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I have my tummy tuck scheduled for nov 28th 2016! ...

I have my tummy tuck scheduled for nov 28th 2016! I have two daughters who are 11 and 9. I currently weigh 150 and I am sitting at around 19% body fat. I lift weights 6 days a week and do cardio sometimes LOL. I am active duty Air Force and no the military will not pay for any of my surgery nor will I get any free time off, I have to use my person leave for my recovery time. I am extremely nervous about the recovery because I will be doing it mostly by myself. I will post some before pictures in a few days.


Ok here are my before pics. I am 1 month away now! I'm so scared!

two weeks out

Well I just got back from a scuba diving trip to Roatan Honduras. Now I have two week before my surgery and reading peoples reviews makes me think I am not going to make it! I mean most of us have went through child birth so I know that we can handle pain, so hearing people say that they are in so much pain they can't handle it makes me so nervous! I already paid for my surgery so there is no backing out now, but holy crap I am scared!

1 week out

Ok well I have 1 week before my surgery! My being afraid has lessened, and my boyfriend already has a movie list for me to watch while I am healing. I am afraid I am going to feel cooped up just laying around watching movies all day. Does anyone feel cooped up or feel like they are being a lazy bum because of all the other things they think they should be doing instead? Or does your body just say "you need to lay down" and youre ok with it? I need to get all my Christmas shopping done this weekend because I don't think I am going to want to shop anytime after! How many weeks after surgery does most people want to get out of the house and start trying to walk around and do normal things?

5 days away

Luckily thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have so much stuff to keep my mind of my surgery that I am not even worried about it. The beginning of last week I was so sick to my stomach thinking about it and now I am fine. Looking forward to getting it over with so I can get on with my life. I have told anyone who asks what kind of surgery I am having, I don't care about what other people think, it's not their body or money. But oddly I haven't gotten anything negative from anyone (to my face at least) I am just so far past what other people think of me anymore. I am doing this for me, to be able to comfortable showing my mid section, and to feel sexy! I workout so hard and this area will never be fixed with working out. I also have lost my drive to workout this week. All I want to do is eat thanksgiving food and prep for surgery. Oh of course drink some wine ;) ha! Have a happy thanksgiving to everyone!

tomorrow is the day!

Holy cow I can't believe that tomorrow is the day! I feel so unprepared right now! I have all my meds and I bought a body pillow and a recliner for recovery. I need to go grocery shopping today for some stuff to eat for recovery. I know I need to eat high protein for healing, so I might do some meal prepping today and keep meals in my fridge for the week. I can't expect my boyfriend to make all my food for me! I didn't sleep well last night and I don't suppose I will sleep very well tonight either. I have to be at the surgery center at 615am for my surgery at 7am. At least it's early and even if I don't sleep then I don't have to worry about being tired surgery day. I guess I just don't know how well I am going to handle this, some people are doing great, and other people have big issues. I smoked for 16 years, but I have been quit for 3 months so I am really worried that will have an effect on my circulation for my skin healing. I am so scared of getting the dead skin thing. it looks so icky and painful!! I am not getting any lipo and he's not sure on muscle repair but i think i might need some near my belly button thats where i feel two finger separation. Ok i am just rambling because of my nerves.....

Last before pic

Update pic on how my skin hangs over as I sit. It will be gone tomorrow! And I added a pic of me and my boyfriend because no one posts face pics on here! lol

Made it to the flat side!

Alright ladies I made it out! They did have to do muscle repair so my surgery will have a longer recover time but in the end it will all be worth it!

First after pictures

Alright here are my after pictures! I think it looks good!

