26 Yr Old, Chin Implant & Neck Lipo. Mexico, MX

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Since 2014 I've wanted to get an implant as I have...

Since 2014 I've wanted to get an implant as I have a retracted chin. I was more aware of my chin "issue" when I was 20, but a surgery never crossed my mind. I finally came across this site and read amazing reviews with awesome before and afters and then decided I wanted to have an implant (the other procedure was too invasive for me) I found Dr. Marco Carmona, who answered all my doubts and was the first to tell me to wait for my dental treatment to be finished before trying to get the surgery done (other doctors never said anything about it - just wanted to fill their pockets?) He recommended usin and L implant and I will have an external procedure fixing the implant with stitches. I'm nervous but overly excited, as this is something I've been wanting for so long! - May 12th is the date. Wish me luck!

2 days to go!

I had my final doctor's appointment and everything is set! Doctor told me he ordered both M and L size and he will check during surgery wich one works best for me (though both him and his assistant said maybe L will be better). My jaw on the left side is sunk, and they were talking about adding a little bit of fat in that side to make both sides even. He told me they will try to make me look as good as they can! \o/ Also gave me a list of indications pre and post surgery, all of them easy to follow lol Today I'm cooking my meals for 4 days so I don't have to get up during my recovery and just watch netflix or play ps4 during the day lol PS Just told my dad about the surgery and he was a little freaked out, but he's totally on board and supportive. Mom is asking so much questions and wishes she could be here to take care of me <3 I reassured her it's a very small procedure and that everything will be alright :) Can't wait!!


Today is my last day with my retracted chin. I really want to keep my expectations low, and stop imaginating perfect results, but I can't! I must rest easy knowing the doctor will do everything on his hands - they know I've been wanting this for more than 2 years! (On our first consultation he told me to wait, and I started sobbing a bit. I didn't wanted to pospone it!) Here I am on my not ever modified before self!

It's done!

Hi y'all! My surgery lasted a little bit more than one hour and omg everything was so smooth! The hospital we booled was Amerimed and my anesteseology was Fanny, a total sweatheart who made sure I didn't feelt a thing during my sedation! She did told me maybe the needles would hurt for the local anesthesia, but, really, I did. Not. Felt. Anything. Doctor Carmona also was great during the whole procedure, I asked him many times what size whe ended up using, if i do was getting a lipo, how long was the procedure going (and even sang a bit of Alanis Morisette "Ironic" we had in the back). It was actually pretty fun lol! After that they sent me into a recovery area and the hospital staff was so kind that I have no words to thank them enough! I got to see my boyfriend around 12:30pm and by 1pm I was already eating bland food and was feeling great (no dizziness, no pain, no nothing). They checked me out 30 minutes before and I head back home. Now 6 hours have passed and I do feel a little more numb and the area pretty thight. I can't wait to take off the bandages tomorrow and get a preview of my new chin!

Day 1 post-op

So I'm finally bandages-free and my head weights so much less! The pression I was feeling on my neck almost dissapeared and I'm now feeling a little pained on the chin area and were I had the lipo done. It's a kind of "ugh i hit myself" kind of pain, nothing you cannot endure. I just took my antibiotic and my painkiller, and I'm resting now :) here are some pics, I'm already loving the results!

5 days after

After days of back-neck pain (fixed with some Lonol and correct my posture with pillows) I'm back! The most frustrating issue these past days was not able to chew food, and believe me I'm ready for some "real" food! I got the surgery bandage off and I can finally feel all my neck!

I feel my profile is more much balanced now, the results so far are something between my expectation and my thrilling area, very happy about it!!

However... Dun dun dun... when you look at me on the front... It's like I got a wisdom teeth removed. My left side is super swollen. This is because the doctor put some fat on my jaw to make it look curvier, and actually I dig how it looks 3/4 but it's definitely swollen when you see me face to face.

My nurse friend, doctor and doctor assistant have told me that is normal, so i'm not freaking out (now).

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and I'll let you know how it went!

1st follow up

Today I went to the doctor's office and I got my stitches removed, and my scar is doing great! Some friends even said it looks like a smiley with attitude lol!

Follow up instructions and a second check in two weeks.

Somebody asked me if this had been a painful recovery. Not at all! I really have not felt pain, just stiffness/numbness in some areas. As of now I feel a small "burning" sensation in my neck area where the lipo was done, and If i touch it with my finger Is like if I still had anesthesia on it, numb, estrange, like it's there but it isn't.

I was actually pretty bored for the first 3 days when I was told to chill and rest (I'm kinda a workaholic). That and not being able to chew has been what I've found the hardest to endure.

I will post an update again next time when my left cheek looks better! Thanks everyone for their kind messages, I am really happy with my results so far!

Happy happy happy!

Ok! So my left swollen side is still swollen but more presentable lol I read around here fat fillers takes from 3 to 6 weeks to stop looking swollen so I'm all happy I'm about a week and a half and it totally looks waay better than how it used to look 5 days ago. As for recovery, I've already gone and photographed a wedding.! I still feel some stiffness when chewing, more on the left side, but this feeling is less than what I had om the first days so I'm waiting for my next doctor appointment to see if it still lingers and have it checked. Here are some pics of my current state lol
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