SlimLipo and laser for double chin and no jawline

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I had to do this review separate from the browlift...

I had to do this review separate from the browlift procedure although they were performed the same time. I hated my chin fat pocket and lack of jawline that I began noticing a few years ago. I'm not overweight, but even from the front, I could see my round double chin now. I decided to fix this along with my brows and eyelid. I had general anesthesia for it all. He went in behind both ears and under my chin. I was completely bandaged like a mummy after surgery. The next day after surgery, I went to the post op remove the dressing and my chin and neck were sore and a little swollen too but I could tell that most of the fat and slope look to my neck were gone. He told me he had to order the head garment and it would be in in a couple days. Well everything I had read on here and other sites before all my surgeries was MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A COMPRESSION GARMENT lol. So I made my mom stop and buy me an ace bandage to wrap around my neck for some kind of support. That day I kept it wrapped up and took it off to take a bath. After the bath, I noticed I was more swollen on my face (I had browlift) and it freaked me out so I left the chin support off, since my doc didnt really tell me I needed it until the one he ordered arrived. The swelling in my forehead, eyes and cheeks were normal bc of the browlift though, and I wish I would have kept wearing it. I will try and upload pictures.


Photos of night before surgery and day of surgery

Day 1 after chin slim lipo

photos of the day after my chin lipo

Day 2 more swollen in my chin

No chin strap so I'm sure the swelling was worse than someone who would have been wearing one. Sore and numb under chin and around my neck.

Day 3 got chin garment

I'm not so sure if anything changed from yesterday. The garment is annoying and it keeps sliding on my head staples. I'm wearing it all day and night. Still sleeping elevated.

Day 4 after slim lipo on chin/neck

I'm still numb under my chin and really sore. Of course there's still swelling but I'm wearing the garment around the clock.

Day 6 after lipo and stitches come out

Got the stitches out from behind my ears and under my chin. Still numb and don't really notice the swelling going down yet.

One week ago I had lipo for my double chin

Day 8 photo

This must be a difficult procedure to see results with after a week. It just looks swollen and feels somewhat hard. It hurts too much to massage it. My poor ears are feeling the pressure too as one is smooshed and sore from this garment but I'm wearing it and still sleeping upright bc of my brow lift.

Day 11

I am finally beginning to see some improvement. I ate sushi last night and I could definitely tell the swelling was coming back from the sodium. But I've been wearing the garment and it seems to be back to where it was before the sushi.

Day 11 pic

2 weeks

I went back to work yesterday. Still numb under my chin and sometimes feels tight but I'd rather that than the alternative and have lose skin. Just kinda lumpy and sore but I'm trying to massage it. There's a little sore lump where it feels like I have an Adam's apple lol.

5 weeks today

Finally seeing some chin and neck without the ugly slope neck! Yay! I'm still wearing the garment at night and even adding some gauze under my chin to make it fit more snug. There's still lumps and some swelling but I'm noticing a huge difference. Tenderness and soreness is still there under my chin, but I'm massaging like my doc said.

Almost 3 months post op

It's almost 3 months since the laser lipo of my chin and jawline. I'm happy with the results. I look at before pictures and I'm wowed by the difference. I still have some puffiness under my chin and jaws but it is still a tad bit tender to touch in those areas. The "Adam's Apple" lump went away. I still wear the ace bandage at night when I sleep.
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