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Hello everyone I am a 28 year old mother of two...

Hello everyone I am a 28 year old mother of two children (10,4). I am currently 5'7, 209lbs. After the birth of my first daughter I quickly lost my baby weight and was 185lbs, however after the 2nd birth I gained weight and never quite lost it all again.

Over the past few years my weight has been like a yoyo, it's never been hard for me to lose weight-Keeping it off is the issue, lol. No matter how much weight I lose, my tummy never budges. Getting a tummy tuck has always been a dream of mine, but I could never afford it. I recently got promoted with a significant increase in salary so I thought what better way to treat myself than with a tummy tuck!! I am so excited/nervous/anxious. I dream, think and eat about my surgery! Lol. I have found a lot of confidence and most of my questions have been answered on this website, so I decided to start my own journey. My PS did tell me I needed to lose about 20lbs before my surgery, and as of yesterday I was down 11lbs so I am confident that I’ll lose the other 9lbs by Nov 16th. I will definitely post some pre-surgery pics as the weeks progress, and then some after my surgery.

So I weighed myself this morning and I was 207lbs!...

So I weighed myself this morning and I was 207lbs! So far I am down 13lbs and I want to lose another 10 before my surgery. It's now 29 days until my surgery and I'm wishing these days would zooom past! LOL. I met w/my PS yesterday to get my weight checked and to follow up on any questions I had (which were a lot!). Anyway I am going this weekend to purchase some things I will need for recovery and look at some recliners. Ttyl

Today I go in for my pre-op photos and to get any...

Today I go in for my pre-op photos and to get any other questions answered that I may have. I am so nervous and emotional its ridiculous. The past couple of weeks I went really hard with dieting and working off and I am now 197lbs!!! I have exceeded my goal of 20lbs by 3 :) Anyway I want to make a list of things I will need and start picking them up this weekend. Any suggestions/words of advice would be greatly appreciated!

I can't believe that my surgery date is 10 days...

I can't believe that my surgery date is 10 days away. I am filled with anxiety and can't seem to get it all together. I keep visioning my body looking a certain way afterwards, I pray that I don't have any complications. I see that several women use compression garements, my PS said they dont really work and can cause infections. Is this true??

So I have finally got all my prescriptions filled,...

So I have finally got all my prescriptions filled, groceries stocked and recliner will be delivered Wed. I can't believe that this time next week I will be on the flat side! I'm so excited, and ready to get it OVER! My mother will be getting the kids on Friday so my boyfriend will be taking care of me the next week-I think this will test our relationship, through sickness and in health right??LOL Anyway I will take some more pre-op pics and then some Friday after my surgery. Happy Monday ladies! :)

Ok so at this point I'm slowly watching the clock,...

Ok so at this point I'm slowly watching the clock, after today it will be DOWNHILL from here...Unfortunately I won't be able to get a recliner because all the rent a center's in the city were out of stock! What in the world?? The only store that had one was a media chair which didn't look comfortable at all. So I'll be going to Walmart to buy a lot of pillows, I have a chase so that should be fine. I've been taking my Vita Medica pills and I pray that they really do help with brusing and swelling. Yesterday I began taking showers with Hibiclens, my PS said he doesnt like the wipes they give you at the hospital. Anyway any comments or last minute suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am so dern nervous that I can't control myself, but I know it will be all worth it in the long run.

Ok so i just typed an entire msg and hit something...

ok so i just typed an entire msg and hit something on my laptop and it disappeared :( anyway im doing better tt is good, lipo hurts like hell. my boyfriend and his mom have been helping me while my mom has the kids. yesterday was the worst but today ia better, i can see my results and they look good. just very swollen. i havent had an appetite, just eating crackers so i dont get sick. i had a lot to post in my last one but since it was deleted I'll update more later. i had my bf to take a pic, I'll post more when I can stand up. thnx for all your support

So today has been good, I havent had any pain meds...

So today has been good, I havent had any pain meds (ugh i hated the way they made me feel, lol) still very swollen but pain wise I have no complaints other than when I get up it aches a little. I go visit my PS tomorrow and I'm just excited to be getting out of the house,lol. Wanna hear something funny?? Ok I am a very secretive person and told almost no one about the surgery other than my bf and a couple of friends. I did however tell my cousin/aunts that I had my appendix removed (that was all i could think of at the time) so they come over to visit me today and was like " oh so they put drains in you when you get your appendix taken out?" Did the dr cut you on the right or left side, how big is your incision and it all caught me off guard where my bf and I just busted out laughing, he walked out and said I'll let you ladies talk! LOL so needless to say I went ahead and told them. I laughed so hard but boy did it hurt,lol. I took some more pics which I will upload here in a second. Hope everyone is having a great evening!
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I found out about Dr.Aldea through a good friend of mine that had a tt performed on her. I also had another friend that recommended a PS but when I called his office I didnt get that "warm and fuzzy feeling". I called Dr.A's office and left a message and his wife Dr.E called me back immediately. At first she said they didn’t have any appointments until the mid-October, but she called me back later that day stating someone had cancelled so I was able to go the following week :) I went in for my consultation on September 12, 201 and was super nervous. The front receptionist was very warm and friendly. Within about 15 min Dr.Aldea greeted me and we went into a consultation room. This surprised me because I expected to go get undressed and "get down to business" regarding what procedure I wanted done. lol. In the consultation room Dr.A, asked me first what I knew about a tt. He said he doesn’t like performing surgery on people that are uneducated about the procedure itself. He then asked me about my family, and what my spouse thought about me having the surgery. Before I knew it I felt like I was talking to an old friend. He noticed I had a notebook and asked what questions I had and he answered each and every one of them. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. I then went into another room to get undressed where Dr.E joined us and we pointed out my areas of concern. I have never felt so comfortable being undressed at a doctor's office in my life. We were talking so much that I forgot about the fact I was only in my undergarments! lol. I could tell that both Dr.A and Dr.E really care about their patients and didn’t pressure me to go with their group or try to “sale me” on what I did not want. At that point I knew Dr.A was the perfect surgeon for me. I actually booked my surgery that day! I have an appointment on tomorrow to check my weight loss so I'll update more then :) Please free to give me any advice/words of wisdom on what to expect over the next 4 weeks to come prior to my surgery. I am so nervous.

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