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Hey girls, Ok so I decided to go with dr campos...

Hey girls,
Ok so I decided to go with dr campos cause his work is AMAZING!
My time is coming close and I literally feel sick to my stomach I'm very scared of the pain and going under anesthesia cause I get so sick from my stomach and feel dead like I can't wake up! It's horrifying!
But anyway enough with the crying lol I have some questions maybe someone can help me with ?
1. Does dr campos have a recovery room my husband can stay in while I get surgery? He will not be leaving the building while I'm in surgery .
2.how long do you have to stay after recovery?
3. When the shuttle comes to pick us up and take us back to hotel how am I supposed to sit lol funny question but really :)?
4. Does getting implants or BBL hurt more? I'm very small so no we're near enough fat for BBL BOO!
5.should I hire a nurse for the 2 days (I'll be in a hotel) I live close. Or do they send out a nurse to the hotel to check on you and does it cost.
I'm not trying to bring a bunch of money if you know what I mean I'm to scared of being jacked! Lol
I'm 97 lbs and was told doctor would put 500cc implants in me is it just me or is that like super huge mind you I'm 5'2 97 lbs once again don't mean to repeat myself sorry.
And another question I heard round and oval differ in size which runs bigger?
Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!
I PROMISE to update! And not just leave after my surgery :)

I emailed Dr. Gongora for a quote

And I didn't like my reply I was told I might be a candidate for a butt lift with implants I literally flipped and replied that I do not want a huge scar going across my back it would depress me and I honestly don't think I need one I'm very small and never been obese where I have sagging skin everywhere I don't understand why a doctor would suggest that . But I read that he tells all girls they need a tummy or butt lift and if they decline and will not reply which is what happened to me so far I said I do not want a huge scar and will NOT be getting a ass lift! We'll I said butt haha .But so far no reply I'm sticking to my gut and keeping it CAMPOS I just didn't want get naked in front of a cute doc haha j/k

Long or short butt crack ? And tail bone ?

Hey ladies I want your opinion do you think I have a long or shirt ass crack I'm thinks it's short cause I can wear the super low hollister jeggings without my ass hanging out.
Another question my tailbone pops out any one else with that problem?


I forgot to attach the photos .

Ok so I got a email from MR GONGORA

And was told he could give me exactly what I want without doing a lift !!
And that is was just a question if I had lose skin above butt that if I did I should do I butt lift doesn't make since still to me but anyway he said he can get the job done and definetly putt 300 cc implants in me I'm HAPPY!
I'm awaiting another quote cause I do not need to stay and I have my own pain killers NORCO to be exact and I heard there pain killers are weak so that's a good thing!


So I went on this web sight called nursing pillow.com enter code FAMILY2013 and you get the pillow Free ladies you just pay shipping which is $12.95!!! I paid $17.95 because I got a more expensive pillow you get a $40 pillow free mine was $45 so I paid shipping $12.95 plus $4.99 cause I the more expensive one anyway awesome find there one thing off my list haha

Now in looking into going to Dominica republic any good doctors that perform great butt implants also will need a buddy I'm a LA

This adventure has been a headache looking for a doctor ! I love dr DURAN's work BUT does she do good work on skinny girls that just want butt implants?;/ Also if I go I don't wanna go alone I wanna find a buddy to go with!;)) I messaged dr beaz but he does not perform butt implants so I just learned as he emailed me back quick. To bad dr duran don't have those skills haha j/ k!! But anyway I need a list of supplies I'll need if anyone wants to help me with that I would greatly appreciate it!:) I got the boppy pillow and ordered some big clothes from abercrombie last night like sweat pants and shirts and a luggage bag. Now all I need to buy is the medical stuff which is were I'm lost as to what I need I probably will be traveling and wanna bring the minimum so only thing I really need while I'm out of country .

I FOUND my new wish pics

Here's a pics of the exact way I want my body to look which shouldn't be hard to achieve cause I'm already tiny .
And I want my lips injected with my fat and this is the size I want.


