#TEAMyily 1 month and 3 days PO! new pics + what's the best waist only garment?

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So I have been looking to get a BBL for about a...

So I have been looking to get a BBL for about a year now, and finally I have decided on Dr. Campos. I'm fairly young, only 21 years, but have known that not having a butt was not for me. Unfortunately, none of the woman in my family were blessed with behinds. I have scheduled a date with Dr. Campos on June 12. I will be getting an extended tummy tuck, breast lift w/ implants, BBL, and liposuction to arms, lower back, and stomach. The total quote is 11,715 w/ all the usuals that he comes with.

I currently weigh 202.5 lbs and plan on losing at 40 pounds before having the surgery so that I can have the best results. I have already lost 49 pounds doing Weight Watchers, I started at 251 earlier this year. I'm excited and look forward to sharing my story here and meeting new people. :)

So I called Dr. Campos office today, b/c I was...

So I called Dr. Campos office today, b/c I was nervous about sending my deposit. I'm not sure who I spoke with, but I know it wasn't Angie. The lady was very nice and answered all of my questions about the wire transfer, etc. Feeling pretty good about my decision now, but haven't had much luck this week with weight loss. I have eaten pretty well every day and tracked but no pounds lost this week. I am planning on joining Gymnetics here in Atlanta, b/c it seems like they have pretty dramatic results. If anyone is going around the same time as me, I would love to be surgery buddies.

Has anyone had issues sending their deposit to Dr....

Has anyone had issues sending their deposit to Dr. Campos from BoA? When I am entering the SWIFT number, it is saying it is incorrect....How did everyone pay their deposit? I don't really feel safe mailing anything. If anyone has a May date that they would like to give up, that would be great also! :)

Soooo after much thought and review, I have...

Soooo after much thought and review, I have switched from Dr. Campos to Dr. Yily. I like the fact that I can get an earlier date and my quote was significantly less than Dr. Campos. For a BBL/TT/lipo and BA, Dr. Campos was going to charge me almost 1,000. Dr. Yily is charging 6000, which is a big difference for me. I have also pushed my surgery up to the 13th or 14th so if anyone wants to buddy up with me for the recovery house then I would be extremely grateful! Pretty excited that's only about a month and some change away! I lost 3 pounds this week, so I am now 197. I'm going to try this special diet for the rest of the month considering that I'm getting the surgery a lot sooner and step up my workouts this week! I def need to start getting everything ready, my prescriptions and tests, etc.

Hey everyone, so now that I have decided to go to...

Hey everyone, so now that I have decided to go to Dr. Yily, I am selling my deposit and date with Dr. Campos. My deposit was 800.00 and my date is June 12, 2013, the first sx of the day. Message me or leave a comment if your interested in buying! I'll give a discount of 100 bucks! Also, if anyone else is going to Yily, March 13 or 14th and wants to buddy up let me know! :)

So I have been creeping around the site lately,...

So I have been creeping around the site lately, and I have a little concern over the size of the butts Yily is producing. I plan on explaining thoroughly that I want a huge CULO! lol seriously. The weight loss has been going okay, got a little crazy this week and had some chocolate for Valentine's Day. I'm currently doing a liquid diet until my surgery. I ordered all my supplies today from Makemeheal and Amazon. There are a few things I need to buy from Walmart like the Stool Softener and water pills. I'm lucky in the fact that I'm getting alot of my supplies from my job. WIN! Any who this is my list of stuff that I'm getting! VETS please let me know if I'm forgetting anything!

Chuck's(for tt)
TED hose(compression socks)
large bandaids
maxi pads
bath wipes/baby wipes
medical tape
stool softener
water pills
Woman Funnel
arnica cream w/ bromelain
Bacitracin ointment
Boppy pillow
small towel
flip flops/slide in's

Let me know if some of this stuff isn't needed or I'm missing anything!

Got my passport today! Yay! Surgery is only 21...

Got my passport today! Yay! Surgery is only 21 days away! I'm starting to get ubbbber excited! I ordered everything earlier this week so I'm just starting to receive all of my things in the mail. Going to start taking my pre-op vitamins as soon as they get here..good luck to everyone who has surgery before me!

So it's getting closer and closer! Yira emailed me...

