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I have my septo/rhinoplasty scheduled for 8/31....

I have my septo/rhinoplasty scheduled for 8/31. I've been talking about getting it done forever but finally with my wedding next summer I decided to go for it! My #1 goal is to improve is my profile and overprojected nose. I just think it's at a terrible angle and I dread any side-profile photos. I was worried about changing the front view of my nose which isn't that bad.

I decided to go with Dr Golden & the office is actually very close to me in MI. The plan is to straighten out my septum (a little crooked), get rid of the bump, deproject the nose, and narrow my nostrils. Even though I think the Weir incisions are necessary I'm a little concerned about visible scars! I can see them in some close-up pics and might be overly critical about my own, lol! I also wanted something done about my columella but Dr Golden showed how it supports my nose and would collapse if stuff is done to it...though he agreed to shave a little off the bottom so that should help. Otherwise my tip is fine and no tip work is planned.

My consultation was in June but decided to schedule my surgery for a time when I could truly relax and recover the following week! I've been busy so suddenly it's only a week away. I"m not nervous for the surgery just nervous about how it will turn out!

So my appt is at 8am tomorrow! I'm pretty nervous...

So my appt is at 8am tomorrow! I'm pretty nervous and can't believe I'm actually doing it. I still have to stop on my way home from work for extra supplies.

Day 1, Friday: Arrived for the surgery pretty...

Day 1, Friday: Arrived for the surgery pretty nervous, it was about 5 hours from arrival to the time I left. Before the surgery, Dr. G came in to discuss the plan. Upon review, my nose-anatomy wouldn't get good results with the Weir's, and the better alternative would be to cut around the sides of my nostrils (on the outside) to make them smaller. That would leave a small scar line in the crease of my nostrils and once it's done, you can't go back. I'm freaked out about scars and he said it would be easy to do later if they do look big. I decided to pass on it for now and see how my nose turns out without it. I may need some opinions on that procedure later!

The surgery was SO EASY and the twilight anesthesia worked well. I didn't wake up but I remember mumbling a few times and hearing "tilt your head back." I was too tired to open my eyes or even know what was going on, so it may have been at the end. I also remember mumbling something like "is it done yet???" lol. When I woke up my mouth and throat were extremely dry and I couldn't have water right away. Once I got my water, I was able to talk and had my mom come in the recovery room. I got in the wheelchair to go out to the car and all was good, hooray! No nausea, I was looking forward to settling into my spot on the couch at home.

Then the bad part...I went up a whole 2 steps and was standing on my porch when I passed out! Luckily, my mom caught me, but I woke up and passed out again. Now I have a history of passing out and it's usually temperature changes hot-cold, or not eating, so this was the perfect combination. I was wearing a zip-up hoodie in 95 degree weather, hadn't eaten in over 12 hours, lost some blood, etc. I guess it was scary when I passed out because my reflex was to breathe through my nose which wasn't happening, and I was making horrible noises like I wasn't breathing. I probably had 5 seconds til someone was going to call 911, but I came to and made it into the house.

After that all was good...rotating between naps and being awake, I had some soup and ice cream. I was starving and wanted real food but also didn't want to get sick so only ate safe foods. It's not really painful just feels like a sinus cold. I took 1/2 a vicodin around 7pm but not sure I really needed it.

Day 2, Saturday: I didn't sleep very well at night but it was because once in awhile I'd have an extremely loud snore-snort that would wake me up. Woke up very stuffy and my face hurts like I need some allergy medicine! Zyrtec-D keeps me functional all spring/summer and it just feels like I forgot my meds for the day. I only had to take Tylenol for pain today. My black eyes came through and my face is extremely puffy. My nose is pretty turned up and huge but I think it's just the swelling. Extreme puffiness here! Now I'm critical of my nostrils too since I have that possible procedure in the future but...no matter how small my nostrils were my nose would still be sticking up like this. I'm so fascinated by my nose I shined a pen light up there a couple times looking for stitches and stuff. I can see how it's pretty much swollen closed on the inside. I got rid of my drip pad in the evening and had to dab with a tissue a couple times.

Day 3, Sunday: I slept much better last night, I wasn't woken up by my own snorting, lol. I used a drip pad overnight and nothing came out, so I'm done with the drip pads now. I'm still taking tylenol for uncomfortableness but nothing is painful. My face is swelled up more than day 2. Cast comes off tomorrow!

Day 4, Monday: Ok, I was laughing at how easy...

Day 4, Monday: Ok, I was laughing at how easy this surgery & recovery was until I got the cast and stitches out! That was the worst part by far! The only good thing is that it was over within a few minutes. I'm healing well and my bruises are yellow under my eyes with a little purple under one eye and a little in the corners of my eyes. My tape will only last a couple days and Dr G said don't bother retaping it when it falls off. I'm going to stay home another day taped up before I try some makeup and leave the house.

I'm back to work in 1 week and really I would be comfortable going back on Wednesday, but it's nice to have the week to lose my facial swelling (and maybe some nose swelling, haha).

I was tape-free Day 6 and went out in public for...

I was tape-free Day 6 and went out in public for the first time...it was exhausting! I went to Target and then I had to rest in my car before going to the grocery store. Those 2 stops were enough and I went home. Like I posted before, I think I could have gone back to work but that is an office-job sit-at-a-desk work. The walk from the parking lot to the building would be exhausting too. I added some pics from Day 7 with makeup when I went out during the day, got my hair done, and had slightly more energy. I never bought special concealer so I was just using what I had. Breathing was better as the swelling went down and I could breathe from one side or the other, on and off through the day.

I went back to work Day 11 and had no bruising left, so I was happy I never made the effort to buy makeup to cover bruises! I didn't use Arnica Montana, but I did have a bruise on my arm prior to surgery that outlasted the bruises on my face, so I think I was just lucky. I could breathe normal from both sides as well. It feels different than old-nose, like the air goes straight in (good!). I had a followup appointment the day after and everything is fine, I have my next appt closer to 8wks post-op. I still have swelling in the mid-bridge to tip but I expected it.

I love the side but the front is different and will take some time. I see a lot of progress from my first upturned swollen nose to the current nose. I don't have a normal smile yet and my top lip doesn't move up like it should - that takes some time to come back. The front also looks better in person. It's VERY hard to photograph the front, I take a bunch of pictures every day, maybe a couple times a day to scrutinize my nose (lol) and it always looks big, uneven in pics depending on the lighting but in the mirror I don't see it. It changes a little every day. I'll mark this procedure worth it because it was practically painless for good results at day 11. Now just waiting to see how it changes over the next few months!
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