So ,
I made up my mind thank god!! Haha...
I'm gonna call Angie back and get my date set hopefully they have something within the next 2 WKS!!!
LADIES PLEASE!! What do I NEED to buy??
And what should I do prior to surgery?
Help!!! Thanks!


Monday MARCH 24,2014 baby!!!!
Dr gongora.....
That's the soonest they could get me in.

Surgery in 2 WKS!!!!!! Mexico here I come baby!!

So Jessica emailed me my post op instructions and also gave me the GOOD news that the 20th of this month was open !!!!! So excited 2 WKS !!!! I just want get it done so I can heal perfect timing for summer!! I'll be updating almost everyday on my journey! :))

So I got this hoppy pillow thing

But I bought it off this web sight called mothers lounge and I'm discounted the damn thing is so small and flimsy what a waste of my money! :( So I would NOT recommend this pillow SO disregard my update mentioning this pillow!


So 12 days till surgery I'm flabbergasted!
Jessica is so sweet and helpful love her!!
I'm very confident that the doctor and his staff will be amazing and i can't wait to meet them and get this surgery done!! Haha :))
Still haven't bought supplies :/ I better get on it right haha it still doesn't feel real to me yet tho.....Xo

So I'm LESS than a week away in 7min. Haha omg 6 DAYS!!!

I don't feel scared or nervous weird? My family hero's asking sent you scared and I laugh ugh no ....
Anyway today I got most of my supplies I post some pics tomorrow.
Still struggling on the freaking weight gain soo upsetting !:(
Anyway I'm off to bed good night ladies :) zzz


My FREAKING IPHONE and it's damn spell corrector !:/
Correction:"my family kept asking me aren't you scared ?"


Hope you have a AMAZING day!!-Xoxo

Got my supplies today !

Hey girls!,
So I got the rest of my supplies today.
Still feels surreal ????????
I still don't feel like it's gonna happen I paid my $700 deposit bought my supplies and thought reality would kick in but it hasn't is that normal?
Anyway I listed a couple photos of what I bought if I'm missing anything please do tell me!!!
I bought 2 new cozy blankets for the rude home a new travel bag from my favorite store (abercrombie) :) and my supplies I bought from target and a couple things from Walmart and rite aid.
4 DAYS!!


I have to be at dr gongoras office at 8:30 .
I reside in LA so I'll be leaving at 5:30-6 A.M
My feelings: BLANK ????
I just want to get it over with!!
The only thing I'm scared about is the anesthesia I've had surgery before and man I could wake up from the anesthesia it's was so hard and then the vomiting oh the vomiting lol...
What we do to ourselves to look better haha BUT it's worth it!
Ladies I will try my best to update after surgery ????

1 day post op

I'm in a lot of pain so I'm gonna just post pictures today and let you guys know I'm alive and all went well:)
I will go in details tomorrow .

2 days post op

Hi guys ,
I thought id do a post-op photo I'm feeling ok just really uncomfortable id suggest get sleeping aids seriously! Tomorrow I'll post my story on what happend .

3 days post -op pic

3 days I'm up walking around gonna cook dinner tonight .
My husband keeps telling me to rest but I hate just laying down . Was told to eat healthy And I so failed BUT tomorrow I'll start my diet.

My ass in jeans lol

These are my daughters size 5 jeans I sent from size kids 12/14 to size 5!!!!!???? but I know my waist and body is still very swollen


