TT With MR and BR with Lift Done March 28th!!!!!

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So nervous and anxious at the same time. Don't...

So nervous and anxious at the same time. Don't really know what to expect. I am adding my pre-op photos today...yuck. This stomach and these boobs have birthed 3 kids and now I want my body back. I am 36 with 36DDD breasts and a stomach that sags and looks pregnant in most of my clothes. I'm a little overweight so I know I will be working to get there extra pounds off after the surgery. Maybe I will be more motivated?

4 Dayssssss Pre-op!!!!!!

OMG!! Its almost time and I am losing my mind ... I am so nervous and excited. I think I may have gained some weight I am eating like crazy and I cant sleep at all. Please give me any advice or remedies???? I know this will all be a distant memory soon, but right now I am kind of scared. I think the thought of the recovery process is starting to get to me! Anyway thanks Realselfers for all the posts and pictures and positive advice.

3 days pre-op

So today makes 3 days til surgery! I rented a lift recliner because a lot of the ladies on here thought it was a "lifesaver". I want to be as prepared as possible! I will add pics after update. I also ordered the Marena surgical bra, sca therapy strips and oil. Ann Cherry waist cincher, even though I'm not sure when to wear it since I will have on binder first. Thursday I am going to get button down shirts and dusters(moo moos) and pillows and other little items. I am so nervous! I can't believe on Friday I can have a flat tummy and smaller Perkier breasts! That's amazing!!! Anyway thanks again for all of the support! I am going to post a pic of a simple short that I would like to wear after surgery :-)

I almost forgot photos of me dressed

Here are a couple pics showing how I hide my bumps!!

1 Day Pre-Op!!!!!

The anxiety is getting to me. I wanna wake up from this procedure and see my beautiful kids and my loving husband. I am starting to worry, but I know God has me covered! I will be thrilled when I wake up in recovery. Thanks for all continued support and well wishes. Muah........

16 hours post-op

I MADE IT TO THE FLAT SIDE!!!!! I am so happy to finally be on this side of the process. It's around 1:15 am and I just got woke up to take a pain med and nausea med. I have Percocet, Demerol, and Promethazine. I took a Percocet and Promethazine. Drank some water and ate a few crackers, I am feeling kind of sore in my chest and tummy. I am in my lift tecliner(which has been very helpful). Well, off to sleep I go will post all the details tomorrow! Oh my mom took a crazy looking pic of me on the way to the potty this evening........

1 day post op

Hey ladies! So this is what I remember about yesterday. Woke up at around 5am took shower and dressed. My hubby and I headed out the door around 6:20. I had to be at surgery center at 7:15. Got there signed some papers and paid the balance of my surgery fees. I got called to the back around 7:30 got weighed, urinated in a cup, and answered more health questions. Then I undressed and went to a pre op room after that my husband was allowed to come back. The anesthesiologist was running late and my doc was still in another surgery. My doc was running about 30 minutes behind, she came in marked me up explained to me what she was gonna do to me and asked if I had any questions or concerns. Dr Quigley is very nice, and gentle. I then lay back on the pre-op table and waited to get my resting meds! I was wheeled into OR around 8:40 and when I woke up in Recovery it was 1:30 or 2:00. She said she finished a little early! Once I was alert the nurses and Dr Quigley said that surgery went really well and that I am doing a great job post-op. I was given more meds for my pain through IV then I just waited around. Eventually my pain went down to a 5, then I was helped putting my clothes back I and then went to potty. They asked if I felt good enough to go home and I said YES! The ride home was pretty smooth. When I arrived at home my husband helped me put on my "duster" and I got in the lift recliner and off to dreamland. My mom and close friend came over to sit with me for awhile and we talked and laughed(well I didn't really laugh because it hurt too much). Once they left I drifted back off to sleep. I have gone to the bathroom by myself quite a few times between last night and this morning. I am drinking plenty of water and eating crackers, soup, and fruit. I am a little gassy I noticed but not sure why!? I haven't seen my stomach or breasts yet and I am really nervous to see them! I hope and pray they are what I expected. I am really sore in my tummy area, also my back hurts like hell! My doc called last night to check on me and see if I had any questions. She said that she will call again today. My first post-op appt is Friday. I can't wait til she calls later because I don't know when I can take a shower? Anyway I was just letting you guys know what's going on with me. Oh btw I had problems with my drains I didn't know how to make them suction once I drained them but my best friend is a nurse practitioner showed me how to do it. Well anyway I will post pics of my new body later this week when I see it myself.

