5'5 129lb 33 Years of Age 4 Cesereans, Breast Fed ALL 4. Memphis, TN

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Getting TT & BL this morning,...

Getting TT & BL this morning, FINALLY(2/27/2015)!!! It wouldn't allow me to put today's date in. I'm Super excited, anxious & nervous. Will finally have my body back after 16 years!!! After praying & fasting about this situation and bringing it to the Lord, I'm confident my PS will do an AWESOME job and everything will go well. If going with BA, I suggest doing research, as they are not permanent & will have to be replaced at some point. There are other issues with mammograms, possibility of bursting & hardening of breast muscles and more. Not advising against them, just suggesting you do your research before making that decision. I decided to go with just a breast lift & tummy tuck. It was a hard decision as it was only a $200 difference in BL & BA. Well pray for me RS Fam, I'll be a new woman this afternoon!!!


24 hours Post Op

Well, it's been about 24 hrs since my surgery. I feel great. Walked around all yesterday. I've been getting up & down by myself since I got home yesterday. The more I walk, the better I feel. I'm able to stand straight up now. I'm even able to drain my own tubes. I'll be able to see my boobs tomorrow. Don't get to see my tummy until Tuesday. I only take 1 Percocet every 4 to 5 hours, that's it. No other meds. I have Demoral but I don't take it. I wish all of the pre ops well.

48 hrs

Spook, its been 48 hours post op. I feel good. I'm suppose to take the bandages off of my breast today BUT I'm scared! I haven't seen them yet & I'm not sure of what to do when I take the bandages off.....

72 hours

Well, I'm 3 days postop. I feel pretty good. I'm taking 1pain pill every 6 hours. Lot's of getting up & down, walking around & marching in place. I think the moving around attributes to me feeling soon great. I hardly have any soreness. My breast don't hurt at all. My stomach is just a little sore in the center. If I'm comfortable, I may take my breast bandages off today. I'll post pics if I do.

First reveal

Day 4

I have made it to day 4 postop. Guess what, I haven't taken a pain pill since 9:45 last nite & its currently 10:41a.m!!!! I am Soo proud of me!!!!!

Tummy Reveal

So, today I unmanaged my tummy. I honestly don't know how to feel..... I thought I would be joyous but I'm not. I feel that not enough skin wad removed & that I could've been pulled tighter. My breast still look uneven to me as well. I think I'm goung to stop typing now & just give this some time. Not too thrilled @ the moment.

Day 5

I'm 5 days postop & totally off pain meds. I must say, the only complaint I have is that I'm BORED! Hopefully I'll be cleared to drive or do somethings around the house when I go to my postop appointment tomorrow. I've just been doing light stuff like sweeping, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom & small stuff like that. There's only so much of that, that can be done......

Day 7

I'm feeling really good today. My stitches & tubes came out today!!!!! Drain removal was okay. The drain holes actually burned a little. Other than that, everything's fine. My breast seem to be looking better as the swelling goes down. I guess I'll know how I really feel when all of the tape comes off permanently and the swelling is all gone.


I don't think I'm happy with the results

So the majority of the swelling is gone & I kind of wish I still had some. I have a fat pocket at the top of my abdomen, loose skin over my navel & around my oblique. In fact, I have loose skin on my entire stomach!!!! I paid for all loose skin to be removed. My breast even still have loose saggy skin. I've spent the majority of the morning in the mirror feeling, sad & dissappointed????????????????????


My apologies. The majority of the pics are upside down. They weren't taken like that but for some reason they're uploading upside down.

3 weeks Post Op

I had my 3 week post op appointment today. While I feel my results are hideous, I am comfortorted that Dr. Quigley will revise & remove any loose skin on my breast two months from surgery date if they haven't firmed up. She also said she will remove any loose excess skin on my tummy if it hasn't firmed up in a couple of months. I just have to be patient & wait for my results. I'm soo ashamed, I haven't shown anyone my post op body except you guys.

3 weeks post op pics

Feeling Mutilated & Botched up..

5 weeks Post Op

I went to my 5 week post open among 4/2/15. PS seems really concerned with correcting surgery. That's the only thing that keeps me going. I don't look in the mirror anymore & I haven't shown anyone my results except RS. PS says we'll set up breast correction on 4/30/15 @ next appointment. I'm just staying focused on that.

6 weeks post op

This is why I don't even look in the mirror. I'm 6 weeks post op & this is what I have. Won't look again until my next appointment when we schedule corrections. I looked 10 times better preoperative.

6 weeks photos.

There are no words to explain how I feel

Breast Corrections

I am elated to say, my breast correction has been scheduled for May 18. I am just keeping calm & hoping for the outcome I was originally expecting. I hope my tummy correction comes REALLY soon. This has been a HORRIBLE experience. I take comfort that my PS realizes more skin should've been taken out & she's willing to fix it. This has been SOO depressing......

Breast lift revision

I had my breast lift revision today. I'm glad it's done. I don't know how its going to turn out because she took breast tissue out & I don't understand why. I was a 34 B and the ONLY thing wrong was that I still had loose saggy skin after the first BL, so why take breast tissue? If breast tissue is taken along with loose skin, won't that yield the same result, loose saggy skin? I only needed skin removal. I just hope the results are firm & tight, if not I'm going to feel SOO bad. I don't understand why removing enough skin so my breast are firm & tight is soo hard. Trying to trust my PS & have positive thoughts. Ill post pics tomorrow when the bandages come off.

Breast Revision pics

I have no words at the moment. Just waiting.

Breast Revision 1 week update

Well, It's been a week since my revision. I must say, my breast seem to be settling nicely even though I haven't seen them without the steristrips yet. I get my stitches out today. I will post pics if the steristrips stay off. Well, I post pics even if she puts them back on. I had them on for about 3 weeks last time. I'm hoping to get my tummy revision REAL soon so that I don't have to cancel my cruise. I hate to cancel yet another trip!

1st part of 2 part Tummy correction

I am Ecstatic to say that I go in for the 1st part of my tummy correction Monday, June 1st! It has to be done in 2 parts because my PS is using local anesthetic. I can either get my sides done or the front mid section. I'm getting the midsection done on Monday. When doing a Plank, my skin hangs to the ground & skin overlaps my incision on the left side. I think I'm on the road to actually being happy. I can't wait to get the sides done & finish up! I'll post before & afters

2 weeks post open breast revision pic

Tummy Tuck Revision 1

I got my sides corrected today. It only took my P.S an hour & 30mn. Hoping for a good outcome. Stitches come out next Tuesday. I will post pics then.

Two weeks BL revision

My breasts are okay but my PS cut too much of my left areola off & I'm waiting for it to settle. I have a bowlegged left breast at this time (LOL). I'm just going to wait to see how it settles before deciding if I'm satisfied. I just wish she was a little bit more strategic with measuring to ensure an even look. My right areola is perfect and untouched.

7 month update

Breast are still a bit saggy. Need about an inch of loose skin taken. I will be glad when everything is right. I Also still have to get some skin removed from front stomach. It still hangs a bit while sitting & planking. Just not tight like I should be in either area. I'm wanting one more procedure done but waiting to see how all if this turns out...
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Quigley is very kind & patient. She Answered ALL of my questions and kept asking if I was okay and if I had any other questions. She took her time with me & didn't rush the appointment. She did suggest implants but didn't push the issue. I decided to follow with my first mind and just do a BL. I gave 4 stars for Bedside Manner & Time Spent with me only because she wasn't there when I woke up & I didn't see her before I left. It would've been nice if she was there when I woke up to chat with me & let me know everything went well.

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