Finally Becoming A Yily Doll!!!

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I am so freaking excited and nervous at the same...

I am so freaking excited and nervous at the same time, to be finally getting my surgery. My friend just got her Boobs done a few weeks ago. She had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Suarez and his staff. I dont have a date yet but i'm trying to reach for the beginning of next year. Let me be honest I was kind of skeptical at first about going out the states, but im glad my freind went first to let me know how her experience was.

So now that I've got pricing on my TT as well as...

So now that I've got pricing on my TT as well as Lipo procedure, I'm actually thinking about geting a Brazillian Butt lift if I get quoted a afordable price. I will post before pics of all the my body parts that will be fix just to give you guys an idea of how I look before. And soon as I book a date for my surgery I will post pics as well, until then I would love to here your stories as well as great advice so I know what to exspect the day of my surgery and after..........Thank you in advance.

I finally booked my surgery, I wish that I...

I finally booked my surgery, I wish that I could've booked it much sooner but my Dr. goes on vacation in December. Time will fly by fast.

still no TT procedure

So i was suppose to have my TT done in January of this year..but i ended up getting pregnant with my 2nd child. Now i am ready to rescedule my date, but i have to wait 4 months todo so, because i had a c- section....I can't wait....

depressing pre op photos

I'm waiting to schedule my TT, and BBL procedure. I'm looking into having it done early January 2014.

wish pics

Can any Dr. out there look at my photos, and tell me how much wight they think I should loose to get the best results as far as a slick hour glass figure. I'm currently I'm at 191lbs after having two boys ages 9 and 2 months old. I'm really not planning on having anymore kids. I really want to have a banging body because I'm an aspiring actress and model. I've gain so much weight with my first son, it was so hard to get it off. My waist line is a 36 but I want to get to a 25 waist but I can settle for a 27in waistline. Does this seem unrealistic?

Finally Booked my SX Date!!!

I will getting a TT with Lipo to my Flanks, waist, upper and lower back as well as a BBL on January 8, 2014 in Tijuana MX with Dr. Luis Suarez... I was suppose to have my procedure done last January but ended up getting pregnant. Lol!!! I hope this doesn't happen to me again, because I don't want to wait a whole another year.

Change of SX date

So I had to change the date of my sx due to lack of funds. I wanted to get both BBL and TT done at the same time so I have to make sure I have all my money right.

My Wish pics



finally !!!

So i finally spoke with Yira today regarding SX. She was a sweet heart by the way. She said that I should be receiving a email tomorrow regarding a quote. I

Trying to set a date for my sx..TT, BBL and LIPO to FLANKS, FULL BACK and ABDOMAL.

I just got an email today regarding a few dates I've chosen to get my transformation with Yily that was open. I'm so ready for this to happen already. I want to loose about 30 pounds before I have my sx. Its hard loosing weight, do any of my BBL sisters have any pointers for me to get to my goal weight before April? Thanks in advance!!!!

Fillany Booked A Date For My SX

I will be having a BBL, TT and Lipo with Dra Yily on April 16, 2014. I'm so freaking excited, I can't not what. 5 months can't come any quicker.....

Trying to find a SX buddy whose having their sx done in April 2014 in DR..Yiliy Doll

Trying to find a SX buddy whose having their sx done in April 2014 in DR..Yiliy Doll. I am having my sx on April 16 with Dra Yily and i was in need of a traveling buddy whose getting sx around the same day....

Changing my Dr.

I was wondering if any of you ladies can tell me how i can change my doctor info. At first I had this one dr in mind, but I want to change my dr to Dra. Yily. Thanks!!!

When should I start buying my medication if I'm having my sx in April?

im tying to figure out when should I start purchasing my medications, also can you ladies please help me out with a list of meds and post op items to help with my recovery. Thanks xoxo

Just got my quote from Dra Duran! !

so I been waiting for a quote from Dra Duran for a few weeks now, and she finally got back to me. I'm a little skeptical about getting my sx with her now, because she is very hard to get in contact with. Dra Yily got back to me in two days. To all you Duran dolls can you please tell me your experience with your communications with her Thanks.

Trying to find a sx buddies that will be getting their sx done in April 2014

im getting my sx done April 16 , 2014 with Dra Yily, and I was wondering if of you ladies are going to the DR to have your procedure? Please Inbox me if you are interested in buddy up.

Thank you

I need a Sx buddy for April 16, 2014

Im having my sx don with Dra Yily on April 16, 2014. I'm thinking about staying at Angie recovery house. I've heard a lot of great reviews from a lot of the girls here on realself. If you are having your sx in April around the same time as me, please PM me thanks

Torn between two RH

I'm so torn between two RH, Angie and the new one opening in January 2014. I really need some advice for those of you ladies that already been can you tell me your experience with Angie RH, also I wanted to know if any of you dolls traveled alone to the DR, can you share your experience with me. Thanks

About me

I am 28 years old from Oakland Ca, I'm a newlywed and also a other of two boys ages 9 and 6months. Ive been wanting this procedure for a few years now, and now im finally considering getting it. My husband at first was not so sure but he finally listened to me and gave in (lol). Last year I was suppose to have a TT in tijuana MX but right before I was suppose to go I found out I was pregnant. So after alot of researching I decided to go with Dra Yily. I feel she can definitely give me that hour glass shape I'm looking. I'm so excited and anxious at the same time, I just hope everything goes well. ...

booked my RH

hello dolls do I finally booked my RH, I'm staying at the new RH opening up in January. I'm excited and can't wait to get my procedures done. I've been stalking, and I mean stealing this site for about 2 years now. If any of you dolls had or is going to have your sx done in the DR can you please share your experience Thanks

need help with Whay vitamins to by for sx. Before and After

I need help figuring out what vitamins I need to buy for per and post op. Thanks in advance ladies.

blood work

I met with my Dr yesterday regarding a clearance for my sx. She wants me to have blood work done and a physical done before she can clear me for sx. I hope everything comes out ok.

Almost Time to be Yilyfied

So I'm so excited my day is almost here. I'm having my sx on April 16 with Dra Yily, I've been researching this procedure for 3 years now. I'm also staying at Upscale Recovery. House. I'm also look having their sx done Jeny April as well


so I finally applied for my passport. I'm getting excited, and scared at the same time. It's anyone of you going to yily in April? I'm looking for a DR buddy. I'm staying at Upscale Recovery Home. Please let me know. Oh by the way, I'm having my sx done on April 16

pre op meds

I'm hoping j got the righrt pre open meds, if any of you ladies notice anything missing, or I don't need please let me know. Thanks

Passport Update

So I got word that my passport was processed and sent out a few days ago, its getting real y'all. Come on April 16 I am sooooo ready. Lol

Passport Finally!

Finally got my passport. It only took 3 weeks to arrive. I am so excited. I also just bought a nutrient bullet yesterday. ( I don't know what took so long for me to get it, if defiantly does wonders. lol. Anyway I got exactly 1 month to go. I've been waiting a long time to get this procedure done. I just pray to God that everything goes well with myself and everyone having sx.

Newest SX goody

I was wondering if some can help me what's the difference between the Arnica cream vs the gel? Also got some arnica pills and wondering if its worth keeping them? Thanks dolls! !

Arnica Gel

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I will going to the DR for my sx with Dra Yily

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