39 Year Old Mother of 3 Looking Forward to a Fabulous 40 Body - Metairie, LA

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I'm 39 years old 3 kids 3 c-sections so Im sure...

I'm 39 years old 3 kids 3 c-sections so Im sure you can image the amount of skin left hanging. I'm super excited I am scheduled for Nov. 16. 2016 but my first visit was wonderful. Dr. Sand addressed my concerns right there on the spot. I was most impressed with Dr. Sand drawings of my current body shape & what my new body would look like after the TT. Im Excited, Nervous and Ready all at the same time!

The Count down has begun Tummy Tuck, lipo of waist and flanks

So I am super siked!!!! my pre-op is just a week away Nov. 10 I am looking for a little advise from anyone who's had their tuck done already any useful things to purchase to help the recovery process? Feel free to let me know what made your process easy. I am looking forward to talking Dr. Sands head off about making me beautiful.....Hope he ready

4 days and counting.......

I made my visit to the surgery center today everything was clean and peaceful. The only obstacle I had to face was a double finger stick. Other than that I am ready togo! I'll take this weekend to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner for my family and my Oldest son will take care of the turkey. I keep you guys updated.

The Night before

Ok Guys I am only a few hours away. I received a call from my Dr. Office today to say they moved me up from 9am to 7am ???? I'm excited but nervous more not nervous about the surgery just about the amount of pain I will be in trying to recover. However I pray it isn't as bad as I have in my mind. It didn't help when my friend came over she's a Nurse practitioner she looked at my meds and that's all they gave you for pain I'm like yes I think so she's no that's not going to get it that really scared me ???? also I haven't told my family( sisters,cousins and aunts) I will send them a text right before I leave my house in the morning didn't want to be talked out of it! My Immediate family know husband and kids my daughter is super siked so here we go some last min Pre-op photos

I did it! I crossed over to the flat side

Yes ladies I made it through. I am so much pain but not for the incision but muscle are killing alone with my Back where the lipo was done. Thanks for the support especially sehoward she's been an angel. I will keep u guys posted.

Day 2 Dr. Visit

I would like to say that Dr. Thomas Trey Sands and his staff are awesome! I called him yesterday halfway out of my mind but in so much I couldn't think straight he called me back several times until he reached. I went into the office today my follow up he was wonderful as usual. Today he showed us how to remove something from naval and add a new one and he also put the foam in. Beside manners excellent answer ever question I had If you are looking for a GREAT PS he is one!

Ups and downs

Started out feeling ok then a major down spiral. Call my PS I'm certain he is just sick of hearing from everyday but when I don't know what to I will call I have been talking stool softeners twice a day still nothing I'm sending my son for a laxative hopefully I can empty some this food I've been eating I've also been taking Gas x so I am passing gas just haven't had a bowel moment which makes me nervous.

Feeling like blah..

I've been drinking lots of water eating regular food and taking stool softeners and benefiber but still no bowel movement has anyone else had this issue check out my supplies

Stomach swollen

I'm worried my stomach has begun to swell. When the sponge was added they were close and tight now they are a inches separated on each side. So worried and it's a Saturday trying not to call but I will call the doctor in the morning to make sure this is normal or not

Had an outing today

So I called the PS last night asked all the questions he told me everything I was worried about normal I didn't mention the constipation to him but I'm not regular on the regular. Anyway I had a breakthrough all the meds I was taking for constipation I had given up then I remembered that nothing makes me go like my favorite Coffee spot CC's so my husband help in the truck about 7am we went for coffee by 9:30am I made BM although I'm still swollen and my results don't look as good as they did the first day it's a process I am doing well thanks to the wonderful PS I have who answer ALL MY CALLS ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL Dr. Thomas Trey Sands is the BEST!!!!

Getting a Little Disappointed

So far I'm swelling and I am not a happy camper but I've been up night after night reading reviews, google and listening to you tube story about the recovery process I see EVERY story is completely different but I must say most complain of pain lots of Pain I most have picked a Great PS because the pain that I suffered he explain why and gave me something that was a control substance but it has helped me so much my issue now is the very first day I was flat as wall not I'm bloated look like around my waist I can't wait until it goes down well I see my PS tomorrow hopefully he's removing the drains not just one both so I can get into a fresh Garment if not I'll continue to use this one I've already cut the hole bigger to be able to poop lol anyway I must say my support system is dynamite I still haven't seen the incision not interested until it heals more so here's a part of my support system my youngest son (16) helping out. Better body pictures coming soon...

I made it 7 whole day....

Today was my 3rd follow up with Wonderful Dr. Sands I have some good, bad, ugly news... Ugly news my PS said I am too swollen so he decided to start my massages early than he expected. Bad It wasn't a good feeling at first but as my husband began but soon after a few mins past and he was done it felt so much better. The Good I was able to have 1 drain removed and I was able to see the tuck for the first time (Now this was by choice I really didn't wan to see it until I also most healed enough to wear jeans. All in All I had a wonderful day because I have an Awesome PS.

Day 8 one day at a time

Started the abdominal massages last night thanks to my husband and Dr. Sands. I am still swollen I weighed in 204 I have never weighed that much unless I was pregnant but the nurse at my PS office is like your are fine you will lose all that fluid and you are going to be happy with the results so I decide to cut back on full breakfast or lunch and small dinner. I'm sure I will be excited once the swelling goes away.

