Small B 5"0 127 Lbs Looking to Get a BA - Memphis, TN

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5"0 127lbs 25 years old 34-36B Been thinking about...

5"0 127lbs 25 years old 34-36B Been thinking about this procedure for a while but need opinions and help with type of implants and size, scheduled for a consultation soon .Unhappy with my breasts due to no volume and droopy with abnormal Nipple for the size of my boobs. I feel a BA will solve a lot of the following issues 1) Volume: i have a lot of bottom & side boobage and they go down and to the side like torpedos lol 2) Stretchmarks: from Puberty, no kids i feel BA will fill the top and make it more evenly distributed. 3) Droopy ; They sit low for my age but perhaps with the implants once they drop the nipple placement will appear a bit higher ; not interested in a breast lift since it is not extremely severe IMHO 4) Uneven : they look tuberous and deformed since they are so small and exhausted looking but with implant I am hoping they would look full like they are supposed to be. Have thought about 400cc Gummy Implants of Silicone. Any thoughts??

400/450cc Breastfold Incision Silicone

So I went to Karen Quigley for my consultation and after thinking I had tuberous breast the doctor said i did not have them, she said my breast are just very pointy and the areola is big. She measured the nipple placement to my collar bone and it was 21.5 she said average is 20" so not as bad as I thought. After i had self diagnosed that i needed a breast lift too she said a moderate implant should do the trick and lift them up. I am just very very worried that i will have a gap since my breast already stand far apart so I need help figuring out what size and if i should stay in the 400 or if i should go to 500 range. Yhe doc said minimum i would need 400cc but not sure. She asked me to think about it and come back. any thoughts? BTW this doctor has a great reputation and a majority of her patients are by word of mouth which is a good sign to me. I just really hope and pray that she is right in sayin i do not have tuberous breast bc if i do its ok, i just want to know what is needed to achieve a full round D since i lack volume at top.

Different Doc

Decided to get a second opinion just to make sure I dont need a lift and to my surprising the distance of my nipple to colar bone is average to nationals average for my age 20cm. I went to dr neumon goshorn who is in the same group and my what a difference in the consultation! He even drew pictures for me and went into specific detail on the procedure, he was a bit concerned that i would look funny with a D but he said it was up to me and to come back if i needed to. he is talkative informationl honest and nice. He told me he cannot create cleavage that a bra would have to do that for me. I felt his communication skills were great and had good patient chemistry i felt more at ease and less rushed too...will visit again regarding shape and size questions

Very knowledgable

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