Drooping Uneven Brows and Eyelid - Metairie, LA

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Let me begin by saying last year I had bleph (by...

Let me begin by saying last year I had bleph (by another doctor) on my right eyelid bc it had a lot of excess skin from the crease. I could pick it up with tweezers and see how much more it was than my left lid. Not sure if this caused my right brow to sit lower due to skin being removed. Perhaps it pulled it down? Idk, but it was obvious it became lower than the left brow. And now a year later, I'm unhappy with the position of the left brow and eyelid. So, there are three problems. My right eyebrow is lower than my left, my left eyelid has excess skin now and brow needs to be lifted as well. After researching almost a straight year, I decided to travel to Metairie from Baton Rouge to have a consult with Dr. Metzinger. He immediately told me what I needed to fix, and it was everything I said, lol. I went for the preop and took photos and filled all my scripts. On June 6, I went back for the browlift and left bleph and chin liposuction. (chin lipo has to be in another review)

Photo the night before surgery

Day of brow lift

I was nervous bc I didn't know what to expect. I had this vision of how I wanted myself to look. I'm 38 and I wanted the same eyebrow perkiness and tight eyelids that I had in my 20s. After surgery, I found out the doc didn't do the left blepharoplasty as was planned bc he said after the brow was elevated, I didn't have enough skin on my eyelid when closed. Well other than nausea and vomiting after surgery, I was ok. The dressing they had my head in was so uncomfortable and I could feel the swelling starting once I got home. I laid elevated that night but I couldn't sleep, just too uncomfortable.

Feeling positive the day after brow lift and chin lipo

I felt headachy and swollen but today was my post op so back to Metairie. A huge relief when they took those mummy bandages off. I was pleased with the height of both my brows. They seemed to be raised and both the same height. I was a little sad that he didn't take the extra skin off of my left eyelid to match my right eyelid crease. But we will see how it heals. He informed me that my brows may be a little high and they will go down within the next couple of days. Im taking Percocet as needed for the pain in my forehead and my headache.

Day 2 after surgery

I had it done Tuesday and it is Thursday and the swelling is worse today than yesterday. My forehead has swelling and is really tender. Also tender and sore around my staples. I still have moments of headaches but not horrible. No bandages today (he didn't tell me to put one around my forehead) and he ordered one for my chin lipo which will be in Friday.

Day 3 swelling and bruising

The swelling is still bad on my eyes and under my eyes above my cheeks. Bruising is showing up more. Today I got my garment for the chin lipo and it's kinda awkward wearing it with the staples in my head but since I had both things done at once, it's gotta be worn.

Day 4 post brow lift and chin lipo

I can tell that my brows have lowered some, which is what my doctor said would happen. Im still happy with the procedure. As for the left eyelid skin, I can see since the swelling has gone some that it has some extra skin. My forehead is still somewhat swollen and sore to touch. I'm still using ice on both eyelids (which I forgot to mention in all previous posts) The ice is my friend! In my right eyelid with all the bruising, it is more swollen too. No more pain pills! Only taking extra strength Tylenol when needed for a slight headache and soreness.

Day 5 after surgery

Bruised but not as swollen. I can feel my brows settling some.

One week post op brow lift

Tomorrow I get the staples out of my forehead. I had two incisions in my hairline above the arch in my brows. I can't wait to get them out!

Day 8 staples come out!

Today I took a pain pill as advised by the nurse bc the staples are coming out! It was scary and still kinda painful. Hair came out with some staples which bled and oozed but nothing too terrible. I'm just waiting for the bruising to disappear.

Pics of incisions

Here are the pics of my 2 incisions in my hairline. 11 days post op

Cortical tunnels with absorbable sutures

If you are anything like me, you want to know the exact name of procedures to read and research, so I'm adding what technique my doctor used. It was an open technique but not coronal. (ear to ear incision) I had only two incisions, more like a tricophytic brow lift with cortical tunnels and absorbable sutures instead of endotine fixation devices. Hope this helps!

Two weeks

Still numb across the top of my head, mostly my right side. My forehead is still sensitive to touch. I can move my eyebrows more but I try not. I still have the bruise under my right eye and on my eyelid. i went back to work yesterday.

2 weeks 1 day out

Wearing some makeup today. (not on my forehead) I'm still bruised on my right side but I'm taking bromelain daily. The incisions are finally starting to dry up after applying alcohol throughout the past 2 days.

4 months

They've settle quite a bit and my hair is still falling out all over my head. I still have bald spots around the incisions too. I'm starting biotin and I've been taking vitamins. I can see me wig shopping in the future and it stresses me out! I pray to God my hair stops falling out real soon. I still have numbness on the right side of my scalp and weird sensations. If I touch my forehead, I feel a pain in my scalp. Weird I know. Seems like some nerves got cris-crossed. It's over and done with now. Just hoping I get back to "normal" soon. Thanks for reading my review.

4 month close up

Bad browlift with horrible outcome

It would have been worth it if my scars wouldn't have stretched open causing my forehead to sag and settle. I have more wrinkles in my forehead now than I did prior to surgery. My brows are uneven again too. I'm losing my hair. I have two bald spots all around the scars about the size of a 50 cent piece. Just really sucks. Now I have to save up more money to have a revision unless I have to spend money on a hair transplant now. I have numb and tingles on my right side of my face and head. I think I just have that luck.

Ugly stretched scars

It's been over 6 months and my scars are hideous. I can't wear my hair up anymore unless I want this huge shiny bald spot to show. It is indented in my scalp. It feels like a dip in my head. My right side is way worse than my left side. I asked the doctor if this was normal and if the scar needed to be opened and closed tighter. He said I might need some scar cream. But there is no way that scar cream will close that one and a half inch indention. It is really shiny, so I know there are no hair follicles alive underneath. My forehead has started to settle more and I have small wrinkles where it's pushing down. It feels like the skin is much more loose. My right brow is lower than my left. I still have numbness and weird sensations in my forehead and scalp.

Dent in middle of forehead

I noticed this vertical indentation in my forehead a few months ago after the surgery. If I run my fingers across my forehead I can feel it go inwards. :-(

Almost one year PO

I'm annoyed by the outcome. Money and time wasted on this. Plus more scars and numbness and stinging sensations. I can't think of one positive reason for this surgery I had.

After my surgery, Dr. Metzinger seemed to dismiss all my concerns. His nurse is the same way. They make you feel like you are imagining everything.

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