Day 9

Well as usual start of the day was okay mid day muscles tighten took meds slept from 12-5pm woke up moved around then I had a few visitors (my own kids) lol got my massage by my Lil nurse and a foot rub by my oldest son so today was good day still have a drain blah!

Can believe my feet are swollen like a pregnant person

So I still have drain #2 but nothing much is coming out of it but I am full of fluid my feet looks like I'm 9months pregnant lol. Funny story I've learned how to get in and out my garment with just one drain so today I cleaned up myself and switched garments but soon as I got back home from trying to make my self look like some the got my hair done and mani/ pedi had to go so bad I wet my clean Garment the other was still hanging trying to dry from earlier so this is my homemade compression garment for one night...

My Goal picture

This was my goal I wanted to have this beautiful shapely body

I think I have the best Nurse and Law

So she spent the night. We woke up we went to get coffee and automatic hand massager when we returned back to the house she gave me a massage for 30mins then later this evening she came back with dinner and I got an hour stomach and back massage so we took some pictures for you guys then right before bed she gave me to die for foot message so I am bout to upload a few pictures of our day. Thanks K. Bellard, LPN

2-weeks post op

Went to my two week check-up all is good with exception of swelling so I'm ordered to rest but move keep my feet elevated when I'm not moving. Few pics tonight I will post some without pads and clothes just the Tummy

3 week update

Hey Ladies I survived!!!! I'm still swollen which is to be expected so I understand however the itching is driving me CRAZy the silicone is best worst thing ever if that's makes sense lol I am please to say that the Garment material my PS chose isn't as unpleasant as I've heard others speak of. He's advised me that soon as in January soon he will transition me into spanx any suggestions ladies??? So here's what you guys have been waiting for updates photos

4 weeks my milestone

As I looking in the mirror I am SUPER satisfied with my PS Dr. Thomas Trey Sands he has turned my life around all I can say is Thank you!!!! To Dr. Sands and his wonderful Staff Ms. Carmen, Ms. Cecile, Stephanie and my Sweet Lil Nurse (sorry her name slips mind at moment) you guys are WONDERFUL

5 Weeks

I am a day late but just wanted to update everyone. I am happy with the way I look in my clothes. I am not completely FLAT that's what Im waiting for. I am still having a small amount of burning stinging type pains nothing major just when I'm trying to do too much.. I started reading up on weight gain and fat gain just to make sure I never gain any weight in my stomach or my back again so If anyone knows somethings I should stay away from please reply. My weakness are Coke, Sweets and Margaritas but I can curve the margaritas and drunk my favorite RED WINE.... Next week I will post my 6 Weeks pictures stay tune for my progress....

6 weeks

Feeling Good still very tight.... Love my new shape can't wait until the 6 month mark so I can see my full result gotta get back to my water though haven't been eating much still uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach

7 weeks

I'm a day late with my seven week up date, But here it is... I am looking and feeling great!! Still can't sleep on my stomach Doc says its normal maybe about 6m before I can do that. I am still sleeping in some type of garment or spanx just feel more secure. I tried on a pair of pants that normally I can fit but couldn't get them pass my thighs lol I hope I have gain weight in my thighs... well I am looking into a healthy life style food was never my vice so I am watching my sweet and Alcohol intake I don't want gain weight. This is my update....

10 Weeks post-Op

10 weeks post-op feeling a lil confused but maybe it's just me. I haven't lost any weight in about 4weeks I expected to have flatter tummy I feel like I've gain weight in the tummy area now if this is true it's all my fault. I have been drinking a few cocktails here and there no bad eating though and drinking lots of water started a small work plan not too much still tight in lower tummy. Having some burning in the sides when I'm moving around at night other than that I'm all good. I'm cutting back on my cocktails to strictly wine just on the weekend to see if it changes my weight oh yeah I had muscle spasm yesterday that lasted all day until I took meds to relieve me wasn't bad but annoying I made it through the work day 8 plus hours..

10 week photo

12 weeks

12 weeks I am glowing when I look at my self in the mirror. I am still burning on the sides but only when I'm laying or sitting too long. Lately my bellybutton has been feeling a little annoying and I'm not completely flat as I thought I would be BUT I can really see my shape hopefully I flatten out a bit more other than that I am all good hope this helps guys

Today was my 3month check-up

All is well BUT I'm COMPLETELY FLAT PS says it takes time. Working out every other day....

I lost count of the weeks...

I've been working out every other day 3 times a week not seeing the flat tummy I really thought I would see yet it's way better than before I'm a thick chic so I guess I have a lot less than before but a lil more than I expected. All in all loving my curves every bit of them so that why I will continue to workout weight lost not much but inches yes so I am a happy camper

19 weeks today

Feeling good Looking good in clothes NOT as flat as I want to be but better than before...

So far so good

Again I feel I'm not completely where I thought I would although I'm not complaining about my PS its me I've been drinking cokes but I've lost more weight just not completely flat you be the judge....

So I finally took my PS advice and put on a bikini

So far so good gotta tighten it up a bit
Metairie Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sands has wonderful bed side manners he answered all of my questions without over thinking them I was very intrigued by his drawings I am excited to see my new body it's been a long journey. Well my Surgery is over now on to recovery as usual he has been wonderful. If you are looking for a GREAT PS look no further Dr. Thomas Trey Sands.

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