BBL, TT, After Major Weight Loss 42 Mother of 2 - Mexico

Research... I have been doing my homework and...

Research... I have been doing my homework and thought I had narrowed my search down to Dr. Campos but the more I read his reviews I am not so sure. I am a huge on customer service and his prices keep jumping up and down for several client that received the exact procedure within weeks of each other. Seems sketchy to me. So now I am starting to widen my search will take any suggestions. I speak Spanish fluently so the language barrier is not an issue for me. I rather go to a doctor with integrity and delivers excellent customer service and results. Please help.

Dra. Almonte

So I have been pleased with Dra. Fatima Almonte's work..I have looked at other Doctors but thus far she is my choice. I sent an email yesturday and received a very quick responce from her assistant Lesley. The initial email requested my personal info, what you would expect any doctor to want to know. Medical history. Issues, height and weight, etc. She also asked for photos of me. I am really pleased with the attention and customer so far. I will keep you guys up to date as we move along the process.

Awaiting Feedback from Dra. Almonte

So I have lost over 120lbs and I am not sure if I should keep loosing weight or try to stay where I am at. I want to make sure she has enough fat to graft to my BBL. I don't think they can harvest from my belly since I want a tummy tuck as well. I am 5"2" and about 148Lbs.

Dr. Almonte's Office Quote

So Lesley Maria sent me an email today with a quote of $5,150.00 for Tummy Tuck, Lipo of my back, flanks and arm pit area. 10 day stay at RH plus food and transpotation and all my medical care. I don't think I have very much fat in my arm pit area...was hoping for inner thighs. I will have to discuss with them. Lesley Maria seems very nice and I must admit its a bit more then I expected esp. Reading others posts. But I really love her work. So now I am just waiting on some medical clearences I need to get before moving foward.

Wish Pics

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Fatima almonte

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