Mom of 17 Yr Old. In Need of Full TT with Lipo - Metairie, LA

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I have experience ups and downs with my weight n...

I have experience ups and downs with my weight n my stomach has suffered the most. So I've finally made the decision that it is time to get a full TT with Lipo of the upper/Lower, hips, flanks, & mons publis. My current weight is 210 lbs @ 5'6. Would love to lose at least 20 - 25lbs before surgery. Am I wrong for wanting to see my *playground* while standing and or sitting. Nope don't think so!!!! It's mine and I want to see it now! !!

Two Months...Tell my cross over!

Just a quick hello to all my RS sisters.
I'm getting more excited as the day pass, as of today I'm exactly 2 months away from crossing over to the flat side like so many of U have already. I think all of U for posting ur good and ur not so good days ur stories helps so many of us through our own journeys....Prayers up!!!!!

Prayers up

Sigh...just thought I'll needed to write about the emotions I am going through today. I started out great, happy,excited than as the day went on started looking at myself try on clothes to go eat with the family. I finally put on a nice lose dress that hod my stomach great. After leaving home realize I'm just completely uncomfortable in everything I step foot in especially jeans. Finally at 8pm my daughter wanted to watch television and there was a part in the show where the mother expressed to her daughter how healthy it is to love urself and feel sexy and confident inside and outside at any age. N that there made me so emotional that I began to cry because I can't remember the last time I felt comfortable, or confident in my own skin. Than again I was comfortable when I was in my teens than back then I still thought I was to skinny with big breast. ***sigh****. After all that I know what needed to be done, I needed to go to my prayer room n do all that could be done. I talked to my God and asked for the strength, wisdom, courage understanding to learn form every emotion I had and was going through.
Sorry so all over the place, just needed to talk and not be judged. Prayers to all.

Exactly 1 month away!!!

Quick update! !! Hi all my RS Sisters. ...I'm exactly 1 month away from joining the flat side. Finally decided I'm going to take 3 weeks off from work which has been approved so yea 1 thing down several more to go. Pre-op schedule for the 9th of July.
Next on my list of things to do is definitely to start picking up some supplies. Now that is a must! !!!
Not much to update on btw.. I'll be working up until the weekend of my surgery. Prayers to all!!!

Pre-op appointment

Well all it is sooooo soo real now. Final payment made prescriptions filled, all supplies brought except the needed bikini bottom. *SIGH* It's okay only because I know that it's needed for my PS to draw incision n WE all know we definitely want a low one. So off to Target this weekend for that! !!! Flat side here I come! !!!! Prayers up my sisters! !!

The Count Down Has Begun

9, 8, 7, 6 days left before I'm flaaaattttt again. " I'm so excited I just can't hide it...."

Last night with pouch!!!!

Well well well, cross over to the flat side in less than 12 hours. May I say thank u to all my RS sisters for all the encouraging words and prayers. See ya on flat side!!!!!!

Today's the big day!!!!

Gm, on my way to the hospital. Not exactly sure what my emotions or this morning, but I do know My God is awesome. Prayers up

4 days post

Wish I could say everything was going well. First two days were great no pain just a lot of discomfort. Third day about the same, was able to get up by myself but still wasn't eating enough. Now today day 4, I'm feeling awful much more discomfort n feeling faint everything I get up from using the restroom. Thanks to all for the kind words. Will post pictures soon.


HopE well with all my RS sisters. ..Me on the other hand can't wait for this healing process to be over n drains to be out. I talked to the nurse about me passing out n fainting was told to stop the pain meds they were to strong. Btw...I can't stand this damn binder looks like I have to pull it down in the back every 5 minutes and when I wake up my back hurts so bad from the rolling up. Prayers


Hello all went for post op yesterday and was told to keep my binder off a few days because of blisters on my butt n sides. So the problem is I'm having a very hard time sitting n or sleeping because of this. I also have a terrible case of swell hell today which is making it hard for me to get my walking in. All and any suggestions is welcome RS sisters. ..

First pics

Wanted to wait until I got the last drain out but oh well here goes. Still a lot of swelling but much much better than the pouch I had.

Thank u Thank you

Hi My Sisters, I just wanted to say Thank you to you all for all the well wishes n prayers. I'm finally home n never knew how good it felt to sleep in one's own bed. I need to send a special thank u to CoffeeAddict who was always just a phone call and text away with nothing but uplifting words.
I'm not exactly out of harms way I'm still dealing with the blood clots, which I'm being told could have happened at anytime time n were not necessarily due to the surgery but I had other factors like being over weight, birth control, n my vitamin B 12 levels. The reason I'm posting so much is because I want everyone to know this could have happened to anyone. All I can say is when u feel something funny/different/unusual whatever term u want to use don't be afraid to go to the emergency room. I sat home for almost a week knowing something was wrong, when I finally got checked into the hospital I was admitted in the Critical Care unit trust me it's not worth it get up and go!!!!!! Thank u again for all the well wishes n prayers! !!! Prayers up

Progress. ..

Just thought I would post a few pics. I'm in swell hell everyday, since I'm unable to wear any type of CG due to the clots at this time. Even with the consent swelling I still see a little progression. Prayers up.

Dr. Stephen Metzinger and staff were very warm and understanding of my needs and wants.

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