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Hi All! I love this site! I began my Boob...

Hi All!

I love this site! I began my Boob issue when I was in the 2nd grade....Yes 2nd grade...lol. That was when my mom bought my first training bra. I grew up where people thought i was to grown up looking to be so young. I remember older men hitting on me because of my breast size. I basically ignored all that. I was always self conscious about the way I dressed or to make sure I do not have cleavage showing because of so many yrs. of being self conscious of them. As I became older I never really thought of breast reduction but within the last 1yr and half I have had pain in my back and shoulders from them. Every day there is pain and i finally talked to my doctor about it. I had to go to physical Therapy to show that I am trying to receive help other than just pain meds. I have cigna ins. so there are guidelines to what you have to do to get approved for the surgery.

I saw a PS on Oct 31st. He was very short with me barely looking me in the eye and started talking about free graft nipple before he even looked at my breast! I was like wait how do you know you need to do that. I dont want to just go straight to that because i've seen online women with breasts bigger than that not have to go that route. He also said if he tried to save my nipple, and the nipple died he doesnt want me to bash his name around town....(i should have bolted then) Then he took pics and said you should here something in 2wks. I was like is this the way it is supposed to be....super fast and they got paid 40$ a 5min visit.

I waited patiently 2 wks. Called the office and the secretary said yes it should be processing just wait we will contact you. I waited another week. I called my insurance and they had not received anything. Called them back they stated they had fired some staff so my paperwork has been shuffled around.....long story short they never sent paper work off till last week Tues!

I called my insurance they said they got it but not ready yet. I called today....wk later...Found out the freaking dr does not perform BR at the hospital that my insurance would cover....ain't that about nothing!!! I was unhappy with the service i had been receiving so i had already booked another consult with another dr on today....Guess what they can get me at the hospital I need, plus the PS is available for the dates i need!!

He even said he tries to save the nipple and doesn't do free graft nip, and 30yrs experience. A family friend just had a BR about a week ago with him and she is doing great. I believe everything happens for a reason so I am ready for this journey and I am going to share all my moments with you.

Hello! I have a tentative surgery date! They put...

hello! I have a tentative surgery date! They put me down for Dec 20th!! yesssss! now my last hurdle is to be officially approved then i can truly celebrate! Wish me luck ladies!!

Well im still on pens and needles waiting on my...

Well im still on pens and needles waiting on my approval.....I hope everything runs smooth. I feel confident that it will. I have been researching how to heal efficiently and quickly. Have you ladies heard of arnica and bromelain w/ quercetin, vit c, zinc, and silicone sheeting on breast scars. How well do these items work and have you all used any of this. Trying to be proactive....

oh...my hubby forbid me to show before boobies and after ones like some ladies have but I will show you know covered pics...:)

Today was weird. Dr office sent info in on last...

Today was weird. Dr office sent info in on last tues or wed. Found out they mailed to wrong ins. address this morning. Freak out...I talked to teresa (office manager?)(very nice lady) and she said she mailed them to chatt TN, I told her cigna gave me a pennsylvania address. So i told her the insurance suggested faxing to them. So they called and got fax number from them. I called cigna later on to see if something possibly came in they stated not yet...:(( I asked what is the fax number to send my info to she gave me an 866 num. So I called teresa and asked what number they faxed to...she said 800 num!!! AAAAGGHHHH!! lol

So we decided lets wait till the am and see what happens. Knowing me..I had to call cigna to see if they possibly recieved......Finally...They recieved! ok now the waiting begins...also she said hopefully i should know something in a few days...fingers crossed...

Oh yea...my job approved my time off...thank...

oh yea...my job approved my time off...thank goodness. Normally you have to give at least 30 days and they did it in less than 20 days...:))

Well this morning got more news that my dr office...