Forgot to add the pic lol


Hey girls,
Sorry it took so long to update my actual story!
So here goes I left my home at 5:30 sang my heart out while listening to Mariah Carey , Rihanna , Chris brown and just Bieber all the way to Mexico lol.. I got to dr gongora office at 9:30 cause I got lost lol well As I entered the doors they greeted and wher very kind so was security very sweet man so anyhow then they put me and my husband in a room gave me paperwork then had me shower in some green soap then nutritionist came in couldn't understand a thing she said lol but she tried then cardiologist then anesthesiologist came in , well a nurse came in and said your blood is very low at that point I'm like Fuc$!! Cause I was supposed to gain weight and only could get my weight up to 104 now my blood so anyway the nurse came in a again to stick y finger to recheck my blood and yea same thing so low I wanted to cry!!:( BUT the mr gongora came in and said if my blood was always low and I said yes cause it is .
Then he said are you ready I'm like yes!!! So the nurse guy took my to this room to take my measurements let me just say AWKWARD in cal. Guys nurses and doctors always have a lady when we get undresses so I'm very shy and being alone with a male nurse taking my measurements while I was nude was very uncomfortable for me but I thought to myself I'm in another country they do things different then dr came in took my pics then I went to operating table anesthesiologist said lay day I'm gonna give you sleeping medicine then I was OUT!! Best sleep ever! Then I woke up OH MAN!!!!!! Let's just say my bed lol as though someone was murdered it was convered in blood I ripped my arm bandages off I was screaming FUCK FUCK GIVE ME PAIN MEDICINE NOW!!!!! My arms litterally felt like they were in fire it was the worse feeling I have ever felt in my life I would never ever do that again! My poor husband I kept screaming at him got get a nurse now hurry up I sent him out like 8x then I was out I cried myself to sleep woke a few hours later in so much blood asked then to change my bedding but they said not till morning .
So I woke up they had me walk to the chair next thing I know there waving in my face try to wake me up I PASSED OUT!!!:( then I ate toast with juice started to get some CPR back because I was so pale then I got got cold I guess and was shaking uncontrollably like cray! So they turned the heater on I was better like 20 min. Later then doc gongor came in to check me over then I left at 3:30 pm. The ride home was kinda miserable not that bad tho I sat in my bobby pillow but the ride home was 4 hours with traffic not fun . I got home ate I was starving . Then went to sleep .
Sorry I'm all over the place but that's my story :)


My drains are only 10 & 15 cc I'm barely draining is that good or?


So i SPECIFICALLY ASKED For ROUND and he put oval I'm in tears I'm so fKn upset I don't like my results no wonder I'm so pissed ! So Update it's 300cc oval

Dr gongora did a very clean job

I'm just upset I didn't get as I asked for and when you have this certain image you wanted for do long then find this out it's really upsetting I'm not giving a bad review cause he did do clean work I'm just hurt I didn't get what I asked for .
Mind my EMO.


Aside from reality.
I'm healing nicely my incision looks clean I'm not in any pain.

My lipo on my arms

Are looking good swelling not so bad the wholes keep leaking on my elbows tho cause of location so I have to change my. Elbow banges hourly but no pain :)

Is this NORMAL

One of my knees is leaking fluid ?
My legs are extremely swollen I mean super swollen could it be cause of that?
I didn't get lipo on any part of my legs .
It's just my right knee that's leaking .
Is that normal ?

5 days post op side view

Lol my husband held my fat in he's really trying to make me feel better he's all babe look in the mirror then he held my fat in he's like your legs are fat right now when there normally sticks imaging how nice your gonna look so I feel a little better :/

Back view

mind my swollen legs my butt look square from behind but I think it's because I'm swollen ?


Here's a pic I of course photo shopped.
But I wanted the high projection.

6 days post op

Hi ladies,
I'm trying to post everyday for you guys :)
I'm in no pain nothings changed my swelling hasn't gone down at all I have to buy another bottle if arnica.
My knee stopped leaking fluid that was weird dunno what that was from.
I'm sorry about the all the emotion I brought upon here yesterday I was just devasted.
But I'm ok I'm alive and I have a butt so I decided to suck it up and smile .
And learn to love my new self.
I just wanted to also thank all you girls for your words of encouragement it ment a lot and helped me yesterday .
I love you my realself friends !!Xo


My butt looks different everyday yesterday it's looked more round today it punting like a ducky quack quack haha :)

Some BEFORE pictures

I thought I share done before photos of me I'm bored just laying in bed haha :).

