35yo Mother of 3: 10, 3 and 2. I Nursed the 2yo for 2yrs! Looking Forward to Pre-baby Breasts - Full, Perky and Beautiful!

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Ecstatic as I count down to my Sept.30th surgery!...

Ecstatic as I count down to my Sept.30th surgery! We've discussed 550cc and 500cc silicone implants (slight asymmetry) . I'm 5'7", 145lbs. I'm in the process of getting down to 140 prior to my surgery, as I won't be working out for a couple weeks. Dr.Quigley was highly recommended by four OB/Gyns and I was very pleased when I met her. Praying for a beautiful and healthy outcome!

Help, please!

I'm 2 days away! What do I need to prepare?! Thanks!

Day 1 with my twins!

Arrived to the surgery center at 6A. Surgery was scheduled for 7:30A. IV was placed, Versed was administered and I was out! Woke up new and improved a few hours later. I did experience some nausea during recovery. I received RX's for Lortab 5, Phenergan and Flexeril. I hate taking pain meds, but the Lortab is a HUGE help. If I don't take it I'm experiencing extreme pain in my back and breasts. My doctor was excellent, she came in a few times to check on me and called later that evening. It's awkward not being able to move your arms or anything upper body for that matter. Tomorrow I get to remove the bandages.

Recovering at home!

I've been in bed since arriving home yesterday around 1P. Can't wait to remove the bandages tomorrow. I return to the doctor next week Thurs.

2days post op

Finally removed the bandages!

It's only day 3 and I'm thrilled!

Hate that I'm still having pain and discomfort, but I'm thrilled with my results. Looking forward to moving my arms and my chest and back not hurting.

Day 7 (Pics are Day 6)

Feeling much better now that I'm a week out! I haven't taken pain meds today and I'm hoping those days are over. I returned to Dr.Quigley yesterday and she removed the bandages around my areolas and the sutures. She then placed steristrips around my incisions. I'm thrilled with my progress! As of yesterday, I can finally move my arms without any major discomfort. And I can actually hold my arms outstretched over my head, which was a major feat a few days ago. I'm definitely more active and I can tell when I'm doing too much because I'm easily exhausted and my chest feels extremely tight. Back to Dr.Q, she also showed me how to massage my implants and explained that they'd drop and my nipples would move higher. I told her that real self has been a tremendous help because watching everyone's journey I learned there was nothing to be concerned about. I return to Dr.Q in a few weeks and then I'll be applying BioOil from then on out. Hoping everyone's well!
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