2 days post op

Well I am two days into my recovery and today was better than yesterday. I mean yesterday wasn't bad but sleeping and not moving for 4 hours made me super sore and stiff. Last night I wasn't that bad. We tightened my binder up so I bet that is why it feels better. I see what everyone says about the drains stinging, that is pretty much the only thing I can feel right now. I have dropped to 1/2 a norco every four hours and I am going to see i I can tolerate maybe getting off all pain pills tomorrow. I won't be getting my drain removed until monday at the earliest so 5 more days. I am starting to get bored with just sitting around I want to walk around and do dishes or fold laundry or something helpful....my boyfriend is helping me, but he just cleans up like once a day and it's not the way I do it. LOL yeah I have lived on my own for too long I have ways that I do things. I feel like i can stand up straight but my surgeon says i can't yet. I wonder if that is from the vertical scar. They told me to watch the corners of the vertical part and make sure it doesn't turn purple, I guess if anything goes wrong with healing, it's the old belly button that goes first. I can't wait to be able to look at it standing up and compare my before pics to my after pics. Like when I am sitting down in my recliner I have zero pain until I try to move around then it's just soreness not sharp pain or anything. I just hope I heal fast!

3rd day

Well today I have been fighting a headache and a sick tummy. I hadn't taken my pain meds in like 12 hours because I don't think I really need them for pain but maybe that gave me the headache, I have no idea. I am slightly dizzy today too. I walked next door and their damn dog jumped on me and hit right in my incision! I really hope it didn't do any internal damage! it feel hot right after the dog hit me. But As far as recovering today hasn't been the best day. I haven't really wanted to get off the recliner. I have one more full day with the boyfriend here then it's just me and my two girls for the weekend. Hopefully they will be ale to help me! My drainage has been about 25ml every 12 hours so I have awhile before I can get those bad boys out. Emotionally I am doing really well. My boyfriend has been amazing and supportive with everything! he's even sleeping in the living room with me because i can't sleep in my bed yet.

Day 3 picture

It felt so good to get out of my binder for just 10 min tonight! So I snapped a picture

Before and after!

Here is a side by side of my before and after!

Day 4

well today was easier than yesterday. I went to walmart for like 30 min and that made me really tired. then I had to help with dinner and now all I want to do is go to sleep. My pain is completely manageable, I haven't taken any pain pills since 1am last night. I did manage to tighten my binder by myself today laying on my bed. I think tomorrow I am going to attempt to sleep on my own bed, the BF is a firefighter so he won't be there so I can adjust the bed how i want it. the head and the feet move up and down. I made the mistake of eating some black beans today....gas central! but I did end up having my first BM today so thats a plus!! I am just anxious to get back to my normal routine, but i know it will still be a while. Emotionally I am still good, i feel bloated as all hell but its still better than what i looked like before!

more self sufficient

Today is 5 days PO. I am still enjoying being able to be lazy and watch TV without feeling guilty for my house being messy. LOL i did get out of the house and went to Walmart and Costco. I am still hunched over a bit but my give a crap factor of people looking at me walking funny is slim. It just felt good to get out of the house. I am not really having much back pain, I think its because I have been deadlifting and strengthening my back for the last year, I had a pretty good strength base. I adjusted my binder all by myself today it actually felt goo to take it off. My drains are slowing down so hopefully I won't have them much longer.
I fell asleep in my bed for a couple of hours today and it was nice! I think tonight I may try to sleep there all night. I have an adjustable head and feet bed thingy. I did have my kids help me out of bed this morning. I am sure I could have done it but they like helping mom out. I did take 1/2 a dose of pain pills twice today, they take my pain completely away so I figure while i can still take them i will, and I take a full dose before bed so I can sleep. My whole body gets stiff from sleeping in one position all night.


