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First, A little about myself. I'm 29 years...

First, A little about myself. I'm 29 years young. I have a wonderful husband who supports my decicion and that helps tremendously! I am a mommy to 5 wonderful beautiful kiddos:) My 3 boys are 9, 6, and 4. My 2 girls are 23 months and 6 months old:) I had my first at 19. My body bounced back the first and second time. The third was a little rough on my body, and well... my pregnancies with my girls really did me in.

I weighed 125 pounds before my first and am now at a whopping 180. So, I probably need to lose a little before going through it. All the weight is in my stomach, hips and inner and outer thighs. Eventually I want some new "girls" (boobs). Breastfeeding 5 kids can really suck the sexy out:) That will come later seeing as how I still nurse my 6 month old. I have muscle separation in the tum tum, I mean who wouldn't with 5 kids, right? We all share a house with my parents, that helps so much!

I had a free consultation (beware!) and he said I have 8 pounds of skin and fat on my tummy, EWE! Now to explain the (beware!) Just because a consultation is free, doesn't make is amazing! I went in waited for over an hour and FINALLY asked to reschdual. Seems the Dr left, GEEZ! I went back in two days later, and it was horrible! I didn't wait long, but the PS rushed me and blew through hi "lemme tell you all about it" speech. I was left with 3 questions but before I could ask them, he tried to walk out. I had to sit him down 3 times...3! One time for each question. He was obviously aggrivated. So, after my third and final question, he got his camera and took the belly pics, I felt like God was trying to push me out the door. His before and after pics I saw were less than impressive! He only had 8 pics. I left, thought about it and called another Dr, One I found on here local!

I called that office and explained the previous appt...and did you know the receptionist actually knew what Dr I was referring to without me saying his name! So, If you get a TT dont in Memphis, just msg me and I will let you on on who it was so you don't make that mistake.

I am a non judgemental Christian woman who complains rarely, but this place was a joke. So now I have another appt on the 26th of this month. It cost me 90 bucks for this consultation and the TT will be about 500 bucks more, but I think that is WELL WORTH IT! Remember, when it comes to your body...you are worth more than settling for less just because the price tag is a little lighter!

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