Regarding me not getting as I was asked

Round vs oval.
Jessica just emailed me back and said she's very sorry the doctor put his heart and soul in my work .
So it looks like I won't be exchanging them cause I can't afford to cough up 7k again to go else where plus my husband is saving up for my botched boobs .
If your getting oval I would say he's a perfect doctor BUT IF YOU WANT ROUND BE ADVISED! And go else wear .
Cause the disappointment I went through yesterday was hard on me I didn't even sleep lady night.
But Like I said I'm over it can't cry about something that is done and won't be fixed so yea ;)
There's the verdict .


From valentines day .so skinny lol


If you wanna be my Instagram buddy I post pics on there as well :)
Abercrombieprincess FOLLOW FOLLOW :)))

This pic was the look I Wanted!!

Her implants are low and round
I would advice round unless you have a oval shaped butt or want a super ginormous butt lol I'm trying to help so sll you girls get what you really want!!


Ok so is it normal to have no control over your bladder I get the urge to pee then as soon as I get up to go I have peed on myself I have NO CONTROL what so ever with my bladder I didn't want to bring this out but this web sight is about honestly right lol
Has this happend to Anyone before?


Ugh I feel better!!
My husband is a nurse and he removed them for me and it didn't hurt what so ever lol I was yelling at him telling him hurry up already just pull shit!
Lol but he didn't he did it extremely carefully and slow .
Now my swelling is causing me major now it's like no freakin joke I told my husband you better find me some Vicodin seriously cause I'm in serious pain my swelling is crazy I have a huge bubble in my lower back .
I feel more numb too shouldn't the swelling be subsiding versus getting worse?

Today's is 8 days post-op WHOOP WHOOP!

Hey guys!:)
So I just wanted to update you guys on how I'm feeling I'm actually feeling pretty good !;)
Yesterday I was in a lot of pain because I had so much swelling in my lower back do I had my husband get me a waist cincher from Fredrick's of Hollywood and let me tell you that helped a lot then my husband messaged my back it felt good kinda but in certain places OUCHIE!!!! :(
I couldn't take it! So I did it myself and fluid was coming like this orange stuff I'm like why am I bleeding orange juice here haha but today I feel so much better re dwelling subsided a tiny bit it doesn't feel like there's water In the middle of my back no more just sides now :)
MY ASS oh MY ASS my husband said when is that (thing) gonna stop growing then I went to the bathroom and came back and he had the song playing dookie booty dookie booty oh man I felt embarrassed!
I was crying cause it looked so small! Now on day 8 humm I think I might be crying cause the shit is to damn BIG!! And I'm only 8 days Post-op!!! I like the size it is now , now ass can you pease stop growing :)
Once again I wanted to thank you ladies for all the support and help you been amazing !!
It's amazing cause I made so many good friends on here I love it!!:)
Computer hugs!!!-xO


mmm Well since I brought my boobies up there's questions about mine I'm a 32-DD I have saline breast implants but I was butchered I'm scared to put my pics up cause there that bad I'm planning on fixing them next year got to save up!
The pics I'm posting my boobs look good in a bra BUT oh my on e that shit comes off beware!!!8(


Hey girls,
Well... Today guess where I was at the ER oh yes exciting having to be stuck all over again!;( But I'm OK so I'm happy I went in due to so much fluid in my lower back the hospital did nothing but put a IV in me and draw blood . While I was there my back started to drain then my husband squeezed literally half a cup of orange fluid out my back and it's still oozing out but omg let me tell you I feel so much better!!;)
So day 9 no changes really besides built up fluid, and my butt looks smaller :( I think the swelling in my ass went down.;(.
But anyway I'm waiting on my garnets to be mailed to me . Do you girls think those garnets really make your waist smaller? Or your butt more bigger ? I never believed in those things but of course after surgery I'm gonna wear it and see if this is just a myth lol..
Goodnight and I'll post again soon :)


Hey girls ,
So I know were on here to help one another out wit our experiences not sugar coat the ugly.
I'm HONEST ok and I posted my experience with the TRUTH! Ok and I'm hearing Jessica is getting emailed a lot , LIKE I SAID THE DOCTOR DID CLEAN WORK , BUT I DIDNT GET ROUND AS I STRESSED FOR! Would I recommend him yes of course if you desire OVAL implants.

