Finally, my turn to smile!!! Mexico, MX

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So far my experience with the whole cosmetic thing...

So far my experience with the whole cosmetic thing has been a up lift..I'm really hoping that this surgery lead me to a better healthy life style and I hope to love my new body like I did in the past.I am really scared of waking up in pain.I have less then two weeks to get ready ..I am getting very restless..I tried to go out and get a boppy pillow but I'm not sure how that pillow will work on my butt.

How do I sleep after a bbl and a Tt

I been trying to get ready for after my surgery and I'm confuse on how will I sleep being I can't sit down..I'm scared I might mess my butt up

Travel buddy?

I haven't spoke to my husband who suppose to take me to mexico, so I'm looking for a travel buddy who's going to mexico on jan82014....dai7cam2@yahoo truly my husband think I should stay fat and sad...right now the only thing is keeping me happy is the fact I only have 15 days left...

Getting close to pain!!

I am so scared I have 8 more days to surgery..the worst part is I didn't lose the weight how I wanted I may see no change...but hey life is about risk..I been preparing my self for surgery but there's no way to prepare your self for pain..


Tomorrow is suppose to be the best day of my life but i found my self at a stand still. I am very scared today about tomorrow i havent pack anything getting my legs lipo and my stomach and a bbl...wondering how it would turn out on woman thats 200 lbs and 5"2......starting to feel like im taking 6000 out my kids mouth...hoping god dont feel i have put this body image in front of him..I have to admit i have had idea of walking past the ones who have hurt me the most after my Surgery...i know its a wrong way to think...Do anyone have this same thought are am i tripping?? Help me because i should be feeling good and not afraid...

Recovery O my God!!!!

The day of surgery went past so fast and all i can remember is waking up in pain...The nurse i had was so soft in everything she did for me..The funny part was she didnt speak a lick of english but she was the best nurse i ever meet..I am the type thats scared of needles and blood. I always ask for the butterfly needle for

13lbs of stomach fat....Wow

After surgery the first couple days was sleep,pain, pain pills and more sleep...After read all these profiles i found out that onces the pain came o couldnt remember any advice..Instead of reading profiles i should had call on god because thats just who help me through the pain..Even the boppy didnt help the 600 cc of pain in my

finalLy getting noRmal

After surgery it was a ruff time but i feel great after 6 weeks..i feel if i wore my compression suit i would look better but hey i will regret it
At the end

feeling great

My stomach is so flat snd im happy i lost alot of weight.if i start exercise i would look better but im lazy snd thsts a shame...i not wearing my compression either.smh...all i went through...please if yall can follow your docter instruction because it will help you look your best

So far the docter and staff has answer just about every question I had even the stupid that really made me choose them over any other docter plus all my friend went to this docter even my friend mother at the age of 60

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