35 Years Old, 150 Pounds, Size 34G! Houston, TX

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Today was the first step towards my new self! ...

Today was the first step towards my new self! Finally was able to schedule my Consultation with Dr. Hsu on June15 with Memorial Plastic Surgery. Will post more after my consultation. Questions: Any suggestions on what to do before? Also I'm curious to know about how everyone was able to take time off for post surgery recovery?

My pre surgery photo

Finally had the confidence to post my photo. Pre surgery, size 34G

The Consultation

On May 25th I had my first breast reduction consultation with Dr. Hsu. I have to be honest, I called the office to inquire about the insurance process which they couldn't say much and if there was a earlier appointment available, which to my surprise there was a cancellation so I got in. I don't know if I should have waited for my original appointment time because I felt it was rushed.
It's past a month and I haven't heard from them. Can anyone tell me what they went through and how their initial reaction was?? I saw the doctor for less than 30 mins - told him that I was going through the my insurance, then waited some more until someone said I needed to take photos. Is is normal to be confused and still let with questions?

Insurance claim denied

After 2 months of waiting BCBS sent me a letter in the mail, they have denied my reduction claim. my experience with Dr. Hey was neutral but the office staff experience has been negative. I felt I had to constantly call and follow up on my end regarding updates but because I was going through insurance my questions were passed on to their insurance claims department. It felt wrong from the start when I called in to book my appointment and I should have asked more questions during the consultation.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I personally did not have a great experience with this practice. I booked my consultation after rave reviews from this website, so I was hoping for the same treatment. I wanted to document my experince on here in case it might help someone else. Long story short without getting emotional, I think all I did was wait...I have yet to receive a called after my consultation, nor after my follow up requests. All I was told is that I needed to talk to Connie at a different number. Also, after my consultation the ladies at the front desk did not explain that the visit will be filed against my insurance, I found that out from BCBS. It would have been nice to be told what was happening, going to happen but I was just sent off my merry way. Finally after 2 months I received a letter from BCBS with a denied claim and it had Dr. Hsu's name below and this is how I found out. The office manger or coordinator Clair or Clare initially stated to me over the phone before my consultation meeting that unless the breast are having to the belly I won't get approved. So I was a bit put off by that comment, so I asked maybe I should cancel it. I never met her, during my consultation no one introduced themselves other than the doctor, and I meet him at most 10 mins, I wasn't prepared emotionally so it was a bit of blur. This could be a blessing in disguise since I never felt at ease before, during or after my consultation. I beginning to think maybe I was set aside because they didn't want to bother with the insurance company, who knows. But what I do know now after calling other doctors and talking with their office staff is...Please ladies call around, visit more than one doctors, because you should feel at ease and confident about your choices. Thank you!

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