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I remember having acne since I was 11/12 years. I...

I remember having acne since I was 11/12 years. I took it for the first time when I was 17, second time when 21, and this is mi third time at 26. I have to mention that my acne really improved and that the results are completely amazing. My skin is even better than the one from the people who had never suffered acne. The only thing that makes me sad, is that this result does not last forever, even if my acne is not as bad as when i took accutane (roaccutane in my country) the first time, greasiness returns to my face and so the luminosity I adquire with the drug.

The first time I took it, I had a TERRIBLE outbrake. I took oratane instead of roaccutane. My dosage was like 40 mg a day for 6 months. I had conjunctivitis and I had to suspend it for a weeks. Every day my nose was bleeding. My father and my family told me to stop taking it because my acne was getting worse, but I ignored them and finished the 6 months treatment. It was a wise decision. The results were amazing.

Acne returned years later, of course a milder version. This time I went with a different dermatologist that thinks lower and larger is better. Took it for the second time with a low dosage, about 30 mg. Again my face was nice, maybe not as the first time (because i had a little greasy face), but completely clear, Sideeffects were minimal.

At 25, mild acne returned. Nothing to do with swollen buds I had the first time. With the same derma of the second cycle, this third cycle was with a really low dosage. a pair of months with 30, then 20, then 10 mg. This time the side effects were minimal. Only dry lips without breakout. No oily face.

The only thing I'm not happy with, is that I take my last pill today, and don't want to lose this beautiful results. I would take it forever if I could, but well.. this is a drug that which unfortunately can not be used in that way.

I have to clarify that I don't have hormonal...

I have to clarify that I don't have hormonal problems, that's why my option has been isotretinoin and not birth control pills or other solutions.

Although my acne is very far from the one I suffered in adolescence, it's recidivist. I care a lot my diet and avoid milk, since it has been discovered that it influences the severity of acne. I hope not to see acne in my face again.

I hope my review will be helpful

Since my last pill, I can say that I am free from...

Since my last pill, I can say that I am free from acne, except for some microscopic pimples near my ears and my hair. However, the issue of oil in the face is very different, the oiliness has returned little by little. I notice that my skin has changed its tone a bit, losing some brightness. I get the impression that oliness of the face gives a yellowish appearance. Of course I'm trying to be very objective and descriptive. I could just say my face is fine, better than most people face, it's just that while taking accutane skin is more than perfect and I miss what I had once. My fear is that, because my face is oily again, my acne also returns. And I don't know if I'll be able to take more isotretinoin.

I have asked many doctors several times if it was not likely that I had a hormonal problem. All of them tell me it's not too probable because i'm very skinny, and don't have obvious masculine features, In fact my question seems funny or exaggerated. That's why my dermatologist told me to do pelvic ultrasound, to rid of doubts, it seems that everything is normal, except that one of my ovaries is bigger than the other, one has a volume of 10.5 cc, in the limit of "normal", but what "normal" is supossed to be is less than 10cc. Both ovaries have less than 8 follicles, so not limits exceded. However, I'll know if everything is fine with me until I show the estudies to the specialist.

Tretinoin gel as a daily routine.

Shortly after taking my last pill , I started using tretinoin 0.025 % gel . My acne has not returned even though my face is oily again. However, thanks to the gel , my skin is bright and uniform. I Only wash my skin 2 times a day with any mild liquid soap . What I currently use is Avéne Cleanance, although Oil Free acne wash from Neutrogena and similars are ok for me . I'm not really loyal to any brand or it's marketing. I just verify that the products do what they need to do correctly. I also use La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen SPF50 + Dry Touch Gel -Cream because it has the substance mexoryl and it has a good and light texture. For makeup I use clinique anti - blemish solutions and clinique clarifying powder . I'm not sure if they work for acne, but it is a light makeup, and the powder works good on shiny face. I keep using all these and my skin is very nice . In fact I look better than ever. Don't know if it's because I'm in the middle of my twenties , and adolescence is behind, but on previous occasions in which I finished Accutane , my skin became extremely oily and opaque soon, and began to get blackheads and occasionally some other inflamed pustule. After a year, acne had invaded my face and my back, although I used adapalene. Currently if for some reason I get acne, there's no inflammation and it happens in the days before my period, near the ears, near the hairline, but if I say that this pimples measure 1mm over, it's an exageration. They are small and not visible, I only feel them and disappear quickly . My back is acne free and my chest has some very tiny pimples , which I think, that is very likely to be caused by the fact that I do a lot of exercise, and sweat causes my pores to clog . I've controlled this, using tretinoin in these areas and washing with soap immediately after exercising. I've also reduced my dairy intake, and also have a very healthy diet that includes a lot of greens, and a low sugar intake (Just in case and for my health).
I wish the best to all who are taking this medicine and those who have finished.

A clarification about the time I started using tretinoin gel

I've realized that i started using tretinoin 4 months after my last pill. That was not as soon as I thought I did. That's why I realized this gel made wonders. Because i saw a change.

In a review i did after taking accutane I wrote 2 months after the last pill

" I notice that my skin has changed its tone a bit, losing some brightness. I get the impression that oliness of the face gives a yellowish appearance."

Now i don't have that yellowish tone and my skin is not opaque.

Accutane..The third time's the charm...and topic tretinoin 0.5% wonders

It seems that this time I can forget acne . Maybe it's my age and that is why the last cycle of accutane (very long and very low doses ) seems to have worked. I just turned 27 and still have oily face , so , as I said after the end of the last cycle I began to have tiny pimples ( virtually invisible to others ) so I decided to use tretinoin 0.025% gel and my skin responded excellently.
My skin got used to this dose , so I went up to the 0.05 % concentration and saw a wonderful change , my skin is completely clean and also has very good texture. Yesterday I used tretinoin 0.1 % cream on my skin( the highest dose ) , I will try to get used to my skin at this dose gradually .

Sometimes I think about how, when I was a teenager my skin was inflamed , scaly, and full of big comedones and pustules. I never had a large number of injuries, but the problem is they were huge! huge!, and sometimes they hurt . I remember having HUGE pimples inside my nose and occasionally the ears :S. Back then it seemed that my skin and my acne did not respond much to retin A . That's crazy. Having been through this , I took accutane at 17, and it was wonderful to feel what it was like to have a healthy and glowing skin . The acne came back, though never as bad as before and at 21I took a low dose long cycle , at 26, again I had some buds , smaller than years before, so I took an even longer cycle and much more lower dose. Today, thanks to accutane and topical tretinoin (to which now my skin responds easily) people tell me I have a very nice skin. It's weird to think how I went from having a greasy and papery skin (is it correct to say papery?), red swollen volcanoes to a skin that people recognize as " perfect " . They do not even believe I ever suffered from acne.
The funny thing is that now I barely think about my skin or products, I'm not interested at all in expensive cosmetics surrounded by marketing that work no better than any cheap cream. All I have to do is use a common moisturizer ( Cetaphil ) , sunscreen and tretinoin every night, It does not take me more than 3 minutes a day. So I do not regret at all after taking accutane . My personal experience is that acne can be controlled to the point of being almost non-existent , so if any of you are taking roaccutane, keep it on, and even if you have a relapse..or two.. don't lose hope Greetings and hugs to everyone who reads this! : )


I meant acne lesions :P
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