So it's getting closer and closer! Yira emailed me today re-confirming my date and instructions for JMSpa! I'm uberrrr excited...got the majority of my supplies and I'm ready to go! Wish I would have lost more weight by this point but what's a girl to do...I also begin fasting tomorrow as I feel like it gives me mental clarity especially since this is about to be a big turning point in my life! I can't wait and good luck to everyone having before me.

I envy those of you who have supportive families...

I envy those of you who have supportive families in this process. I literally had a knockdown drag out fight with my family over this surgery and it's really upsetting. All I want them to do is be supportive of me and MY decision... instead I get a whole bunch of comments about how I'm going to die, etc, etc. It truly hurt my feelings like just support what I'm doing. I support all the dumb decisions they make. Not a good day today!

Wow, so surgery is right around the corner! I have...

Wow, so surgery is right around the corner! I have to get the rest of my supplies today, I only have a little bit of stuff left to get like wipes, etc. I will be leaving on Wednesday at 8 am....touchdown at 11...spend the day exploring...and the next day arrive at the clinic at 6:30 am. I have questions to anyone who knows..

Does JM Spa not have hot water?

When they come and pick you up from the airport, do they have a sign?

Any need to know or pressing things we should know?

Thanks everyone for your help!

SOOOOO it's finally here almost! I leave tomorrow...

SOOOOO it's finally here almost! I leave tomorrow and surgery is Thursday morning! I'm so happy and blessed at this exact moment, I have all my supplies, packed, and I'm prayed up from head to toe! Uber excited for this life change! Can't wait for my results, and I will make sure to update!

So I'm here in JM Spa in Santo Domingo...it's very...

So I'm here in JM Spa in Santo Domingo...it's very nice actually, I like the set up and everyone is sweet. There are some nice Yily bodies in here!!!! I can't wait until tomorrow morning...surgery tomorrow morning and I am ready to sleep just so that I can wake up! I will update tomorrow!

So I'm one day post op, the pain is okay, but make...

So I'm one day post op, the pain is okay, but make sure you bring American drugs to DR! They don't believe in giving you real drugs lol. So I will start with my experience...I arrived in DR around 1:40 and Junior was there to pick me on time....we head over the JM Spa and there are lots of girls there from all different doctors..enjoyed talking with some of the ladies about their experiences with their doctors. Fast forward, we get to CIPLA around 7:30....and the waiting game begins...did my labs, EKG, saw the cardiologist, and X-ray. Then I fill out a questionnaire and Yira comes with Yily to ask me what I want. I tell her small waist, big butt, and nice boobs. Yily is nice but very straight forward and moves very quickly. Yily had 3 patients this day, all of us getting tummy tucks. The first two go, and I am the last one, finally being wheeled into surgery at 6 pm. I woke up twice during surgery but the anesthesiologist is very nice and soothed me back to sleep. I got out of surgery @ 11 pm, and they roll me to my room. The bed is very uncomfortable at CIPLA, be prepared. No pillows, just sheets and a thin blanket. The soup they give you for breakfast is good. The nurses in the day time suck! We called for pain meds at @ 9 am, and didn't get any until 10:30..but we leave CIPLA and go back to JM Spa. Ana is really good with helping you into the faja, b/c I took mines off b/c it was covered in blood. You mainly get fish and rice for lunch and something random for dinner, however you can eat chicken noodle soup at every meal if you want. I'm currently sitting on my boppy at the dining room table. Also, the shower situation is the struggle lol, no hot water. Bring plenty of wipes with you. I will post pictures soon probably in a day or so. My phone is in the room and I don't feel like hobbling back down the hallway. Thanks everyone for your support and well wishes!

Just added a few pics, keep in mind that I'm uber...

Just added a few pics, keep in mind that I'm uber swollen from taking off my garment for a little while, and that I have tons of pads where my lower belly is near the tummy tuck! Also does anyone know how to change the doctor on here?

So I got in touch with Yira today to let her know...

So I got in touch with Yira today to let her know that I would like a breast revision. I got a breast lift with implants, and they don't look right at all. My nipples are still pointed downward and one boob seems to be larger than the other. She said that the doctor would take a look at it on tomorrow during my post op appt. I'm not afraid to go under the knife again...but I'm not leaving Santo Domingo, knowing that something looks bad and not saying anything about it. I also have went ahead and consulted with Dr. Salzhauer in Miami about round 2 for my butt. Its not big at all, but I'm not surprised b/c Yily doesn't do big butts, period. She shapes and rounds people. Not one of Yily's patients here at JM have a big butt, so if your coming for that SAVE your money!

