with Lipo on Hips,outter Thighs, Lower Back.. Unsure - Mexico

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So I am on the hunt for a surgeon for Butt...

So I am on the hunt for a surgeon for Butt implants and fat grafting around this area ideally. (I don't have much fat but I do have a little). I am travelling to US or Mexico as there is no one is Australia who does butt implants. If anyone else is doing butt implants In June please let me know !

SO I have three options. Dr Ryan Stanton, Dr Eduardo Gongora,or Dr Campos.

I have had only email consults from all three, still yet to do a phone consult with Stanton,.

1) Stanton - Quote - 9500 US for implants only + 3500 for Lipo - No clinic stay included . Pros - really good reviews can't really find a bad word about him, using semi solid implants less risk of ever rupturing. Suppose to be the Butt Expert so less risk associated with him I would say. Cons- I have to wait 3 weeks to have a phone consult with him when I want to book promptly.
2)Gongora - Quote - 9500 US for implants + lipo fat & grafting from thighs, hips/waist/lower back + 5 day stay at clinic with meals and nurse to watch over you. Pros - best value In regards to all the inclusions, pretty good reviews have seen some good results but also a few negative reviews, Really quick responses by Jessica which is a massive bonus she is very good with answering any questions promptly which is making me lean towards Gongora due to price and prompt responses. Cons - He is in mexico, more risk then going with the butt expert Stanton. Prefers cohesive gel implants and recommends these but also said he can use semi solid implants.
3) Campos - Quote 8155, including implants + lipo/fat grafting - Pros Price, have heard good things about him but can't find many reviews of him actually doing butt implants. Cons - really slow responses to email, lack of reviews, no stay included in price

With the above comments in mind I am leaning towards Gongora. I would love to see Stanton however he is really pricey and I'll more then likely be travelling on my own so having a stay in the clinic with a nurse available with Gongora is really appealing.

Other pressing concern is type of implant. Stanton and all other US surgeons I believe use Semi Solid Silcone. These have a lifetime warranty and apparently can't be ruptured. Mexican surgeons such as Gongora prefer Highly cohesive implants over semi solid due to their feel, they claim minimal risk of rupture and that they can also do semi solid if I wanted it but prefer to do cohesive.

Ladies please share any experiences and recommendations with these surgeons?
Also everyone's opinions on Semi solid v cohesive implants.

This is killing me ! Finding it hard to make a decision

So I think Stanton is out of the question - cost is too high to include lipo ontop plus hotel stay.

Gongora - they tell me they can only use cohesive implants not semi solid as they do in the US - this really concerns me, I know a lot of girls have them but are they really safe. He is best value for $$ and I really like the idea of stay at the clinic and have a nurse on hand for first 5 days. I also don't like the idea of going to Mexico.

Another surgeon in the mix. Dr Aslani in Marbella. He was brought to my attention as I have read a few great reviews on him. He uses slimmed brand implants which I think are cohesive gel too, still confirming :( His cost is 6990 euros for implants + lipo which is great but you need to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks which ups the cost. He is a long way away in Europe.. which is a lot longer journey for me from Australia. We have direct flights here to LA so mexico is easy to get too but to get to Marbella spain Im looking at three different flights which will worry me on the journey home.. or it could be a good thing to stop and get off a flight three different times? I don't know.

I really wanted this done in June as it is winter here and I have time off work but if so I need to make a decision fast this is stressful

Booked in!

Update - I am booking in with Gongora on 9th of June.

If anyone else is going around this time let me know.

I will be staying 7 days at clinic plus another 7days at a hotel

Nerves are kicking in

So it's two months until surgury and I am already so nervous ! Actually scared to death! The main thing concerning me is travel 13 hour flight home !! I'm staying in Mexico for two weeks then will make the long joirney home all by myself.

Can anyone share there expirences with the flight home ?can you sit ? I can't afford to pay over 6k for a business class ticket just to lay down

Fast approaching

So my butt implant surgury is fast approaching I am booked in on Tuesday 9th June with gongora. Ill be staying for two weeks after that if anyone else is going to be there at the same time let me know !
Also for post op is there any items specific for recovery ? What did you clean incisions with ?

