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Ok girls< I have been browsing this site for about...

ok girls< I have been browsing this site for about year now , I had the PPL prsedsure done last year 12/04/2012 by DR in Chicago, but now after year it looks like I never had the PPL done it almost looks like the fat melted away even though I never work out, and I gained more Weight>>>long story short I decided am going to get it done by deferent Dr because am determined to have huge butt and I really want to have small waist, finally I was able to make up my mind on DR Campos,,, I heard he really gives really good curves but am worried I really want lots of fat injected to my butt this time I hope he will do it for me , I spoke to Agni-and she told me he can go up to 1000 cc I don't know if that is big enough I hope he can do more I will talk to the nurse tommorow

the picture

The pic i hv posted was taking last week u can tell it looks like i never hd PBL done....not happy with the way my body looks right now


change my mind to DR Duran

Sorry dolls I meant BBL, I had it done last year and as you see from my pics no result no ass:( I hate how I wasted my money , but just wanted to let you know I have been looking around if you girls want huge butt like me , then you should check out DR Duran ,she is amazing, I love her results her dolls come out with big butt, that's what I want that's why I changed my mind ,I have been looking and searching non stop I was considering DR Campose , but I am looking for more CC and I think he does not go more than 700CC , I did this before and am not going to get BBL every year ,this would be it for me hopefully, wish me good luck ,love you all

going to DR on Oct 19th any one out there is going at the same time

ok girls I bought my ticket Oct 19th it is , but my surgery is on the 22nd with DR Duran I wanted to see if any one going at same time , we can share room and save some money please inbox me ASAP am trying to contact Jasmine recovery home soon and please can you tell me what is good recovery home at good price out there please let me know,thanx love

very soon Duran doll;)

ok guys I have been working a lot but this do not feel real at all but I am doing every thing just to make it happen, I just had my blood work done, had Doctor visit on Monday but my doctor in the USA is very sarcastic I don,t like him he kept asking me why I do not get it done in the US , I feel that its my choice also he gave me hard time about giving me Meds to take with me for after my surgery , I hated him am going to change this Doc, but I ll deal with this when I come back, side from that the good news is I booked my recovery house and am staying at Yasmin recovery , she seem very nice so will see, I got mixed feeling about this , happy scared, nervous , but I have been praying and I know God will protect me

here i am in the DR

Soo guys , sorry it took me so long to get back, trying to get wifi through my phone. Yasmin picked me up from the airport,brought me to the house where i got setteled and i met her mom (very nice lady), then yasmin took me to the mall me &another girl that was staying there for recovery. So tommorow i meet with Duran for consultation
wish me good luck

in the DR

Bring summer cloth girls its really hot over here

recovry from sx

So guy its been 4 days since i had my SX i just wanted ti let u know that i am thanking the lord that i went through with this, first 3 days was hard for me .i ran fever of 101 whn i came to recovery from hospital which scared the living hill out of me i had to go back to Cipla for the ,they told me i had inflmation in my hand from too many needls,they took care of that for me DR Duran will always be there for you ,then i hd to go back the next morning to Cipla again to Exchange my Faja it was killing me ,Dr Duran gave me a LG instead of M any way am doing fine,taking it day by day,sorry it takes me forver to update but u know i hv to recover
I cant wait to go back home for my kids
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