My Consult is on 7/21/13 with Dr. Markmann - Ellicott City, MD

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7/13: I spoke with Dr. Markmann's BSN, Tricia,...

7/13: I spoke with Dr. Markmann's BSN, Tricia, today and she explained the surgery and answered every single question I asked. She sent me multiple quotes since I am unsure exactly what areas of liposuction I will need done. According to the quotes I will be charged somewhere between 18-22k for my bbl. I requested two additional quotes, one to include inner thighs and the other to include abdominal etching. I will post before photos just before my consult. Very excited to meet Dr. Markmann. I have done extensive research and though I have not seen any after photos from his site of the body I intend, all of his work is phenomenal. This is why I will most likely be choosing this Dr. amongst all the others.

Consult with Dr. Markmann right around the corner!!!!!!

So excited that my consult is this week and if all goes perfect, I will have my surgery within three weeks.... Can't believe it;))) So here are some of my pre-op photos. Looking for lots of projection and roundness and a very, very, VERY tiny waist w some chiseled abs with feminine very curvy super hips. I'm 5'6'' 165 lbs. I have a lot of fat, my bone structure is small but it's hard to tell at this point. I

BBL next month if all goes perfect w Dr. Markmann

Adding some Wish Pictures for my BBL

Bbl w abdominal etching****It's official ***I'm paid in full w Dr. Markmann and surgery in 3 weeks

Hi Ladies, Today was my consultation with Dr Markmann. I drove in yesterday frm CT which took me 9 hrs due to a 2hr+ traffic holdup from an accident. I booked a room in The Residence Inn, which is only 4 miles from his office. Had a great sleep and had my consult at 1:40. His office is very nice and he has 2 books full of only Liposuction w Bbl before and after pic's. we talked about the surgery and what the possible outcome will be. I asked so many questions. I will list those questions I thought to ask in my next posting. Dr. M places two drains which u will go home with after surgery. He gives instruction to drain n document the drainage on a sheet the office provides. He does not advise massage in the recovery process, due to the fact you can cause fluid problems doing so. Dr M also asks you DO NOT use rolls or a Boppy pillow, it can cause harmful pressure on areas. He promotes healthy eating w lots of protein and drinking enough water so you are urinating every 2 hrs. He says you can not measure by how many glasses you drink, if your not peeing every two hrs then your not drinking enough. He said the best treatment for scars is a liquid called Biocoreum that you just brush on (20 gram bottle is $65. In his office) So after speaking in length w him about several areas of possible liposuction we decided liposuction waist, abdomen, flanks, back dorsal roll, inner thighs, upper arms, abdominal etching. Everrrrry damn thang Lol!! Well Im hoping to get A LOT of good fat w all that!!! I spoke with a great concern about the shape and size I want to achieve. His before and after pictures are great to see his patients transformation but not like knowing what your own body will look like. I didn't get a specific answer as to how many cc's I will be getting in my hips or butt. I didn't get an definite answer as to how much projection I will attain. Dr M said he would use as much fat as he could. Basically if you want a big heart booty, you just have to trust that be will try his best to use all your fat. No definite numbers or promises as to the cc's. I'm praying I have tons of healthy fat to use and my skin can handle it. I trust Dr Markmann's expertise and his work speaks for itself. I'm two feet in now;))

Pre- Op and Post-Op Supplies #1teammarkmann

Hello to all my BBL sisters

"Six Pack" Questions about Abdominal Etching

I'm going to email these questions to Dr. Markmann, I want to make sure the abdominal etching is the right choice for me. I intend on a subtle outline not too pronounced. I'd like to stay very feminine but sculpted with toned ab outline.

Re: Abdominal Etching

1. Would my natural abs show after the abdominal liposuction before the abdominal etching is performed?

2. Because the abdominal etching is made from an outline of fat and not my muscle, is it possible that that fat will burn or will it always cover my natural abs?

3. If my natural abs develop, what happens to the etched abs? Do they appear more pronounced?

4. Will the etched abs appear lean looking? Is it possible for you to sculpt them to be very subtle and feminine looking rather than very pronounced?

20 Days Out Since Surgery... Getting my photos ready!!!

Today I am finally feeling the energy to get together of my progression from Day 1 and so on... Thank you for bring so kind and patient. I really do want to share my experience, it's just been so exhausting with my travel home and getting back on track when I arrived home.

Dr. Markmann's work **** Picture**** more to come

BBL at 5 wks Dr. Markmann

BBL sisters Should I put up my before and after or just after?

The before pictures look so yuck to me now. Big difference looking at your transformed body and the "old" you, Wow!

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