Pre op pics

Hey everyone I wasn't going to post any pictures as I'm covered in tattoos but here are a few they arnt the best. My butt is quiet short so therefore I'll be getting round implants (slimmed cohesive gel) not sure of the size yet will see what he can fit. Let's just say I'm having all sorts of mixed emotions whether I am making the right choice it's a lot of money and such a long recovery I just hope I get the results I want to make it all worth it , any advice anyone can share for post op recovery will be great
I'm looking for a nice bubble butt nothing huge I want a nice round butt with nice projection. Currently I have little shape from the side (no s shape curve at all partly due to fat in lower back and little projection in butt) hoping lipo plus implants will give me a nice curve.
I'm hoping he can lipo enough fat from
Me to fill out underneath the implant (as implants sit quiet high I want to have bottom butt too aswell as on the sides.

Feeling down

So surgury is in two days and all I have to say is im not excited I'm just sad and worried :( is this normal ?

I had my implants today !

Hey everyone so had surgury aroubd 10am was his first patient of the day then I was awake by 2pm :) the pain is a very weird kind of pain it hurts like hell but it's more like soreness and tightness and it is Bareable. I keep feeling asleep then waking up every twenty minutes so consistence sleep so annoying ! The nurses here are great they come and check me every hour and keepinh my meducation levels up. I got round 360 cc I am pretty sure , Ill check the box tomorrow. He already knew I wanted round ha ! The patient coordinator must of told him abiut my stressing ! And then he said he got easily fit 360 round which was great. He has lipo a bit but I don't have to much fat so let's see how that turns out I will post more when I'm feeling better


So day 3 and I'm hoping the worst is behind me recovery is no walk in the park :( you literally need someone to wait on you hand a foot so lucky I have all the amazing nurses here. It is torture laying on your stomachs all day I'm yet to sit at all yet I get up and walk around every few hours to loosen up my leg and butt muscles as that's where it hurts. No pain from lipo I don't think he did too much lipo as I have like barely any bruising so pain is just from legs and butt being really sore walking around helps. Must have recovery item is a female urinal for anyone looking to get this ! It is has been a lifesaver don't no how I would be surviving without one . Yet to do a poo I wonder what that will be like? Lol bit nervous about that actually. Was having a problem with one of my drains air was getting in it which was stressing me out but dr did something on it today and he's been seeing me everyday so hopefully everytfing is all good. My butt doesnt look big compared to all the other Gongora girls on here but I suppose I started off with minimal in that area and didn't have too much fat to graft either. Hoping it's going to turn out a great size I'm still in bandages so haven't had a good look at my self I have some initial photographs of my bum from the day after surgury if anyone would like to see can you private message me ? Think you can do that on here I've got too many tattoos and you won't be able to see hardly any of me if I try and cover them all in the photo

Size info

Found a handy page from my implant boxes for the sizes and shapes the slimmed brand of glutual inplants comes in for those of you wondering what sizes gongora can do as he only uses this brand

Size info

Forgot to post photo

Dreaded sleep !!

So over this finding it so hard to sleep one of my legs is really bothering me. My left leg is fine but I'm having trouble with my right leg all the way from top to bottom it aches muscles are so sore and really limiting my movement in that leg. I can get out of bed by myself but need assistance still getting into bed due to that leg. Hopefully it's normal I think I've read is with the nerves and all that I try to get up all the time and stretch it but doesn't seem to be doing anything erhhh

Few pics

Over it

So I'm day 5 post op and I'm so over it :( need a change of scenery I am so home sick :( would do anything to be back at home right now but still have another 8 days to go :( I woke up this morning and my left side is swelled up really bad hope it's nothing to worry about. Having a really bad day today and just had a big cry it's reakky hard doing this without any support around

Feeling better

So today is a better day :) last night at the clinic then off to a hotel tomorrow can't wait to actually see outside these walls ! I'm walking around a lot better , no pain , still limited in movement can't bend very far so it's annoying when I drop stuff on the floor. Had a shower for the first time yesterday wow that was horrible lol not easy with those drains had to wrap them around my neck lol . My butt is BIG kinda shocked looking at yourself with a curvy behind when you've always been flat probably bigger then I wanted but that's ok but I know it is super swollen and will shrink heaps !its super hard aswell can't wait for it to soften up in a few months can't exoevt it to be soft and squishy right away I remmeber my breast implants took a while to soften up too

Just want to go home

So over this recovery really wish I was at home right now :( being in a foreign country is so hard especially one that doesn't speak English !! Beyond over it really wish I went to stanton so I could of gone home after a week as he doesn't use drains :( still here for 7 more nights till I bet these drains out. Not to mention they make me sick ! I can't stand them it's really hard for me to show and clean them the look of having tubes stick out of you is too much for me to handle :( I have no appetite I bearly eat, still struggling to go to the toiler constipation is so painful :( want it gone!!