Well I had been fine emotionally for the last 5 days but today I have been nothing but bitchy. I stopped my pain meds and I have spent the last 2 days home alone with my two kids. I am just getting tired of being stuck at home doing nothing. I went to walmart for a few for a birthday present for my daughters friend and then back to my chair. It feels like I will never get better. I know it's only been a week but I want to be back to myself already! I want to sleep in my own bed. My kids are making a disaster of my house and i feel myself being crazy mom yelling at them to clean up after themselves. My pain is higher than it had been because i haven't taken any norco but i took some tylenol and it does help. I hope to go in and see my PS surgeon tomorrow and get a drain removed, but i have been doing a lot around the house today so Im sure that make me drain more. UGH

Not seeing doctor today :(

So I am 7 days PO today and I don't have an appointment to see the surgeon again.... My drain output has been less than 25 for the last 3 days so I was hoping when I called this morning with my output numbers they would at least give me another appointment to get the drains removed but apparently the only nurse that does it isn't in today. WTF?!?! If I don't get at least one drain out tomorrow I am going to throat punch someone.

I feel really good pain wise, I don't really hurt anywhere. They had told me to walk hunched over but I don't want to anymore so because they aren't giving me any more instructions i am going to do what i want as long as it doesn't hurt. Im walking upright and tonight I am going to sleep flat in my own damn bed. I did wash my own hair and washed my body, i still can't shower because of my drains but feeling clean makes me feel better. Im just getting restless and with me feeling better I want to do more, but i am not going to jeprodize me getting these drains out..... so I will still sit in my chair and do nothing....ugh.

I am grateful that i never had back pain during this process, I don't know if it's because I didn't have lipo or if I just had a strong base from powerlifting, but I would suggest that before you go have surgery, lift weights to get your base strong to be able to support your core since you can't use your core.

Stupid drains

Well I had hoped to get my drains pulled today because my output was less than 25ml for like 4 days but then i get a call and they don't pull them until they are less than 20ml in 24 hours! what the hell?!?! What was everyone else's levels when you got yours pulled?

One drain out tomorrow!

Ok I got the call and I get to take one drain out tomorrow! Wahoo! So I have one drain the is on top and one is on the bottom, I think that is different than most people who have one that drains the left of their body and the right. So my lower one is staying which is outputting like 5ml a day and they are taking the top one. I guess the theory is the bottom one will pick up per gravity any of the fluid that the top drain would have gotten. So we will see if after two days the lower one still drains low then they will take it to and I will be drain free and able to shower! I see a light at the end of the tunnel! I will take a picture tomorrow of my healing, it's healing really well and I am very happy with the incision.

Right drain is gone!

Alright so they took the right drain today but they aren't taking the left until tuesday!!!!! UGH I am so pissed! Apparently they are just being overly cautious because there has been a rash of seromas. My left one hurts really bad, its right along my hip bone and since I have to keep my binder so damn tight and apparently my hip bones stick out it's getting irritated. but a positive note i got one out. I didn't even feel it to tell you the truth, I was too worried about the doctor looking at my left side to worry what the nurse was doing to my right.

I am super bummed that I don't get to go to my boyfriends christmas party on saturday. There is no way i would be able to attend with this stupid drain. oh well I guess there is always next year.

So I took some pictures, you can see my left side is all pissed off at me and its swollen. once I get that drain out I bet it will not be so swollen. but we shall see!

10 days PO

drains suck

Well I still have a drain in and the site has been stinging, only two more days because I am set to get it out on tuesday morning at 830! I have to go to work tomorrow though with a drain in which blows.... last night i went to by boyfriends christmas party and I put my tube bulb in my bra! haha! The party went a little long and by the end I was so ready to just go home. But it was nice to get out and be around other adults. My christmas party is this coming saturday hopefully I can make it through that one, one bonus is I won't have my drain in! I kinda just want to wear spanks under my dress saturday but I am afraid that it will make too much swelling, when did everyone switch from their binders?

First day back to work

My boss felt so bad for me hobling around that she let me go home at lunch today. I still have one drain in that will be removed tomorrow morning god willing! My uniform pants don't fit well around my binder and my swollen abdomen. My drain site hurts pretty bad and it makes it hard to tighten my binder to get all the swelling out. So it's a double edge sword.

Drain free!!!!

Just got my last drain out! Holy cow I feel like a whole new woman! It was so irritated that it hurt so bad getting it out, but I already mentally feel better and tonight I'm taking like an hour long shower!! Now I just need to prepare myself for swell hell.... I got this!