Hi Jessica,
I did not post nothing negative .I did however post my EXPERIENCE and I posted the truth about my experience I didn't get ROUND as I asked for .
That web sight REALSELF is for us girls to post our experiences with TRUTH to help one another out.
However I was very upset that I didn't get the round implants as I specifically asked for nor did I even get a call from the doctor explaining to me as to why he even did that to me?
Do you know how upset I was ,I'm only preying my results come as I want I know it's my first week thus I cannot judge just yet.
You are the secretary had to explain to me the situation the doc couldn't take 2 min. Out of his day to explain the situation and apologize ?I'm sure you told him how upset I was I only called you crying hestaricaly.
I could have posted all that and I didn't all I said is I didn't get round as I asked for am I supposed to lie and say I did and mislead other girls I'm a very honest person and I told the truth BUT i also
said the doctor did extremely clean work on me and the facility was beautiful and I would recommend him to any patient desiring OVAL IMPLANTS.
But round I wouldn't recommend anyone go to him if they desired ROUND.
I wouldn't want someone else upset lie I was and possibly not get there desired results.
Everyone is opting for round implants these days cause they do look so much better. Projection wise I trusted the doctor do as was promised .
But I got oval and can't do nothing about it I have no money to replace what was done .
Being this happened To me I wasn't offered a partial refund or nothing not even a sorry.
All I asked was if he can't replace the implants that I didn't ask for that he inject more fat to try to give it that rounder look I desired
But ,I'm sorry your getting emailed a lot my intentions were not to scare anyone off or make you guys lose business I would never want to do that I just wanted others to be aware he does not do round and yes I was upset .


So today I was told that dr Gongora said give it 3 months and if I don't like the results with the oval hell exchange them for the round.!!! :)
I thought that was nice .

10 days POST-OP

Hey guys,
Update time! Nothing much has changed really feeling great almost me again mental wise and mobile wise.
My back is till draining like crazy I have to leave a huge bandage on my entire lower back or else my sheets will be drenched with fluid yuk!! Anyway...
So.. Body wise :/ my waist won't go down ! I'm very critical on myself when it comes to my weight and this is driving me crazy! My stomach is so chubby! My waist is wide WTF :( I guess I'm just impatient and especially when it comes to my weight. I guess I was expecting instant results!:/
As far as my butt still the same no fluff or growing yet. Still not liking it just yet I'm waiting for this sudden growth and roundness others talk about lol :)
I added photos for you ladies to see.
Oh and incision healing nice :)


Requested front view picture.
I don't know it's said that oval implants give you hips?
Cause I'm exactly the same hip wise.
I did my measurements today
Arms 19"
Waist 24"
Hips 30"


No change really.
Same thing just waiting ......
I saw a profiles that used my pic as basically a pic that they don't want to look like if they were to get oval implants aka ( long butt) look.lol
And I don't blame them and I agree my butt does look long right now and almost everyone that has oval there ass looks long ...
It's all good in the hood tho cause I'll being doing a switcharoo to round if my shape does not change!;)
I'm giving it time as the doctor requested.
NOTE: some people that may have oval there implants may not look bad and I think it's due to the fat amount that was injected Into there butt. I was skinny I had no fat really to donate to my ass so I think that makes a difference as well ..
My opinion :)

Post -op 13 days MORE PICS

I have took these pics today and for got to post all of them .
So here they are....:)


Hey guys,
So today is my 2 wk mark from when I had surgery.
My swelling has gone down significantly, I still have some swelling on my arms and my lower back and sides of my waist are still pretty swollen but no where near what it was :)
I'm having my stitches removed tomorrow.
I took some pics this morning my butt appeared to be a little more rounder of shape but my butt looks as though it shrunk just a little but I think my swelling went away and that's why it appears a little but smaller.
It's crazy how your butt changes day by day.
Jessica told me dr gongora did 300cc of fat transfer to my butt so in each cheek i was injected 150cc of my own fat the 300cc implant. So I should have a total of 450cc including the implant in each cheek.
I can't wait to see how small he got my waist ....

