Horrible, Horrible Results. Thankful to Be Alive.

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This physician was horribly negligent with my case...

This physician was horribly negligent with my case. I paid cash. I had been saving for the procedure as a gift to myself. The physician and his receptionist (Lilly) were super accessible and friendly prior to my surgery. Sweet like syrup, in fact. Several days, following my procedure, I began feeling badly. I did tell the doctor this while at my office visit. I explained that I was in such pain and that something must be wrong. I could barely sit or walk. Dr. Aldea would not give me anything for pain or even acknowledge that I was in pain.

The pain only continued to get worse with my husband having to help me to the bathroom, etc. One Saturday, I felt so badly. My skin was turning gray. I am medium tone and African American (ex. Jada Pinkett Smith). My husband and myself both dialed the number printed on the forms for emergencies (answering service), but no one EVER answered. I had our phone records pulled from the phone companies.

When they finally returned our call that following Monday, the receptionist laughed when I explained that we had called their office probably more than 40 times. I explained to her that something was not right and my pain level was off of the chart. Well, she said that she would have to speak with the physician to see if I could come in or not. She called me back shortly and told me that the doctor said to call my Primary Care Physician. My response was that "my PCP did not do my surgery, he did".

I called my PCP and thank goodness that I did. She brought me right in. I showed her the pictures that I had (had) my husband take since the inception of the surgery. There was yellow, nasty drainage around my JP drains. Now, these had been there even the last time I went to the surgeon's office. I came into his office, in fact, with a sanitary napkin across the incision site because it was draining so badly.

Back to my visit with my PCP. She was thoughtful and listened. She also told me that she was not letting me leave the office until she called to have a CT scan done. This doctor is familiar with me and knows what I look like when healthy. Well, as it turns out, something was VERY wrong. The CT scans showed abdominal abscesses everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My PCP asked for my plastic surgeon's name and number then called him.

Only when she told him the results of the CT scan, did he become concerned. Remember they didn't answer any of my calls before. I had to be rushed to surgery to open the wound and clean the infection out, pack and dress the site. I did return home after this procedure. Shortly thereafter, I became deathly ill. I tried to contact my surgeon, but he and his right hand receptionist didn't seem the least bothered.

So, I drove to another surgeon's office (he is friends with my surgeon). Normally this probably would have been a 20 minute drive. It took me almost an hour to get to this other doctor's office. I didn't have an appointment. I walked in and asked to speak with him. His name is Dr. Samuel Delk. Thankfully, he took one look at me and sent me to the ER. He also called my surgeon and asked him "had he seen his patient because she is grey?"

I don't know what else Dr. Delk told my surgeon, but I am so thankful that he listened to me when I told him that something was very wrong. I had MRSA! It was kind of interesting because while I was lying on the gurney in the ER with husband and family with me, guess who shows up? Dr. Aldea and his wife, who is also a surgeon. They burst right into my room. The wife actually had the nerve to try and rub my hand. This is the same lady that walked past me multiple times at their office and never as much parted her mouth to say "hello".

I ended up with a wound vac, multiple antibiotics, vomiting, diarrhea, KIDNEY FAILURE, a PICC line, Home Health, multiple hospitalizations. It has now been three years, I continue to be under the care of several physicians. My medical bills are over $200, 000. And the cherry on top is that I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of this whole situation.

An ER doctor who was working that shift came into my room when I was alone and remembered me from my previous visit. He informed me that my surgeon was a "very arrogant person who thinks that he knows it all". From my perspective this is true. Had listened to me the first time, the results would have been better. My surgeon even altered some of my records and added things that were not true. For example, he added all of these vital signs. It's funny because NO ONE in Dr. Aldea's office has ever taken my vital signs. Another thing that he did to try and explain away the occurrence of MRSA was add that I was a nurse. With the first OP note, it was just "a woman". After I came back positive for Staph, he adjusted it to "a nurse".

All of that is great except for the fact that I do not provide bedside nursing. I work in Corporate America and speak with my patients on the phone. Dr. Aldea also discussed my medical records and situation with a former co-worker who went and told other co-workers. One of my friends was smart enough to record these conversations. I was out of work for 3 months. Thank God that I had a spouse because someone else would have nothing at this point when you think about the bills.

During one of my hospital stays, Dr. Aldea and one of friends who is also a seasoned nurse (30+) years were with me. Dr. Aldea walked right in and opened my dinner tray (no hand washing) then began to tell me how I was going to die if I didn't eat anything. I was on so many medicines including antibiotics that I was vomiting. Dr. Aldea proceeded to use profanity about the food on the hospital tray. He then turned to my husband and asked why he didn't go and get me something different. "There is a Chipotle right down the street". My husband used a tempered voice and explained "if she wanted anything, I would get her anything that she wanted".

I was discharged from the hospital one time and I was so glad to go home. While in the car with my husband, I received a call from Dr. Threlkeld (Infectious Disease) telling me to turn around and go back to the Emergency Room. My kidneys were failing and I needed to be in the hospital. A nephrologist had to be brought in. During these hospital stays, I had multiple CT scans and placement of drains.

