53 and it is time for a change, tired of my double chin / fat neck

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Dr Diaz was the third Dr I went to for a...

Dr Diaz was the third Dr I went to for a consultation about my neck/chin area. I have wanted to do something about this for years. At 53 it is time. I went 5 years ago to the first plastic surgeon but she wanted to do a full lower neck lift and liposuction. I was not ready for major surgery and did not like how pushy she was. I am not opposed to aging, I just don't like my neck area and as long as I can remember I never have. I know it is genetics, my dad has the same neck.
The second Dr is a well known Facial Plastic Surgeon. At the time I did not realize he was not a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. His prices were way too high. Starting to get discouraged I asked a friend of mine, who works in the field as a skin care specialist, what I should do. She recommended a couple of Drs to me. I found Dr Diaz, made the appointment for yet another consultation. He was very kind and took his time talking with me. He was the only one who actually touched my face and felt the texture. He asked me what I wanted to change. I told him the area that bothered me. He said he could do Liposuction in that area in the office under local anesthetic. Based on our conversation and the way he listened to me I have scheduled my appointment. I am a bit nervous but hopeful I will get the results I am looking for. He did tell me it could go either way. I may have great results or I may have some sagging at my age. I am willing to give it a try. I will post some photos soon. My Pre OP apt is in 2 weeks.

only 2 more weeks

Posted some before photos. Had my pre op appointment ~ the appointment went well. A bit nervous but excited. In two weeks I will have Chin Liposuction done. Can't believe I am finally doing this. Advice and encouragement would be nice.
I am looking forward to great results.

having a slight panic attack

Over the past 2 weeks since my pre op appointment I have had 3 minor panic attacks. Yesterday was the worst. I have been so excited about this. But then I start to think what am I doing? Why am I doing this to myself? What if this does not turn out the way I hope? Will I heal properly? My mind is racing. Like most of you I have turned to the internet for some of my information, research, support and encouragement. Yesterday while I was having all these thoughts of course I went online and started seeing people who are not happy with the results..... I started to cry. What am I doing???? My husband has been so supportive. He said "why are you reading all that? You have done your research, picked the best doctor, and made the appointment. No need to read anything else." He is right. I have done all my research, love my doctor, have done everything he asked me to. Drinking only water, I stopped drinking caffeine 2 weeks ago. Stopped all vitamins except Vitamin C along with the program my Dr recommended, VitaMedica Recovery Support Program. (his office was out of the product so I ordered it online from www.makemeheal.com) I have been on it a week and feel great. There is nothing more to do but go to my appointment tomorrow and be prepared for the best outcome I can. This site has been so helpful to me I just wanted to let others know how I was feeling the day before my surgery. See you on the other side.

24 hours after surgery photos

These photos were taken 24 hours after my surgery. The stuff under my chin is clue that is starting to lift (I might have helped it a little). I feel great. No bruising! some swelling but not too bad. Took one pain pill when I got home but after that just extra strength Tylenol. As far as the surgery. I got to the office about 10 minuets before my appointment. Freddie (Dr Diaz surgical nurse) took me back right away. He was so kind he talked with me and made me feel at ease as he set up the room. Dr Diaz came in to say Hi and asked me how I was doing. I was feeling excited not so nervous. I was surprised I felt so at ease. Once the room was set up Dr Diaz came back in, marked my face. Asked me if I was ready. Dr Diaz talks with you not to you. I like that. Next Freddie gave me 1 5mg valium to help with nerves. The procedure was done in office under local anesthetic. Dr Diaz took his time and made sure everything was covered, sterile and ready to go before he started. I was draped from head to toe. The hardest part was the numbing. Dr Diaz took his time as he did this. He even stopped for a few min before he finished go give it more time to numb as he was adding the tumescent fluid. Dr Diaz made me feel at ease during the entire procedure. He talked to me, he told stories. made me smile. He made sure I was doing well the entire time. Dr Diaz is a protectionist. He said I had fibrous fat and that it took about twice as long to to the procedure. He refined a couple of spots before he was satisfied with his work. Now the healing has to take place. So far I feel like things are going well. I go back in the morning for a follow up appointment. On a side note, I had bought a extra compression garment from MMH when I ordered my recovery system vitamins just to have on hand. I did not know what type of garment Dr Diaz would use. I did not care for the garment they sent me home with, It kept slipping and did not feel like it had much support. So after about 18 hrs I switched over to the garment I had ordered. It is much more comfortable. Feels like it has better support. Does not slip and move like the other one did. The photo is of the garment I had ordered ahead of time.

follow up apporintment

Went in yesterday for my follow up. They removed my one stitch and said things looked good. I will go back Friday for another visit. I am back to wearing the compression garment they sent me home with. But at night I use the other one because is stays in place better. Not sure if I was wearing the first one wrong but it would not stay put. It is working better now. I keep it on 24 hours a day. Only take it off to shower then put it right back on. I will say wearing the compression garment is the hardest part of the procedure. But I know it will be worth it in the end.

1 week post op

Went in for my one week post op visit. Dr was very happy with the results so far. He said I still have some swelling so he wants me to keep the compression garment on as much as possible for the next two weeks. uggg Not what I wanted to hear but I do want the best results so I will wear it as much as possible. I go back in two weeks. On a side note, I wanted to mention I was a bit concerned before I had my liposuction about the epinephrine that is used in the tumescent fluid because when I had dental work done in the past it would make my heart race. It turned out to not be an issue. It did not make my hear race at all. It did not make me feel strange at all. It is not the same as injecting it into the mouth. Just wanted to add that in case anyone else has the issue. Talk with your Dr but it should not be an issue in Liposuction.

3 weeks post op appointment

Had my 3 week post op appointment today. Dr is very pleased with the way things are looking. I told him that some days it looks smooth and nice and some days it looks like it has ripples. He said that is a normal part of healing. Will take about 3 months to see final results. He said to keep massaging my neck area (I am using Arnicare Gel). So Happy I no longer have to wear my compression garment at night. He said I could still wear it in the evening for a few hours if I want. Most of the swelling shows up by the end of the day. I am happy with the results so far. I believe this was a joint effort. My plastic surgeon is awesome. He has a great eye and is a perfectionist. The second part of the effort came from me. I did everything he said to do. I took the vitamins he said to take, I stopped all caffeine the week before surgery started drink lots of water, as of today I am still doing that. I feel great. Had one very small bruise. Slight swelling but not too bad. Pain was not bad at all. I have one very small numb spot right under my chin. He said that would come back. One more follow up appointment in 2 weeks. He will take the after photos then. Can't believe it has only been 3 weeks. I will check back in 2 weeks after my final appointment.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Dr Diaz makes sure he has answered all your questions before he leaves the room. He is very kind, made me feel like he was not rushed. You can tell he loves what he does and is a perfectionist at his job. That's what I want in a plastic surgeon especially when working on the face or neck area. That's a place you can't hide. I chose to have my procedure in office under local anesthetic. Dr Diaz made me feel at ease during the entire process. His staff was helpful and kind as well. At my first consultation appointment I did have to wait quite a while until I got to see the Dr. But for all my follow up appointments I was taken right in. Due to the fact I had to wear the head compression garment they let me come in the back door which was nice. I did not want to be in the waiting room looking like that. I am very Happy I made the decision to go with Dr Diaz and his office.

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