15 days POST-op

Hey guys ,
So today in the mail I got my garnets I put them on after I showered. The top part is not tight at all on my arms or waist it's lose but I'm wearing it anyway .
Is it supposed to be super tight?
Now the bottom half fits me it's not really tight but gives me a major camel toe and puts a lot of stress/ pressure where my incision is :( .
It's so FUC%#£* uncomfortable I feel like taking it off and throwing in the dumpster haha ...
Do this granny looking things really do something for you ?
I would like to see a patient that didn't wear one vs a patient that did.
My incision area I clean twice a day with alcohol and put Neosporin however the bottom of my incision looks a little funny like white I hope I don't have no damn infection :/ I been taking all my antibiotics so I dunno..
So I weighed myself today and I'm barley 100lbs. I thought once I had a fatter ass I would become thicker haha nooo not my body lol I was 104 the day of my surgery . Now 99 lbs.
But it's looking a little better in shape :).
Btw I have not bent over or tried to sit when am I able to bend to get dressed ?


Ok so I snipped the crotch area to give my girl some more room down there but man this thing is killing my incision the string that goes up ur butt is riding so tightly up my ass it's putting major pressure on my cut is that ok and normal ?

Incision post op 17 days

Hey guys,
So it's just now 17 days I'm post-op .
However I was gonna have my stitches removed but decided to wait cause if the way it looks I'm so scared I may hAve a infection :( but not sure .
I posted some pics if this looks normal to you girls whom have already had surgery let me know.
I might be having to take a trip back to go idols Mexico ::/ to get this incision checked out.
I do not wanna risk getting a infection or it possibly getting worse .
I heard the single incision. Has a high risk for infection vs the v cut it's like either your stuck with visible scars or at a higher risk of infection lose lose situation here lol

16 days post op pics

I took these pics yesterday night.
My butt is looking nicer :)
I don't think my implant has dropped just yet it still looks a little high .
But she's coming around. No changes for day 16 really .
I'm still quite swollen in my back and it's still draining and feels numb. My arms are still numb underneath as well. My bruising is almost gone yay!!!:)


So I thought this was funny but cray...
Lol so me and my daughter are grocery shopping right and I send her off to another isle to get something she comes back laughing her tail off mom mom yo use that guy I caught him trying to take a picture of your butt I'm like WHAT!! So I turn to look back at him ahh that dude was ghost lmfao..
Funny thing is I wearing a baggy sweater that covered my ass maybe my sweater creeped up and I didn't realize it.
But I can imagine when I'm looking cute and dressed hair did in all what's gonna happen that's scarey but funny lol...

17 days post op photos

Here's some pics waist and sides still very swollen ..
I dunno if my butt is swollen it doesn't feel like it is ..
And I hope it's not cause my butt looks smaller ..
But on the good side my back feels like a lot of the wTer retention has subsides tremendously .

This garnet tho!

I'm in love with the way it makes my body look makes me NOT want to take it off!!! :/
Cause when I do my butt looks so small lol
Btw I used a pad to place over my incision so the pressure on my wound is not so bad anymore.
Also my incision is healing perfectly dr gongora said so that totally great news yay !!!!;)

18 DAYS post op

Hey guys,
So today I actually went out to shop I hit up the south coast plaza mall then went to some small clothing stores local ..
Anyway I loved how my clothes for I think my butt dropped or did something cause it looks nicer today;)
Nothing changed still swollen on my lower back and it was leaking like crazy I was at the mall with a huge blood tinged stain on back I was like fuck it whatever hey BEBE this are some cute shorts huh?..