Well this morning got more news that my dr office faxed my info to the wrong Cigna location!! Uugghhh! I am really trying to be patient but I'm at the edge today. I called Cigna and told them I need someone who is in authorizations to talk to my dr office and tell them where to send it. That is what she did. I called dr office and said did u get the correct info. She stated yes and she faxed over all the info they needed. I waited an hr then called Cigna to see if they received......they did! And I have the referral number so I can make sure they have it. They said it is in pending status as of today. Why is this so complicated!!!

Oh yea! The other surgeon office had the nerve to call me today and tell me there dr doesn't do the surg at the hospital my insurance will cover!!! Duuuhhhh! I told her I got the info on the 28th!! A long time ago an I already have another dr.

Ladies the biggest advice I can give you is please call your insurance company everyday and check your status because there are so many different people answer the phone and they all don't know what they r doing! Seriously, bug the mess out of them that way u won't waste vital time. Wish me luck y'all!

LADIES!!! I GOT MY APPROVAL!!!!!! Whew this was...

LADIES!!! I GOT MY APPROVAL!!!!!! Whew this was pretty scary knowing im scheduled tues!!! YESSSSS!!!! I am so relieved....I have called my insurance everyday. Got different answers everyday, different people everyday, but yesterday was the last straw! I had to basically freak out and cry to get the response i was looking for. Matthew in authorization dept did what he said he would do, and that was push it thru...Whew! I can breathe. Thanks for your support in this journey

Well today is the day.....i feel very good. (a...

well today is the day.....i feel very good. (a little scared) but overall im fine. I woke up before the clock went off. lol. I am about to go to hospital and it's raining cats and dogs out there. I started my period so im going through that also...:( All in all I am very happy I have made this decision and so looking forward to my new bra size.....smaller. I didn't recieve my package from hospital so i guess i will fill everything out when I get there. ok i feel like im rambling i guess the nerves are here. Pray for me ladies. I was in deep prayer last night and i will again right before. Im in good hands...:)) Thank you for all your support and I will post some pics soon.

4th day Post op WEll i woke up feeling great! but...

4th day Post op

WEll i woke up feeling great! but as time goes on im feeling the tightness of the swelling and its making me uncomfortable. How long will your breasts stay so tight?? also is there anything i can do to relive the pressure? I have been using ice packs, but i dont know if it is working or not. It has been a sleepy few days. I have an appetite but not to heavy. Having trouble lifting anything or twiting cap off something. Also can't really lift anythin off floor. I am going to be patient with my breasts and there healing just checking to see if there are any tips. I have not washed my breasts yet cause i am scared of infection. Dr told me i can get in tub but no shower. Also if i get the strips wet i guess i just blow dry them? ok thats about all i can ramble about right now, Talk to u soon!

12 days in... Well I have been doing ok. I am...

12 days in...
Well I have been doing ok. I am starting to really realize that i can't rush this healing process. I am a very independent person and wow was I shocked that there is so much I really can't do yet. I have to give big props to my husband he has really been there for me and took good care of me. I feel like im a big baby at times when i can't do what i want and it gets to me some times but i just have to be patient. I have trouble lifting anything to heavy, getting up and down has been kinda difficult. I can't really shower on my own and getting comfortable has been pretty tough. I have learned pillows are your best friend!! Nice warm blankets are good too. I notice that when I get cold I get freezing cold like teeth chattering and all. I hope and pray that everything heals good. My doctor calls me right back any time I have a question so I am very thankful for that. Night or day. I feel like i might be smaller than what I told the doctor I wanted to be even though I stressed I wanted to be a regular D. When I look down I see like an A or B. I am still hoping they will drop or expand a lil because they are still tight and a little swollen. It's funny i thought hey if they don't get bigger I'm going from to little bras bursting out to getting a padded bra!! LOL!! but hey I'm ok with it. No pain was my common goal. One other thing I have noticed is like wow....Stomach is a little bigger than it was before surgery....(boobs were hiding it) I am like i seriously have to lose this bulge! Any tips please share ladies!!! I have p90x Abd ripper X but i know i can't do anything like that for a while! Please help!! Any foods that help tummy fat too??
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