I think it's infected

So I worked all day and came home excited to shower and took off the bandage they put on my drain site and it was stuck and it has icky green infection in the hole. UGH! Hey I guess that's why it hurt so bad! I have a call into my PS to see what I should do.

Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster

I don't know if it is because I am in pain or what, but I went from Im healing good to what have I done to myself in just a few days. I have nothing but regret right now and am so pissed off at myself for doing this. I know that in the end it's going to be worth it but right now I wish I had never done it. I am back at work, none of my clothes fit, my hip hurts so bad I can't sleep....UGH I switched to spanks today to see if that will help my hip heal at all, so I will wear these for a few days and see if it makes it feel any better. Last night when I got home from work I just took off all my compression crap and just sat on my chair. It feels so good to not have anything on. Hopefully I don't swell too bad today with just spanks on, but any big pressure on my hip makes me want to cry, even the spanks feels too tight. So I guess I will just see how today goes. If it wasn't for my stupid hip this process would be fine..... I am just frustrated

Saw the dr today

So he looked at my hip and said it looked like an issue caused by the binder, so for now I'm not to wear my binder or anything that is going to put pressure on it. Thank god because it hurts when anything touches it! So now I'm just going to deal with swelling. And he's putting me on an antibiotic just in case. He doesn't think it's an infection but it actually makes me feel better to tell you the truth. So hopefully this helps!

Holy tired

I shopped all day today. I'm talking like out of the house for a full 8 hours. All with no compression. It was a super weird feeling and I wanted to put something on so bad but I'm letting my hip heal. It's been almost two days of no compression. I felt I was walking more hunched over so my back started to hurt walking around the mall. But I mad it and swelling never got any worse than it did when I had my compression off for like 30 min at the end of a normal day so I guess that's good. But holy cow am I tired now!

Almost 3 weeks

When does all my energy come back? I had my Christmas party last night and then made Christmas cookies with the kids today and I'm so tired. My hip is still red and I'm pretty much swollen 100% of the time. I put on normal jeans and I have like a 2inch area of swelling that is right below my belt line. It got uncomfortable after about an hour.

Is anyone else itchy where it's numb? Does that mean my nerves are coming back? It's weird.

New pic

Well here's my three week picture. I'm swollen pretty good especially around my incision area and my skin is tender on my belly (where I have feeling) like it's bruised. But I think the scar is healing well, I'm going to start scar treatment maybe in another week or so. Not all my scab is off just yet. I'm not forcing anything. I still get tired and lately I'm getting irritable easy, maybe it's just because it's Christmas and today is my birthday. Lol who knows. I'm just ready for warm weather and for my tummy to not be swollen!

4 week update

Well it's been 4 weeks. I have been battling some crazy depression lately so today I decided I was going to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill. I only walked a mile but being back at the gym has made me feel better. I have felt so useless and I have felt that I am never going to get back to normal. I also hate Christmas time because since I have been in the Air Force (18 years) I don't get to see my family because they live on the other side of the country.

I still haven't really worn any compression for the last 2 week, my hip feel amazing, but I swell a lot. I wore my binder to the gym today because I wanted to limit the swelling. I can't wait until I can lift weights again!

9 weeks

Well today I hit 9 weeks the pic is from 7 weeks but there isn't much change. I am still dealing with swelling which is super frustrating because I'm back at the gym and eating well. I went back to the gym 2 days before my 6 week mark and I haven't stopped since. I am almost back to what I was doing before surgery minus my power lifting stuff. I do have some spots that hurt when I lift so I'm just careful not to strain too much.

I am glad that I did it, and looking back I know I couldn't have done it by myself, I'm so thankful I had my boyfriend to help me. I sometimes forget that I'm only 9 weeks post surgery so I try to push things too far. But all in all things are good!
Meridian Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Kramer is very professional and and answered all the questions that I had. He and his staff were very nice to deal with!

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