Hey guys,
So today is my 3 wk mark .
Nothing much has changed I'm starting to bend now to put on my own socks and stuff like that.
I still have not tries to sit.
I went to the mall the other day but sat sideways on my hips.
My butt looks like implant might have dropped still unsure though.
My measurements for my 3 wk mark are
Arms 10"
Waist 24"
Hips 31 1/2"
Ass 35 1/2 "
As far as lipo results I'm not seeing any change in my waist it looks the same to me so I'm not happy about that .
I still look straight in the front with no curves.
My arms- look a little better they don't hang as much as they use to at the bottom.
I would like my arms thinner.
My flanks -I cannot judge thus it's still very swollen .
Bruising is almost gone and leaking from my elbows finally stopped yay! And my back is not leaking much fluid anymore .
So that's wonderful!;)
Over all I'm happy I got a butt that I didn't hAve before even though it's not the shape I desired.
The lipo all is good but I really wanted my waist smaller cause I still look the same front wise.( like a boy body) no curves haha..
But I'm gonna give it some more time ! :)


Hey guys,
These are my 3 wk before and after shots there's no difference in lipo but maybe because I'm not fat my results are not as noticeable .
But there's a difference in my butt in my butt of course flat to back haha :).


Hey so I took some new pics!
I'm a little upset cause you can see the outline of my implant and I can feel the implant on the top of my ass cheeks.
Also the implant goes over my ass crack WHY because oval was made for tall people and people with a enlobgated butt.
My ass is short so that why I knew round would be perfect!
I'm gonna email Jessica about switching these implants asap to round 330cc .

Capsule contraction!???

Hey guys so it's been bugging me the way my implants look when I bend over and I read another review and there implants look the same as mine when they bend over and the doctors were saying it looks like a capsule contraction.
NOW I'm really freaking out :(
Oh dear god I'm so regretting doing this it's just been one thing after another I can only prey the doctor takes care of me I wanted the round implants anyway but if I have the capsule contraction can I even get new implants placed ugh I'm almost positive it's my right side that has a capsid contraction cause it's hard and shaped way different from the left side (side view) :/


Don't get pinched lol -xo


Hey guys!,
Sorry it's been a wk since I last posted .
Nothing much has changed.
However I got some wonderful news!!!!
Dr gongora saiid have 2 wait 2 months before he can switch implant out so I'll probably getting my booty done again in June with round 330cc!!! So excited:)
About my implants being uneven do gongora did notice that and asked that I come in one month so I'll be 2 months post op.
About the implant showing through I don't think that's the doctors fault I think because I'm very skinny that may have happened so I was told by Jessica to gain healthy fat so on my next procedure they can put more fat around implant.
Dr gongora could have left me unhappy but he does care about his patients and wants me to be happy and I'll be forever grateful of him careing about my happiness:)
My incision is healing beautifully!! Btw ladies salt water is the trick!!
Hope everyone is doing well big computer hugs your way -Xo

NEW SURGERY DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!
I have greaaat news!! Ill be having surgery June 26th @ 8:30am
I couldn't be happier =) Im glad Dr Gongora truly cares about his girls being happy he didn't have to redo my surgery FREE of cost he could have dodged me like many surgeons do.
So i'm truly thankful for that! this time around ill be getting 330cc ROUND lol.
So im 7 wks post op I think I lost track haha..
but i'm healing beautifully my incision looks great I cant believe how well it healed ill post pics today of it .
I just started to kind of sit lol but if I do I sit on my thighs still feels weird to sit and lay I naturally sleep on my tummy so i'm good there.
My implants are still kinda hard and I don't think they dropped in my muscle just yet cause the implant is still pretty high.
But I will be visiting dr gongora soon for a check-up he wants to see me before surgery to discuss what he's gonna do and as well he wanted to see me cause one implants appears high than the other.
I started to drive at 6wks PO but with the boppy under my thighs so there was no pressure on my wound or implants i'm totally babying my booty haha.
Other than that I think that's all I have to update y'all!



Hey guys IM BACK!!!!!!

