Anatomic Vs Round, Revision due to rupture

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Hellow ladies;) I read this website for quite long...

Hellow ladies;)
I read this website for quite long time. You ladies help me through my journey. It started when I discovered 2 lumps in my left breast, ultrasonogram, mammogram and MRI results showed implant repture and silicon leakege. It was about 4 months ago and I was terribly scared.

I feel that I owe you sharing my story, plus I need to say couple words about my good experience with doctor James Platis and his very friendly staff.

So my first surgery was in 2007. I got anatomic implants Inamed brand (335cc 510 MX) in Europe. Allergan bought Inamed. Allergan respected my Inamed implants warranty. For me it means something. They are build company with respect to customers and taking responsibility for their products. I heard from three different sources that Mentor does not respect warranty from companies they bought. So I think it's better to stick with Allergan they have better policy. Overall a very good experience with Allergan customer service, I called them and I talk through email with Allergan rep many times with many questions. I wanted to be informed.

I keep in touch with my orginal doctor, he said it's almost impossible to repture cohesive gel implants and have free silicon in a body. For him this lumps wasn't free silicon.

It took me very long to get in to any doctor office. Maybe early summer is the busiest time, about 3-5 weeks of waiting almost everywhere I called. Dr Platis wasn't my first choice. I did scheduled many appointments in Chicago area, I visit 2 doctors before I saw Dr Platis but after first visit with this one, I canceled my other appointments and I scheduled surgery with Dr Platis.
I have to add that after my first call to the office to schedule appointment I talked with Peg, she called me back and she said that my situation is complicated and I need to see doc sooner and she gave me new sooner date. Very nice;)))

I decided to go for revision, not a removal implant as I thought at the begining, I could not imagine myself flat. It was a very hard decision. My wish was to stay similar, I liked my look I was 32d/34c, but as doctor adviced me I agreed on classic round silicon implants because they are softer. Softer is a magic word for me:)) anatomic are hard as this bouncy small gummy balls.

Whenever I saw women skinny like me but with bouncy breast I was jealous. Even some of my friends when they hugged me the asked what do I have so hard on my chest!!!! I did not share with anybody that I have implants. I just usually answer that it's a firm bra:)) haha but yes anatomic are too firm So I DO NOT RECOMEND ANATOMIC implants. Round one look for me more natural and feel more natural! I do not see roundness on the top on me, just nice natural slope. So girls paying for anatomic implants is a waste of money in my opinion. I'm VERY impressed how my new implants look and how soft they are. Going with round one was best decision.

Hmm it look I'm running out of time. I will write rest of my story later. English is not my first language so I'm sorry for all mistakes I made.

Much happier with round implants

First my stats: 37 years old, 2 breastfeed kids (I had implants when I was breastfeeding) 5'7" 140 lbs athletic, very little breast tissue I think I was about 32a/b without implants.

I had tear drop implants Inamed 510MX (medium hight, extra full projection) 335cc. I was 32d in VS bras. Implant dimension: 12,5cm wide, 11,6 cm hight, 5,6 projection.

I have round smooth classic implants Allergan moderate + 397cc, 13,1 cm, 4,2 projection. I'm 32d.

Here you can find all implants dimensions:

Pics from first post are 5 weeks after surgery. Round smooth implants.

Before I discovered my lumps I was fine with anatomic. They were firm but I didn't think about revision I didn't have time, and I was scared to go one more time for surgery, even when they were rotating YES THEY were sometimes upside-down! Horrible!!!! I was trying to help them stay in place by using all the time sport bras and it helps(doctor advice) I still liked my look, but i did not like feel and touch of breasts. I didn't know that round implants are so soft and look so natural.

So when doctor Platis asked what he should do if during surgery he will finds out that implant is not rupture. He said it's not the first time that MRI results are wrong. He said he can insert the same implant. I said then: OK, I like my look. My biggest fear was this horrible lump.

So doctor made a plan to first check ruptured implant and the lump, take it out for biopsy. So because he found rupture, he exchanged implants.

Since first visit he had doubts that lump was a silicone. Biopsy showed that it was a reactive intramammary lymph node with lipogranulomas. After call from doctor with results I cried. I was so afraid that they would find something dangerous. It was a relief.

So I'm so happy with the revision;) soft bouncy boobies. Like real ;) ooo I had horrible boobie blues that they are too big but it was when they were swollen. The size of the new is similar to the old one. The tightes of my dresses with lining are more loose in a chest area now. More comfortable now. So breasts now and then are different in dimensions, new have more cc but smaller on a chest?! They are good size ( means enough big:) I have never liked padded bras and now I don't think that I will use them. I use very comfortable bralettes and look veryy sexy;). And they are so bouncy;)))))) everyday I'm amazed how soft they are. I will post more pics tommorrow. I'm looking for pictures to compare my breast but I can't find them;) I can not belive I do not have bye bye picture of my old breast. My husband might have them

See you tommorrow,

Pictures to compare

just pictures;)

More pictures

My wish breast was stay similar. With Tear drops I could go in demi bra for modest look or pushups with for more sexy look. I use a lot of push up. They were big on a bottom and not really full on top. I had 5,6 projection.

Round implants have more fullness on a top, but they are so soft, it's easy to squeeze them, that I love them in bralettes.

Anatomic vs Round

I just attach a link for youtube video best explaining difference.

Anatomics keep shape so they have to be firmer. If you do not have fat on your breast and you choose anatomic, you won't have this movement of your best, shaking like jelly... I have lack of words, to explain. Anatomics gave me a perfect sculpture of a breast but round one move and feel more like a real one. They shake and wave and move.
Before when I saw on a street a women with big v-neck and cleavege I was simply jealous that mine breast do the move like hers;) so this is difference.



One picture almost 6 months post. I'm still very happy with results. Can't have smaller nor bigger. Just perfect for me.

One thing. I gain probably 8lbs. I did this pic 3 weeks ago. I already lost 3 lbs.
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