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So I have been on real self for a little while now...

So I have been on real self for a little while now researching the best doctors out there. Real self has helped me in the past with my many questions and answers when I got my breasts done 2 years back and now I am interested in a bbl ,my best friend referred me to her doctor his name is Eduardo Gongora he is really good surgeon since my best friend has good work done and I can see it with my own two eyes instead of a pic which is a big help since I always look at before and afters on every surgeons profile I have researched . I have less than a month until surgery but I am not nervous yet..I guess that will come later..I am excited I have to start packing all kinds of things this week and I read about the butt buddy it looks really comfy I might purchase that also I was reading up on weight gain for the surgery so I am about 125 pounds 5'1 and I called the lady at the clinic to ask if weight gain before surgery was good but she said no..but by now it's already happened I been gaining weight so I guess for the remainder of the time before surgery I will eat normally what I used to and not to excess but I was hoping it would help to gain weight bcus some other doctors say it is a good thing ..I'm confused . So ..so far I have payed the deposit and I still need to go shopping for clothes . Last week I got my plane ticket bcus I was worried if I didn't the price might go up I usually don't fly anywhere so that's what I thought lol and I am now waiting to see who will be accompanying me on my trip ..my best friend said she will try to come with me so that would be awesome otherwise I will bring one of my family members since I heard it will be difficult to get out of bed after and to be honest I am not going to like the fact that I have to rely on someone to do things like get up out of bed but I know I will have to be patient in my recovery time ..I decide to go ahead and book this bbl in July since my two sons will be in summer vacation which will give me enough time to recover without them being in school helps a lot I'm usually busy until the evening when it's a school day ..I feel like I will miss my sons when I go for surgery so I think I have to have my oldest son download FaceTime before i leave .well I'm going to try to upload a pic or two I hope you have a beautiful day y'all and I will post more as my bbl journey gets closer ??
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