41 Yrs Old, Had 2 *10# Baby C-sections, Yo-yo Dieter W PCOS and Fat Only in Midsection/E Cup Boobs - Memphis, TN

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After much deliberation I'm going w Dr Dan Shell...

After much deliberation I'm going w Dr Dan Shell of Memphis. I'm getting a TT, breast redux and lipo (back/abdomen). I have PCOS w insulin resistance so I store fat in my trunk. I still have runner's legs and tone arms. Once this TUMMY is gone and boobs are C cups, I'll be delighted w my body! :-)

Buying Supplies- Getting in Better Shape 6 wks to go!

Buying supplies, signed up at local gym and spent $500 on Herbalife products to jumpstart my cellular nutrition and physical health. I must be in better shape to bounce back from surgery. Aloe vera juice, milk of magnesia, vitamin c mega doses, etc. Getting ready slowly but surely. Trying to lose 30# by overhauling diet and exercise regimen. :) Jesus be a fence!

Down 10# in one week

Last week I started Herbalife to prepare my nutrient starved body for what's to come. Major surgery!!!! I feel awesome. Lots of energy allowing me to sleep well and awake w energy. I zoom through tge day hunger free. It's been great. 20 more pounds by Apr 3 is my goal. :)

4 Days Pre Op

Was pissed when my PS ofc called to reschedule a day earlier. Like I don't work or have a life w children to juggle. I'm trying to take it in stride bc it's 1 day prior and it's Easter weekend.

Today I'm doing last min running around. Buying post op comfort supplies, snacks, etc. Excited and anxious. Buying pillows to hug in case I sneeze, ordered a recliner, getting iron, prune juice, organic crackers, etc. Will post pre and post op pics soon.

Tomorrow is The BIG DAY!!!

Super excited! Super anxious! Super ready to sleep for 5 hours!!! I had a facial, colonic, acupuncture and a 90 minute massage yesterday to help prepare. I've bought every and anything to ease recovery.

Wrapped and Swollen

TT, breasts redux and lipo done yesterday. Lots of pain. Keep dozing as I type. Will update soon.

1 month post op

No one tells you that you will be in for an emotional roller coaster. Major surgery disrupts a LOT of chemicals and hormones in addition to your body undergoing unimaginable stress. Even I had several emotional "come aparts" this past month.

My TT was drain free so I'm oozing all of my "fluid" out of incisions. Major oozing. Be ready to spend $$$ on medical supplies. Medipore is great for securing gauze and dressings. My breast redux is great. They already look great. The scars are smooth and blending unbelievably soon. Got stitches removed 3 days ago. I got an infection from bathing too soon. Not fun. Fever, sweats, chills, major fatigue and discomfort added to the oozing everywhere (soiling everything) and TT scar being an angry, swollen, itching Python wrapped around my waist.

Belly button still gross but drying out (good news). I can use my abs now. Lipo results are starting to show more. My waist is dramatically cinched.

Energy lows are another side effect. Even without taking meds I fall asleep in the middle of a thought... Body just shuts down from exhaustion. Be ready. Supplements aren't helping me, personally that I can tell.

Love my PS. We text each other and he will meet you at the office even on Sat and Sun. I love that peace of mind.

So far so good now that I'm past hellish weeks 2-3.

Healing and revisions going well

Had original SX Apr 2, 2015. Have had lipo spot touch up and TT scar revision to improve results. Having upper abdominal lipo on Sep 1st. Dr Shell and his staff are amazing. Dr Shell cares about my final results as much as I do. He has offered complimentary procedural tweaks and revisions to improve my final result. He does not have to do that, because results aren't guaranteed in cosmetic surgery.

I still have pubic swelling which I will address at my Sep 1 appt. My breasts are healing well but nipples are still numb. :(
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dr Shell is awesome. Very personable, patient and informative. I love his bedside manner. His staff is the best! We are on a first name, nick name level now. They tolerate my many calls and questions and have been very supportive and informative since the first contact. I am looking forward to my no-drain TT! My 2 children who were born 20 months apart, both weighing a few ounces shy of 10# (each), requiring C-section births, wreaked havoc on my tummy. I'm ready to get my bikini lifestyle on! I'm 5'5, 210# (tone and muscular except in tummy area- 7 mos preg looking if I don't suck in, which I ALWAYS do- even in the shower alone!). Hypertension, migraines, periodic asthma, anxiety and small vessel disease (w small brain lesions) are my health issues. Aiming for 20# weigh loss before surgery. I'm a carboholic and the PCOS makes me a sugar addict, but we'll see what results my workout routine can yield!

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