3 days PO

Ok so I'm 3 days PO and I have not taken off my binder nor my tape on boobs. How long should I go before I have a peek at my new body? I'm really nervous to see what I look like! How long before I should shower? I go to see my PS Friday, but I think I will call this morning to find out what I can and can't do. My ps called me Saturday and Sunday to check on me and see if I had any questions. She is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle doc!! Well thanks for listening guys, as soon as I get out of this binder I will post some pics

Boobs unwrapped!

So here they are the very first pic of the new perky girls, lol! They are so swollen and tight! It was such a relief to unveil them today

New vs Old

8 days pre-op and 3 days po

Should my tummy be swollen?

I'm 5 dpo! I have had my binder on since day of surgery, so yesterday I opened it to take a peak and my tummy is not as flat as I expected! Just wondering will it get flat? It looks a little swollen. I go for PO visit on Friday which will make it one week since surgery. Please Help RS ladies with any advice or remedies?

7 days PO

Hi ladies! Sorry it took so long to do an update! I feel like I slept for a week! So here we, today was my 7th PO day! Today was also the first PO visit with my PS. I didnt really know what to expect but I wanted those horrible drains out!! So when I got to office the nurse made me strip down and lay on this table/chair combo! She let me down and just started to ask me questions about my recovery. Well before I knew it she was taking out stitches and didnt even warn me!! I said Leslie what are you doing and she was like "oh I just got straight to it huh? I'm taking out all these stitches"!! Lol I was like ok just wondering what was going on. So they took out stitches on both breasts and then the doc came in and they proceeded to take them out of tummy tuck incision and I think belly button but I could not feel anything on my tummy at all! It is like it doesn't even belong to me because it feels so strange! Anyway once they finished I had a look down at my tummy for the first time and sad to say I wasn't in love with it! I knew I felt swollen but I feel like I look really swollen like more than normal even though I don't know what normal is lol. So the doc said the swelling will go down and I guess I believe that but only time will tell! I also am worried about if my incision is too high on the sides!! But I also know that I am only one week and should be patient! I saw a few stretch marks on my stomach not a lot.... I do love my boobies tho and know that I just need more healing time!! Also my doc only gave me a binder, I see some of you other ladies have fajas and other garments! Can y'all share and tell me if I should be wearing another garment as well? My doc said the binder is enough and will do the job but I'm extra and wanna go the extra mile!! I'm posting pics to keep you ladies updated! I go back to doc on Thursday will post more pics as the days go on......

12 days in

I can't believe it's been 12 days!! Today was a busy day got up and 6 and I've been gone all day just got home this evening. Went to the hair salon this morning. It felt so good to have my hair washed and styled! I was looking like I was wearing a side ways wig, lol. Anyway after that I had lunch with my husband. He is such an awesome man! Went to Dillards, I love to shop, but I was returning aonething( waist cincher). I was wearing a waist cincher and my nurse said that I didnt need to we're anything with those hard things in them that hold you in or correct posture she said because my tummy is numb I wouldn't know if I was hurting myself because I can't feel anything. Oh well I'm just looking kinda chubby around my waist and I need some more help! I do plan on loosing weight once I can exercise but I am eating clean! I go to my post op tomorrow and will try to get pics of my incision because I have Never seen it! I am Swell Hell today definitely. I guess since I came home and cleaned up the whole house..... Now I'm feeling sore and really tired and swollen! I will update again tomorrow goodnight ladies!

14 DPO

Well it's been two weeks!!! I'm feeling better each day. Even though today I've been sick to my stomach and I vomited. Now I'm just kind of laying around trying to feel better! Anyway yesterday was my 2 week PO visit. The doc took my tape off TT incision and it was my first time getting a look and also she said to keep it off. Dr Quigley said that if you are good to your scars in the beginning then they will be good to you, lol. So she said for the next couple weeks after my shower Vaseline only on my TT incision. I must say that the incision looks way better than I imagined! It can only get better from here. My BR incisions are not quite ready to be revealed. She taped them back up and said she will check them next week when I go back for 3 week PO visit. So far I think my PS has done a good job and my next goal is to lose some lbs!!! Honestly about 30-40 but slowly...... Oh and my BB is looking pretty good just a little crusty. I forgot to take some close ups of it.... Will do it later. Have a great weekend ladies...

Feeling good

Stretch mark Removal

So I went to a spa today about light stretch mark removal and maybe taking some lumps out of the back of my legs and tightening my butt. Just wondering has anyone looked into this before. Its $4000 for three areas. My husband said go for it, but to talk to my PS first. He said he is building a new wife,lol. I said not a new wife just a new body!!!! Oh btw these treatments are Laser, I am about to read up on this a little more. Well RS ladies let me know what you have heard? Have a great day!!