Sorry for all the updates just bored out of my mind so I mise we'll share all my experiences. So I have been avoidng looking in the mirror as I know my body changes everyday I'm heaps swollen bloated and drains scare me but today I had a good look !! Wow :/ don't know how I'm going to hide that butt hope it shrinks a bit. Let's just say I am really curvy from behind now !! Also from the front I now have more hips dont know if this is an illusion bevause I'm swollen or what lol !not what im use to but not to say it doesn't look good it looks rather nice being curvy. Maybe it's because my waist got lipo. I wont post pics till I get these drains out. I' must say gongora has a gift for creating rather large butts ! I seen the same sizes on other patients that go to otjer Drs and all gongoras butts look so much bigger , it must be the fat grafting that's the only thing I can think of when o compare his results to eg stanton not sure how much fat he grafted for me but I hope this fat doesn't survive so my booty shrinks ! I'm doing this discrete not many people know .Other then that I have no pain . Getting more mobile day by day I now can walk without looking like a penguin however steps and bending is still limited. Still having problems going to the toilet I am so bloated because of it lol ! Im hoping this constipation will go away soon and I don't have to wait till I'm off all the meds as that will still be a little while now and right now going to the toilet is the worst thing about this :( having bladder problems too having a few little accidents with no warning.

Will they Soften?

Has anyone that has had implants know if they soften and how long that takes ? These things are hard as rocks :/

Made it bAck home but not feeling good

So it's now a bit over two weeks post op o made it back home yesterday. After about 17 hours travelling plus a lot of waiting and working around airports I am so exhausted. I'm back to how I was feeling over a week ago muscle pain soreness and really tight my walking has also gone backwards back to walking like a penguin again I'm really hoping its Just because o over did it and had a long day and after s few days rest I'll be right again I really hope I didn't do any damage. I had business seats so 80% of the flight I spent sleeping and laying down thankgod ! The few hours I did sit were let's say torture!! The pressure that sitting on your upper thighs puts on not only my thighs but my back is horrible :(

Feeling sad

as I previously said I took the long journey home on Thursday and was back in pain again once I was home somewhat how I was feeling around five days Post op with really sore muscles limited movement and nerve pain . I thought I over worked myself and after a few days rest I would go back to normal I was feeling great at two weeks post op: I've now had three days rest and I'm still feeling awful walking funny again muscles are so sore only comflrtable when laying down. I'm really worried I go back to work tomorrow no option to take more time off and I don't know how I'm gunna do it feeling this horrible :( at almost three weeks post op I should be feeling great now I'm worried something is wrong ? :( I'm so so sad I was feeling great now I've just gone backwards and don't know what's gone wrong

The HORROR is here

After not feeling well since I made the journey home and thought why am I not better after 6 days of rest Mininal help from emailing the patient coordinator I fibakky decided to go see my local dr. To give a bit of background I had three drains all in for two weeks one drain was getting air bubbles after surgury so the dr did a bit of playing around with this one couple days post op. Anyway that one drain that was a problem from the start is now a very big problem. When I got my drains out the other two came out with ease did not hurt, this one killed when coming out like ouch ! I looked at them when drains were out quickly before nurse started covering them and noticed that one drain hole looked yucky asked her she said there all fine I thought ok she knows best it's prob like that from all the fluid. For some reason the other two drain holes she just put a normal bandage on but this one she covered up with about ten pieces of tape and said do not remove for five days which I thoughT was funny but was like ok .Thinking my lower back was just sore from lipo it got worse over last few days and then I finally took these tape off. Puss everywhere major infection. No wonder I am experiencing all this pain in my lower back . What I thought was fluid build up is likely puss in my back. My dr has put me on heavy antibiotics if no sign of improvement in 48 hours I will be admitted to hospital. To say the least I am a mess . I am scared for not only my inplants which I saved for years for but also my life. I'm scared that this infection people so prominent in my lower back will reach my inplants just under and all will be lost. My dr said go on antibiotics wait 48 hours but that scared should I just take my self to hospital now ? I'm so scared for my life I can actually feel it all my lower back I'm scared this is all going to spread . As for my surgeon and his staff I could not be more dossointed. The real issue here is this infection was likely always present and became worse since getting off antibiotics four days ago I believe the infection was visible like I saw and why the nurse chose to cover it with tape and not show any concern is beyond me. I have no idea what's going to happen to me now I just pray somehow me and my implants can survive this