So the swelling is ridiculous! Geez look I have...

So the swelling is ridiculous! Geez look I have about 15 pounds of water and swelling on me....my feet like huge and I have cankles! I can't wait to be out of this phase! I've decided not to judge my results yet, simply b/c I should wait until my swelling goes down...but overall so fIar I love my shape just wish this swelling would be gone. I also bought a Vedette Waist Cincher because there may be outfits where these shoulder straps arent going to work,,,I'm glad to be home also, makes such as difference. DR was nice, but home is where the heart is. I kept in my drain, and left 2 days early b/c Yily said it had to be draining less than 20 cc before taking it out. I was draining at least 200 cc at that point so it didn't make any sense to stay another 2 days. It wasn't going to decrease that drastically in 2 days. I plan on pulling it hopefully tomorrow night depending on what I'm draining today.

So much has happened since the last time i...

So much has happened since the last time i updated! So I'll start with bad.. then get to the good.

Last Friday, I visited the emergency room because I was concerned that my belly button had come apart and was infected....It never looked right from day 1, it was red, the skin was peeling off, and it had black and green spots in the center of it. So I found myself in the emergency room, where they pretty much told me I have a local infection, they cleaned out my belly button and gave me some antibiotics...told me to keep it covered and to just watch the area. It's looking better now so, we'll see what happens.

Next, my healing is going okay for the most part. I'm going to order a board today for my tummy...and I ordered a second garment in a large but now I'm starting to think I should have gotten a medium b/c my already on my second row of hooks, probably could be on my third in my current large garment. We'll see. Overall, I'm okay with my results for now..I'm still waiting for final healing to judge them. My scar is very low from the tummy tuck, and my back is still swollen from the lipo. LIPO is the worst part of this procedure, honestly, like the stiffness and swelling sucks. My breasts......they sit up high, but my nipples aren't even like one is lower than the other...and my scar is pink, b/c when I pulled off the tape she kept putting on them, it kept pulling the scabs off, so now it's just pink. I have to wait until they fully heal for the color to come back. It's okay b/c I know the color will come back, but it's just kind of weird to look at.

Finally, my butt. I feel that it is the same size as before honestly. Maybe it will fluff, but I feel that it's the same. My hips have went down to a normal looking size...but it looks kinda weird not having any butt. I have planned a round 2 either with Dr. Salhauzer or possibly Jimerson if he isn't 15 grand by that point. I also have gotten back to my healthy eating and can't wait to start working out again next week. Recovery is slow, but I'm back to work and school so.

The foot swelling is the worst too, so I cut slightly the thigh part of my faja b/c I think that was contributing to why my feet and legs were swelling so bad. I've noticed that it's a little bit better with this. I have a love/hate relationship with the faja, b/c I know it helps me majorly with sweliing, but I hate having it on my body allllll the time. I like a free spirit, no pajamas type person so it bothers me. Anyone have a good just waist only garment, no straps?? Ideas??

Anywho, I hope this helps for people getting ready to go into surgery! Happy healing to those who have crossed over!

So this has been a journey getting here! Lol, so...

So this has been a journey getting here! Lol, so I'll update yall on everything that's going on. My belly button has started healing and looking a little better but it's definietely a process! I have added pictures so you can see what I started at and what it is now. My boob is also slowly slowly slowly healing. I hope that it starts to get better soon. I'm still thinking of a revision for my boobs, but I'm waiting the 3 months out to have a final judgment and decide what I will do from there. My tummy tuck incision looks good! However, when I sit down a have this fatty part on the UPPER part of my belly. My bottom part looks great! It's kind of weird, but I will start working out and everything again tomorrow, so I will see what I can achieve with that just by working out and eating right. If I can get rid of it by the 3 month mark, I will consider having it lipo'ed. My waist is pretty small, I wear a size 8 now in the waist area! WHOO hoo, but these hips and thighs are a 12. Now bad not bad....no butt lol, it's down to what I had before I believe. I have added pictures in my garment, I will post naked pictures next week. How is everyone wearing their abdominal boards? Does it really help? I also ordered a new garment, because I butchered the legs off mines and now it's riding up. I ordered one without the legs cause the legs are killing me!!! Also, I'm trying to order a new waist only garment, what are the best types?? Added new pics, hope everyone is healing well!
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I chose Dr. Yily, because of the pictures and reviews that I saw from her on several different websites.

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