like this morning. They were a little sore. But barable. Especially lefty. My nipples are mad sensitive too! I didn't lose any sensation on them I gained more after surgery. I'm really grateful for not losing sensitivity. When My sport bra touches them, it can be real painful most times, my hands touching them too can be painful but kisses on them are amazing!!!! Haha ;)!

No more medications whatsoever for the last two weeks. I took Advil last night due to crazy headache n slept. That's about it. But been healing all on my own n im proud of that.

Boob greed update:
I honestly don't have any yet! N I hope I don't in future! I'm content with them for now. Thank God. But when I look at other girls picture maybe on Instagram etc. I'm like gosh I like that. But then when I'm topless I'm super excited n content. So yea no boob greed. ;)!

Well I think that's all I have for you gorgeous ladies. By the way, I never went back for any post op check with doctor cause I live out of state. I haven't sent in any pictures either. I'll do that this week so he can see my progress n ask him a couple of question like why one boob is sitting higher than the other cause my boobs were pretty 100% even prior to surgery. So I'll ask about that.

Anyways, pls advise me on any of the things that I have said or ask any questions u have, or inbox me if its personal. I'll be more than happy to assist. I'll try to update every two weeks tops for now. N probably monthly later after. Enjoy your days n updated photos posted below ladies. Xoxoxox!

More pictures standing in front of mirror

Just more pictures y'all
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is great. Not so informative like I wanted. Gave short answers but I think when I see him in person, it will be better and great! His out of state coordinator Jennifer is amazing! She answered every bitty question i have and I can honestly tell you she is one of the reason I am going to do this with him and plus he is the "boob god". Will update more about him after surgery. :)

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