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Hi 23years old, 2kids from London City!!!! Over...

Hi 23years old, 2kids from London City!!!!
Over here in london surgery is not a big thing except breast implants... Im quite happy with my bod after 2 kids ive stayed the same, no stretch marks or saggyness so im lucky I know but I just want a hott ass to match and make me feel good!

So far ive save half the money £3000 so im feeling good about that!

what im going for

Hey girls

So I'm still here haven't had the surgery yet! I was so stuck on gongora but to travel that far and back was just not sitting well with me :/ so I've seen 2 ladies who have gone to Turkey to a place called comfort zone, where there results to me were nice. I want projection n a full butt it's taken me so long to save n I'm still saving for this procedure! One thing which was confusing is both girls paid around £3000 when I was quoted more for the same procedure exactly... So I email them about this and I'm just waiting for a response. Happy new yr xx

comfort zone!

So I am definitely going to Istanbul, comfort zone, my plan is to be ready by august and I will book closer to that date...... if anyone wants to do the same it would be fun to have a buddy.

so comfort zone is out of the question!

The fact that some women have dismissed the bad reviews and are still going there based on price is a joke but each to their own. It was confirmed to me by cz that breast implants were used for the button they aren't hiding it! The fact that they are breast implants it's clear they are for the breast lol, But I guess if your desperate you can go there I haven't seen many reviews from comfort zone they are either bad reviews or the job done in all honesty look wack! Just my opinion compared to duran, gongora, aslani.... your see their work and get excited!???? So changes... I've put off getting surgery because work, kids, deciding where to go... but now my friend and I both would like to go to circum with Dr aslani. We're thinking Oct 2016 seems far but to be honest 2015 has gone by so quickly!
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