Arm Lift After Weight Loss - Mexicali, Mexico

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Finally! First vertical sleeve for weight loss,...

Finally! First vertical sleeve for weight loss, then mommy makeover ( tummy tuck, lift & implants, fat transfer to butt), and finally almost 2.5 years later my arm lift. My arm lift was performed yesterday at 11:00 a.m. It was performed in the doctors office. I was taken into a room where i removed only my top and bra, i was able to leave on my pants and shoes. A nurse put in the IV and then we walked over to the operation room. The doctor, nurse and an anesthesiologist were there. At first I felt a little out of it, and I think i past out for a bit, but I remember waking up when the doctor was putting the stitches on my first arm. From there on, I was awake the whole time with no pain. I did feel the pulling of my skin but with no discomfort. Once the doctor was done, the nurse put bandages on my whole arm although the cut is right above the elbow. Since I live within 30 minutes of the doctors office I was released immediately. I walked out of the clinic without any resting time before. As soon as i got home i slept for about 4 hours without taking any medication. I was prescribed a pain killer, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic. My first night I woke up every 3 hours. This morning I feel rested and in not so much pain, it feels more like an itch in y incision and i can't scratch. I have a very small spot of blood on my left arm bandage and that is from yesterday. My hands feel swollen, at first it was both hands, then just the right hand, and now its only the left hand. I was told i could take a shower today. I am curious to see how incision looks.

7 Days Post Arm Lift

Went for my 7 day check up. The doctor removed replaced the tape and prescribed more meds for the swelling and antibiotic. My arm lift was performed last thursday and that saturday was the last day i took any pain meds. There's a lost of itchiness and discomfort, specially in the left arm pit. The compression garment is very uncomfortable but have to use it. At night time i feel better using bandages.

19 Days Post Arm Lift

Ok, just sharing some pics here. I love that the scar didn't stretch. Its just a very thin line. The doctor told me i could massage my arms so I've been putting aloe vera gel and massaging them for a few minutes. The aloe vera is cool, so it helps with the little bit of itchiness I still had.
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