Go to whomever you like, certainly it is always your choice. I can only share my experiences with this doctor and his staff. One thing, though, before choosing a surgeon, also learn your state's statutes of limitations for Medical Malpractice/Negligence. I have spoken with high powered attorneys who told my without a doubt, Dr. Aldea had been severely negligent. I mean I had seen the man walk into his office, dripping sweat on his forehead and follow him to an exam room. No where in between there, did hand washing or sanitizing occur.

While I was his patient, he did not have a nurse OR CNA in the office. The receptionist would come into the room with him. She would also touch my skin after leaving her nasty front desk. She also discussed my case with a former co-worker as well as tell me another patient's information. This is all a violation of HIPAA.

Also, while hospitalized I called Dr. Aldea's office to ask for my medical records. Initially, she acted as though I could not have them. So, I questioned her to make sure that she was saying I could NOT get my records. She then changed and called me back and asked if someone coming to get them because they are ready. My husband left the hospital and went right down the block to their office. She sent him back with a copy of Ebony and several other ethnic/urban magazines. At no time that I have visited their office, has there been ONE magazine with a brown or black face on it out on the coffee tables. Apparently, they must keep these behind the counter for special occasions such as mine.

My family has been forever affected by the negligence and untruthfulness of one person. This has affected my marriage, my children, my family and finances as a whole. An aunt later told me that she had been preparing to come here for my funeral. My whole family was and had been alerted that it could go either way. That is how sick I was! My mother had to take a leave of absence from her own career to come and stay with me. My husband also took a great amount of time of from his own office.

I guess for me, it's one thing to be wrong and apologize. I even recall telling Dr. Aldea that he needed to just write me a check and give me a refund. Had he done that, the outcome would not have been different, but at least I would feel that he is an ethical man. The last thing that I told him is that he will always remember my name and think twice when a patient says "something is wrong".

Oh, I forgot to share that I have dog ears on both sides of my waist that can be seen through my clothing whether it is a thin blouse or a sweater. The dog ears make both sides of my panties protrude outward in my clothing. Think of it like this. Do you remember the old magic shows where the person is sawed in half? Well, now it looks like the top of my body doesn't belong with the bottom of my body.

Prior to this surgery, I did not have any marks on my stomach. Now, there is a huge scar from a surgery last summer connected to this. Also, I have had several cysts pop up on my abdomen that have been + for staph. They look like gunshot wounds and have an indentation. Prior to my TT, I only had stretch marks from my pregnancies and very faded punch sites from a cholecystectomy.

Thanks for listening. #TRUTH

I dare anyone (physician, staff or otherwise) to contact me and say that anything that I wrote is not the truth. I will also post pictures since they are after all worth a thousand words.

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... is my belly with the wound vac. :(

Recent Conversation with a surgeon

Good evening, I am just checking in with an update.

I have met with some very good surgeons here in Memphis and most recently attended an event that another also attended. I showed him my stomach and he actually gasped out loud. At one of the office appointments, another well known surgeon here was nice enough to see me. I mentioned in a previous post that I had these cyst that would pop up every now and again. They start as a red, hard, painful spot that progresses to anywhere from the size of a dime to a quarter. Then, they burst. These areas do not heal well and most recently I have seen blue/green sutures coming up from out of my skin. These areas also resemble gunshot wounds or a hole. The thing is that they all go down the plane down from mid-chest to my TT incision line.

In the last several months, I have had multiple emergency room visits because of this issue and the abdominal pain. In the E.R. alone, I had to ask the physician for my lab results AND ask them to swab the open area for C&S. I think sometimes (No, I know) that some doctors just miss it. Respectfully, this may be nothing about their training or lack thereof. I think that they just miss it. In my case, the other night I wrote down every symptom that I have had and continue to experience. I looked over my list several times and I believe that I know what is wrong. If I am not 100% sure, I believe that I am in the right ballpark.

My question is... what plastic surgeons in Memphis or TN have you had great results from? I just need one person to listen to me and not just look at my case like a "textbook" case. My abdomen is like a bag of rocks. I hate undressing now. It's so hard to disguise these dog ears in clothing.

About a week or so ago, one of the surgeons that I mentioned suggested that I contact Dr. Aldea and give him a chance to make this right. He told me that he believes if Dr. Aldea knew what condition I have been in since he last saw me, he is certain that he would work to correct it. I don't know. Honestly, like I told the other doctor, I have some fear because of how badly the initial surgery went and everything that followed. This physician told me that he understood, but he really believes that my doctor would work to make this situation right. He stressed that he believes that "we (Dr. Aldea and I) need to make-up and fix this situation".

I am NOT a doctor, but I am a pretty darn good nurse. One thing that I thought about the other day is that perhaps all of this goes back to my permanent sutures. This would explain why I am still having issues AND why these areas keep popping up. I have literally had sutures coming out through my abdomen. Has anyone experienced infection related to their permanent sutures?

Thanks so much!


These are some of the pictures to go with my review. I showed my plastic surgeon all of these things when they occurred , but he ignored me!

Thankfully, I knew enough to be an advocate for myself. If something does not feel or seem right, you must speak up!!

I will post more later. They are still very difficult to look at.
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