PO visit

So Thursday I went for my 3 week PO visit and I finally got the tape off my breasts!! They were so itchy and sore. I went home and immediately took a shower to wash them really good and grease them up. They have been sore, itchy and having sharp pains every since the tape came off. I hope this is all just part of the healing process. My PS told me to put Vaseline on them until next appt which is in 2 weeks. Well I hope all of you are healing well, until next time.

Almost 4 weeks

Hello ladies. I'm just checking in to see if everyone is healing okay and to update my progress. So this Friday will be 4 weeks PO for me. It seems like it has gone by so fast. Lets start with my boobs. They are healing well I think. They itch a lot and are now starting to be sore and sensitive to touch. Maybe they are coming alive. I'm really hoping that the incisions under my boobs don't stay this hard. I noticed that they have softened up but I don't know if I like these incisions. Even though you can't see them I still feel them. I am only putting Vaseline on my breast incision per my PS orders. My TT incision is looking really good. I am still swelling up everyday. I am a little disappointed that I am not as flat as I thought I would be, but it is definitely an improvement from before. I can actually wear leggings and Maxie dresses and jeans and my belly doesn't hang over. It's just not washboard and still has flabby parts. I am losing weight and considering liposuction and kind of surprised that my PS didnt suggest that I get any or do it with my TT. Overall the look in my clothes is Great and I can wear a cropped shirt and swimsuit so everything is beginning to look better each day. My next PO appt is next week when I'm 5 weeks. I am going on vacay in two weeks so hopefully I will be healed enough to enjoy it...... I will check in later with you ladies!!

Six weeks!!!

Sorry it's been a minute since I updated ladies. I have been a little busy last week was my vacation with my hubby and five other couples.. We had a blast and just for back last night. Last Fridayade six weeks PO. I feel really good. Some days I feel like I look better than others. For the last week I had been dealing with an awful rash on my breasts. It started about a week and a half ago. I kept itching under my breasts near incisions. I went for a PO visit and the doc said she didn't see anything. A day later when I woke up my boobs were really inflamed and fine red bumps or hives all over them. I called my PS office and spoke with the nurse she said not to put anything on them and take a Benadryl. The following day was Wednesday and I was leaving to go out of town. I called my PS again and the nurse said they were in surgery all day but I could come in about 4:45pm. Well I couldn't make that time so I said that I would go to minor emergency facility. Around 4:30 I went to minor med and my doc called asking me to come in but I told her that it was too far from my home and five o clock traffic would be too crazy I would just stay at evening clinic. The nurse practitioner I saw said that something I had been using must have irritated my skin like soap, scar treatment or lotion. Any way she gave me a steroid shot. Prescribed me some anti-inflammatory pills(like 21 pills) to be taken for 6 days. A cream with cortizoids and itch creams in it. And finally allergy pills to take daily. I must its been 7 days and I just started to feel relief on yesterday. The rash seemed to go away about two days ago. So the whole time I was in Florida I had to go cream up and take these 6 pills a day. It still itches on the incisions but not all over anymore. I am so careful with my boobies now, I won't put anything on them at all except this itch cream for the next couple weeks because I don't see my PS for 3 weeks!! Well I just wanted to update you ladies and post a couple of pics....... Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying there new bodies.

3 month update

So it's been 12 weeks!! Life is starting to get back to normal. I have no aches or pains really except if I lay directly on my boobies!! I go back to see PS next month and I already talked to her about doing lipo! I hate my back fat and flanks!! Plus my tummy still has some flabbiness!! I'm really hoping after this Lipo then I will get the desired results I want. I have been faithfully going to gym and eating better! Just wanted to update you guys on my progress.... Thanks for your support

2 years PO

Well I ended up not too happy with my results! Don't get me wrong, I definitely look better than before. My boobs are good, and my stomach is no longer as ugly and hanging! I'm just disappointed that the doctor didn't do any Lipo.. So I have really big flanks and fat arms, and I really wanted my bra rolls done at the time of surgery but she wouldn't do them.. So now I'm scheduling a round 2 in Cali, Colombia... I gone back and forth about whether to go or not?!! But after I met a surgery consultant that came highly recommended. That speaks English and has a relationship with several Colombia surgeons... This person has been a God send... She is booking everything for me including the recovery house... It takes a lot of the guess work out of it, and she herself has had surgery with a couple of the doctors.... I will start posting update pics of my body and pics when it's closer to surgery date... I plan on going in August.
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

So far so good, haven't had the procedure yet so all I can say is she is great in the pre-op visits! Well my PS was awesome, she went straight to it the day of surgery. I even questioned her again about my boob size to make sure I wasn't going to small. She just has all the right answers, and is so informative. I believe she was the perfect fit for me! I haven't seen my tummy or boobs yet but I can feel that she did a Great job! Thanks Dr. Quigley you are awesome!

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