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Now its time for the next step, my BBL w/Lipo to...

Now its time for the next step, my BBL w/Lipo to my waist/flanks/bra roll/inner thigh and Arms & possibly a BL, whoooo OMG Dr. Pantoja did a FANTASTIC job on Newbirthdaysuit "she" is my motivation, she looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! . Im now on my next high. Consumed with reading to learn which doc is the best, what the process is. Etc...looks like Im already leaning towards Dr. P and Dr. Campos in Tj....I didnt know that you fly into SanDiego and Tj is ONLY like a 10mins drive :-o so its seems we will see. Ladies...if you have anything to add I am wide open to listen...oh I am planning this 1 year exactly from my TT, December 20, 2013.

I need Help to Calm my nerves

...I have been reading since Friday night at 10pm...and today is Monday, ok..first let me say...I am in total shock to read all of the drama that is going on here online...its crazy....but I guess when you get a bunch of females its what can happen. I orignially thought I was set to go to TJ, then after much reading I dont think I truly care for Campos' work....I ran across njprbeauty and was like I started looking in to Yily, but shoots it looks like she trips out on folks....then I saw the drama about her that Duran did her BBL. whoooo wee...I dont like mess and enjoy peace.... However I started looking at Duran's photos and she does nice work. I also read that the English barrier is abit much, Gollie....Im just trying to have a nice body, in a clean facility, where personality does not affect my surgery day and I can leave bacteria and infection free. OMG.....Goodness Gracious. please help. Melodye

*Screaming!!!* Texting with Dra Duran

Hey Ladies...I feel like I was just interacting with a celebrity...I text Duran and she responded immediatly. She gave me a quote and I asked for a date in Dec she responded "NO" that date wasnt avail....I asked for any date in late Dec and the Texts' stopped.. that was a quick and fast emotional rollercoster....I was so excited, I was texting her in Spanish via Google Apps and she was hiting me right back, she actually asked me to send her photos right then and there and noticed i had already had a TT, Im not sure it that was a turn off for her but I gave her plenny of money making options...I asked for a BBL with lipo to Abs, Full Back(bra rolls, arm back fat) waist and flanks, also inner thigh and a Breast lift. $3800.00 w/o BL w/BL 5,500. Ladies...I wasnt going to do the boobs, after hearing the stories about losing nipple sensation, but these girls hang sooooo low.....Damn...I gotta do something. Any opinions ladies...I havent seen may Breast Lifts w/o implants, do absolutely DO NOT want to add anything. Ladies going in Dec...hit me up...let me know your thoughts. Nothing is confirmed yet.

HOT Digity Dog!!! I texted with Duran and She sent my Appt

I am "pencilled" in for Dec 20th, but she asked me to be there on Dec 19th....OMG!!! Lawd please dont let the air be too high, I would be flying from DFW Dallas. My fam will NOT be too excited about me doing this at Xmas however, Ive been here for them now its time for me to do a lil sum sum for myself. Maybe air wont be to atrocious and I can have them come along.."them" my mom, daughter(23) and my son (15) Holla a me.

*DURANDOLL* Scared and so nervous

Well I am going to take my success and treat it as a blessing, because I ONLY textd 1 time 1 day and got her. I am SCARE, nervous and feeling overwhelmed and I'm one that has my shhh together but this planning is no joke. I am afraid and don't want to go along, but I will have to do this one without my Rode Dog( my mom) I just requested air for dec 12 to 21 so I will see of I can change my appt for the 13th tomorrow. Ladies that are still trying try her on the weekend when she is not working. I also heard that Thursday and Sunday is the day she will respond. I'm taking my sign as my first of many blessings. Yily and Duran dolls ladies be blessed and happy and safe travels.

Dec 13, 2013 Confirmed with Duran

now its time to narrow down a RH. As I am EXTREMELY persnickety and picky, I cant narrow down anyone based on past reviews. Any advise ladies?

Dec 13, 2013 Confirmed with Duran

Im confirmed however just incase anyone was expecting to stay at Angela's RH (Silhouette RH) she is not open from Dec 12-23, 2013. And as of today I do not have a buddy.

Dec 13, 2013 Confirmed with Duran

Ladies, if any of your are eeevan considering Angelas RH(Silhouette RH) she is not open Dec 13-23. So I am still looking for someone to recover, as well as some friends.

Pretty sad/no buddy

It's pretty sad when u realize you don't have a buddy to travel with.

HELP!!! Real Recovery, Healing Heaven or Jasmines

Ladies I desperately need your help! I can't decide where to go for recovery. Anyone been to either and can help share your experience?

Desperate for your help Ladies. No RH

Ladies need your help please. I've heard "NOT to stay at Angie's, Jasmine is good recovery support other than the kids running around and screaming, and the dogs barking while your trying I sleep, was told to reconsider Armonia, and now Dominga told me she was booked for my dates and Angela's is not open my dates. So anyone been to Angie's? Please share a review here. Looking like I will be RH assed out!

It's about that time.

I have my new besties and I'm about to be out. My apologies ladies I haven't posted here much. However I will try to do better. I know wht its like to want to know. My goal is to keep you updated when I know will let y'all know. It truly helps and makes a difference. While ladies are in DR an were sitting at home desperate for some news some updates etc. so me and my sx buddies will try our best to hook it up. So far I have the below. Including my boopy and the thigh roll. Will attach photo shortly.
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