Hi everyone , just an update on my progress. For the mean time I'm going to refrain from commenting about the clinic and staff till after I am better. This is just an update on what's going on with me.
At two weeks post op I was feeling unwell , sore, fever , sweats, hard and sore right implant and then puss coming from drain holes immediately after drains were removed. I went to hospital and was there for six days on IV antibiotics through a drip. They did cultures from my drain sites and yes indeed infection I also had an ultrasound on my suspected infected implant to see If any sign of fluid they could drain etc and nothing significant showed up so no drainage was done. So I knew my drain holes were infected, but they also treated me assuming my right implant was also infected even though they had no culture from it to indeed know for sure. Incision wound healed up fine , but they suspect infection based on infallmation and sore area which wasn't their previously. After six days in hospital my right implant still has the hard spot and is still fairly tender (maybe slightly better then it was) I still can't sit without it hurting and bending very limited. My back is also stuffed from the lipo I have this awful pressure and tightness(I've hD lipo twice before and never encountered this). I'm going to be on antibiotics through a drip for five more days then go to oral. They will also then assess me again in 5 days to see where to next if I'm getting better or not.
The whole issue with an infected implant as it is foreign object in the body and why you see surgeons usually removing them straight away when they see a sign of infection is because if the bacteria has reached the implant pocket it will somewhat stick to the implant surface and therefore always be there in some form and even once you get better there will always be the chance you'll have flare ups again in the future and therefore continue to encounter the same problems until they are removed. We didn't have any solid proof that mine reached the pocket so we are going to fight it as best we can - but the other issue is no surgeon here would likely even remove them or if I could find someone j would have to pay which would be big bucks so I would have to travel back overseas to hope my surgeon would remove them for free even though he hasnt offered yet even though I know most surgeons do remove for free that I've read stories on here. I'm now left wondering when I am ever going to feel normal again. At one month post op I can't sit , bend far , and the mental plus physical toll is starting to take its toll. I spent my life savings on this and couldn't regret it more. I really like my results but that is over shadowed by my lack of mobility and pain and I just want to get back to normal life , will this ever happen even if it does the chance I will have to get them removed later on is high I would say - money gone and wasted 15k plus and prob left with a lot of skin sag after. I really just wish this infallmation at the top of my implant would go away please so I know im getting better ! But no not yet. I don't recommend anyone get this surgury and never travel overseas for this type of surgury it's not worth it. I trade anything right now to have my mobility and health back.

Does your butt change shape ?

Hi all. I'm on the mend but still far from better but I have a question for you all . Do implants drop and change shape over the first few months ? I've read mixed things. At the moment my right implant the one I have has trouble with is still sitting really high (hard as a rock and high leaving my butt cheek flat in the middle (it doesn't look pretty from the side when your butt has projection high at top then suddenly goes flat all the way down ! This side feels really different to my left side which looks perfect and is sitting lovely and nice projection no flatness. I did not pay this month to have a flat bum ! I am almost 6 weeks post op any experiences would be greatly appreciated ! X


Hi everyone haven't checked in for s while . I am doing ok and hoping things are looking positive as I haven't fallen sick again since coming off antibiotics so I hope the infection is cleared for good , it still plays in the back of my mind.
I'm fairly happy with results although not perfect everytime I see changes in my inplants I freak out something is wrong. The latest change is on my left side(not the problem side ) in one area my butt feels different and a bit flatter and I've only noticed it recently when I look hard on a certain angle I can see the flatness in that little area too. Now I'm worried I have a rupture or something it wouldn't be noticeable to anyone but Myself but how can I know if it's a rupture to put my mind at ease ? I do worry about everytfing and am probably freaking out for nothing . This side sits slightly lower then other side so it may be all in my head and positioning etc
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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