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I've been looking at Real Self daily for 2 months...

I've been looking at Real Self daily for 2 months and am inspired by the testimonials. I'm 44yo, 100lb loss after gastric sleeve (current 5'6" 149lbs), and am looking to get a lower body lift, breast lift + aug, butt lift+ fat transfer, thighs, arms, face and neck lift. As you can see my skin is literally hanging off of me, I have very little actual fat. It's really nice to know there are people out there who understand where I'm at. Thank you!

I decided to go to Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey Mexico after meeting one of his previous patients and seeing his beautiful work first hand. She had amazing reviews and I also found a group page on Obesity Help and spoke with more of his patients. All were rave reviews! So I began emailing Dr. Sauceda and he has been incredibly helpful and returns my emails within a day. From what I hear he is very attentive from beginning to end and so far has lived up to this.

I've decided to get the work done at once, although the face/neck lift will be done about 4 days after the body work. He does something called Twilight anesthesia and although I've heard some negatives about this by American doctors, the patients have liked it because there is less stress on the body and recovery than with full anesthesia. Has anyone out there done this much work at one time? How much is too much and why (I'm hoping for responses from people who have actually experienced this and not just opinions)? Anyone have experience with Twilight? I'm debating on waiting on my face and neck. I've weighed pros and cons and have talked to a few people, but am open to encouragement and positive advice. I tolerate pain like a trooper and my health is optimal. Thank you and it's great to meet you! ????

Still deciding dates..

"Playing" with the dough-belly this morning. It's hard to believe this will be gone someday. My husband cracks me up that he likes to play with the skin when we're going to sleep at night. Comfort blanket? Lol still unsure about dates, it's either July 16th or Aug 7th for my massive makeover.

Postponing face and neck

After looking at many pics of my face, I decided to wait on this procedure. I still look pretty decent and when I ask around what others think they basically think I'm crazy because I "look so good". I definitely have a sagging neck and jowls but I think it can wait, so I will look into some products that might help until then. Any suggestions on creams or other products that help tighten skin?

New date.. 3 weeks!

I had to cancel the previous dates due to a busy summer work schedule, but now Dr. Sauceda has Sept 1st available and I'm grabbing it!! I changed my flights and have started my pre-op nutrition prep. I need to be in optimal health for recovery. I have 3 weeks to also get my house ready to basically run itself while I'm away! 3 kids and a hard working hubby will need meal prep and a caregiver for them while I'm away for 2 weeks. Traveling to Mexico by myself for surgery makes some family nervous but I feel fine about it. I've done my research and prayed like crazy so I know I'll be fine. The only thing I'm unsure about is how I'll travel 25 hours back by myself while still in recovery. Getting excited! Now I need to order all my supplies asap, I've made lists already. Here we go!

Found an escort!! Two actually..

My hubby said he supports me fully (and he wants to be with me but has to work) but he would just feel way better if I had someone to go with me. Understandable. Haha I couldn't think of anyone who I could ask, then I realized it was right under my nose! My 19yr old daughter who's studying to be a nurse and her strength training husband!! I was able to use my companion coupon for 2 people to travel together and it was perfect! I got the same flights as mine for two people for $1500!! Coming from the arctic this is an incredible deal! It's well worth it, not only will I be taken care of 24/7 but I think we might actually have fun! Haha So thankful! 3 weeks from today will will be on the FLAT side!!

Arms... Short or long

2.5 weeks until the big day and now I'm really studying the specifics! I'm pretty sure I'm going with a short or small arm lift, where the incision is just in the armpit rather then all the way to my elbow. From what my family says (and they would let me know lol,) my arms are not really noticeable. From my pics it looks like I need a long, but in real life, I don't think it looks too terrible. I definitely have a nasty hang off my pit tho, so that'll be nice to say goodbye to!

Leaving for surgery tomorrow!

Here we go! I leave in a day and am almost packed and ready! A few hurdles to jump through but we made it! We arrive on Monday so over 24 hours of travel. I'm sure a good nap will be in order when we get in and before the mark up! It's unbelievable that all this skin will be gone soon! Prayers and thoughts appreciated! Tues Sept 1st is the big day!! ????

Boarding flight to Mexico!

I'm in Houston now and about to board. I will try to remember to write daily about my experience. Prayers and positive thoughts appreciated! We get in around 1pm and will nap then go to the Dr office for the mark up.

Update - 8 mos post LBL, BL&Aug, Butt Flap&Aug, Short thigh, short arm, mons lift

8 months post and still love my results! Dr. S is seriously a genius and easily the most caring Doctor I've met. All scars healed very well without complications. I'm half Caucasian with an Asian background so they're going to be darker for the first to years or longer (as were other scars). The scar lines are 1/4-3/4 inch wide depending on where they are, not very raised. There are stitch marks in the LBL scarring but it doesn't bother me at all, just a part of having surgery. There's slight puckering at the end of one thigh lift (short), again, I don't notice. Belly button looks great but feels weird, the bb has a rim of scarring (which seems normal for a new bb), it has softened up a bit. Mons looks sooo much better, mine was huge! Boobs look good but one side dropped and the nipple softened, it was slightly painful for a couple weeks but fine now. Butt flap and Brazilian look great, injected fat tissue still there. Arm lift is incredible. It was a short arm lift but he came down a little lower and scars are not visible in a tshirt (they show with cap sleeves). I have a pooch under my belly button that I thought was just swelling but Dr.S said it may be excess skin/fat that he's happy to revise for free if I get myself down there. I may add more lipo with more butt augmentation to my lower cheeks, there's still a slight sag (they were dramatically improved wig the first). I feel great, recovery went very well and I HIGHLY recommend Sauceda, especially after massive weight loss. He knows his stuff and is honest and realistic. Safety and health are very important to him, unlike many foreign docs. In this case, you don't get what you pay for, you get SO much more!! Thank you Dr. S for my dream body.

8 month post pic

Here's a before and after I took from a different angle. As you can see I have a completely different body! Boobs look just as good and my bbl and butt flap too!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Sauceda has been very helpful and timely. I hear he is a true artist and an excellent surgeon and am excited to become his next canvas!

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