Hello ladies ,
I'm Sorry for being MIA I got a new job and honestly I didn't want to do a update till after my second round.
However I saw dr gongora today and my surgery will be September 1st @ 8:30 am.
He will be exchanging my implants from 300cc oval to 360cc round. No lipo this round he says I'm just to skinny :(.
But I'm excited I get these oval ones out but not looking forward to recovery at all although it should be a easier recovery being I'm not doing the lipo.
Things are pretty much the same my butt is super soft my incision is not even noticeable . He did good work like I said it's just not enough projection like I wanted . I'll tell you ladies this if you want projection you better opt for round. Well if you have any questions please message or comment and I'll be happy to help. Now I'm on my way to answer my current questions lol.

Surgery postponed to October 2!

I will update after my surgery as far as now I have no news to share lol.

Round two !! For my butt implants !!!

Hey girls,
So I'm finally getting my round butt I always wanted in just a few hours.
I have many emails asking about my round 2 surgery but I have had to reschedule a couple times then this last time my doc had to rescedule. So any way I'll be having surgery at 9am. I'll update as soon as I'm home :).. I feel more nervous this time around cause I know what gonna go down lol but happy I'll be done!!!

I'm done ladies!!!!!

I'm in my way home surgery went FANTASTIC!!!!
I got 2 surgeries labiaplasty but I don't want my hoohaa all over the Internet lol I'll update in full detail tomorrow I'll post a pic now and let you guys know I'm as promised thanks for the well wishes so sweet!!!!!!

Video of me right after surgery

The anesthesia really really itches my face .
But I'm home now im in some pain from my butt just took Tylenol extra stangth .

Today I'm 1 week post op!!!

Hey girls!
So today I'm 1 week post op I'm feeling great honestly and I forget I even had my butt done today I amost sat down forgetting but I caught myself lol . The first three days i was in major pain I cried myself to sleep it was bad I don't know why I felt so main this time and nothing last probably cause I got lipo and area was more numb. Anyway I couldn't be happier I love my booty is not super big and it's not small is Perfect!!! I also got labia plasty so far the results are fab I have had 0 pain since day 1 not even a burn when I pee which is pretty amazing however I do change my pad every how and spray myself with antibacterial medical spray. Dr gongora I couldn't say enough things about and his staff amazing I'm so glad I have this another shot and I will be returning to him in February for best implants and I might get a lip lift. I'm gonna update you guys once a week on progress thanks for the nice comments and support girls!!-xoxo

More pictures

Here's a couple more pictures . My butt looks way bigger in person I dunno why photos make it appear much smaller . Go figure anyway lol

I did another review because the other review was under dr campos

Any way here's another picture!! I got emails asking for my IG so ill just post it here .


Hey girls!
I just posted a photo I took today in my workout pants to bad I'm not working out lol.
But I love they way my booty popped out so cute lol
Can't wait to hit the gym get and get my body in shape whooo hoo :D

Update- 1yr. 5 months Post-Op

Hello everyone!
It's been a super long while since I have updated !
So I thought I would ! Well it's been a year and 5 months since my last surgery with Dr Gongora . Let's get to the point cause I hate reading rambling myself !
So butt implants talk
They flip I have to constantly flip my implants around.
When I sit down you can see the edge of the implant poking up.
When I lay down on my tummy my implants go to the side and my butt looks really weird :(.
When I bend over you can see the whole implant outline !
Do I regret getting them YES!!!!!
Ugh :(
Well my body looks better in pants that's about it.
Oh and the scar can't even see it.
I honestly don't know if my implants fell out of the muscle or what happened cause there all over the place .
As far as the lipo update I was super tiny like 105lbs so there wasn't a difference from the get go after surgery it very minimal ( not doctors fault) . However the bottom where he lipo' did super lumpy but I doesn't bother me you can't tell unless you feel my lower back . Now I don't know if I should get them removed or see if I can get fat added to cover implant however though the flipping part is another story I think they need to be placed back under the muscle or put under the muscle he said he put them under but I don't know I was knocked out lol.
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