Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo in Hips and Back. Lipo Also in Neck - Memphis, TN

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In order to feel better about myself and have a...

In order to feel better about myself and have a better productive life I needed the tummy tuck. The Lip was all optional but after speeking with Dr., we decided it would be best to also add lip to the hips and back to make everything match. Also, I added lip to the neck since it would be cheapest to do it at the same time.

24 Days Post Op

I have had no time to put up before and after pics or updates. I actually would like to get pics from my Dr and repost them, I don't have any good ones.
I will take pics of my body and post here by tomorrow.

24 days post op

TT - Stomach is flat however I do not like the scar... yet. It sticks out a bit too much for my liking and I hope it will still heal more.

Chin/Neck - Lipo of this area bruised real bad for about two weeks and now all bruising is gone. I still have lumps in my neck that I massage every day for a little bit. I wear my head wrap as much as I can day and night still. I only have to wear at night time now but I try to wear it when I'm in the house at all times.

Back/Hips - My back looks awesome, can't really tell the hips look any better but he had to do that area for my tummy tuck to look normal.

Overall - VERY happy with results and would def recommend.
I feel pretty normal, can walk up right much better now, however, after I sit for an extended period of time when I get up I am a bit bent over because I guess the skin retightens or something. Still feel a little pain in the middle of my tummy but nothing I can't handle and I know it will eventually all subside.

Questions - Wondering when my neck swelling will become normal, I hope these bumps/balls under my skin will subside.

Next appointment with Dr. is Jan 15th.

Two Photos day of surgery

This was day of my surgery, Dr came in, we discussed a little more and he drew on me. I was not nervous at all but just anticipating the results and told him to do what he needed to do in order to get me the best results. Actually, the only thing I was nervous about was getting lipo on my neck, that just freaked me out.

Cannot put a price on the confidence I feel today!!!

In my last update it may have sounded like I am not happy with my TT… I rush when trying to write an update (too many things going on… rush rush). I'm sure all you mommies out there can understand that ;)

I am IN LOVE with my back at this moment in time.
I can't even believe the results that "back lipo" gave me. I was only concerned about my tummy going away. But my wonderful beautiful Dr. A and Lilly advised that I would really benefit from hip/back lipo so everything is asymmetrical. I of course agreed, but, this is just over the top unbelievable results. I am THRILLED I decided to spend the extra money and trust the judgement of Dr. A.
Its from the lipo + the TT pulling everything tighter, both those processes produces some unbelievable results.

I do love my tummy now too; but, I know its going to take time for the scar to heal completely and more swelling to subside. However, I'd do this 1000X again even if everything stayed as it is right now.
I have SO much confidence in myself that it has changed my attitude completely around. I can finally look at myself in the mirror and stand naked in front of my husband again. You cannot put a price on the confidence undergoing this procedure has brought to me and my husband and children can see me happy and normal again!

My hung over flabby stretch marked tummy is GONE!!!

My scar is healing nicely, but it's only been 4 weeks since my surgery.
It takes a good 8-12 months I believe for it to truly mature. But like I said, I'd take this over the way it was before and pay double!

If your Dr. makes suggestions all I can say is LISTEN to them and consider what they are saying… spend the extra money and do it all at once and I PROMISE you will be happy you did!

As for my neck lipo… I am very happy with the results so far.. I am waiting for the swelling/lumps to diminish, but again that will also take a few months for that to restore. But so far I like the results, my face as you can see in the picture looks very good and although I don't have my before pics to prove it, my neck from a side view looks 10X better than it did before.

I PROMISE to get before and after pics… all this noise I'm making really will speak high volumes once you see before an after pics.

Some After Pics

I just really wish I had some good before shots. I plan to get these from Dr. Aldea when I take my after shots mid March time frame. He has all the before and after shots which is where you can REALLY see how awesome my results are. I am working out now, I shadow box, run, etc... I can pretty much do everything except ab work. For instance no sit-ups or anything that is strenuous on my abs.

more pics

Sorry, the last update did not add all my pics :-/ guess you have to upload one photo at a time with this app.

Photos about 9 weeks post op

This is me bloated on my menstrual cycle and after a long day of working out and eating not so good Dr. Aldea would be fairly disappointed in my food choices as of late; not sure why I chose to take pics at this time, i guess just to see more results next month hahaha... not too bad though

9 weeks post op

Just FYI for those that had/have neck lipo.... The swelling in my neck has dissipated so much that I think it is all gone this is 9 weeks post op
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Aldea is my favorite person in this world, I will NEVER forget him the rest of my life… truly, that may sound crazy but he really boosted my self confidence and this is very important to me. The best Dr. in the area for this procedure, when you meet him you can see the compassion and knowledge he has in his work. At consultation he does not hold back and spends the extra time speaking with you so you understand exactly what you are getting into. His staff (especially Lilly) is extremely helpful through the entire process pre and post op. I can not thank them enough and can't imagine going to anyone else for the procedure. I would go back to him 10x + if I had to do it again.

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