Really Looking For Affordable Plastic Surgeon Near Tennessee - Memphis, TN

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Today I had a consultation with Nubody Concepts In...

Today I had a consultation with Nubody Concepts In Memphis ,TN .....they said they can give me the butt I want with some cosmetic procedure called Natural lift but I doubt it would make much of difference. I don't want to pay my hard earned money for nothing. Some one please give me a great/ affordable Doc I can go to. I'm not even sure if I want to get a BBL or butt implants.

wish pics

Decided to go with DR. SALAMA !!!

So Monday I talk to Nancy from Elite Plastic Surgeons and I decided Friday I am going to put my deposit down for Dr. Salama. I've seen really great work from him and a huge difference in before and after pics. When I sent my pics Dr. Salama suggested that I gain 10 pounds to get the shape that I want. I'm so excited although I have so much to do and a long wait, But I'm going to be patient with this...... I completed a step but there's still so much I have to learn about this process.

Some Please Help!!! Need Advice

So i discussed with Nancy from Dr salama office Monday, I told her i would have my deposit Friday ( tomorrow ) . This is something i really want bad..... before i decided to go with Dr s i realize Dr. Yily from the DR was great and very cheap. I told my husband about her but he bushed it off and said " the Dominican Republican its gone add up as the same amount with us traveling sooo far. We have never traveled out of state before so we're new . I've been looking at her pictures today and i just wanted to get a quote for plane tickets. A round trip for one person 849 per person. Its just me and my hubby.That way cheaper and i might can get my boobs done as well. But I told Nancy one thing and I really don't want to go back one my word. I don't want her to feel like its something i m not serious about. Should I just go with my first mind and put down the deposit or look more into Dr. yily .

Sorry if you cant understand what i just wrote

Sorry if you cant understand what i just wrote......I'm trying to type fast

I made my deposit yeahh

Dec 1 is my surgery date..... I know its a year from now but I need time to save money!

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Miami Plastic Surgeon

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