37 Y/o and After Years of Talking About It...I Am Finally Going to Do It - Melbourne, FL

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OMG...after years of thinking about it...and...

OMG...after years of thinking about it...and wanting to do it...I am finally getting the girls hooked up. I am so pumped. I went to Belgium 2 years ago with a girlfriend of mine for a consultation. She didn't even plan on getting hers done and she ended up making her appointment and getting them. I was so sad because I did not feel good about the doctor in Belgium.

So I was sad and continued to plot and plan and try and figure out how I could get it done. I was online line and researching and something lead me to Dr. Diaz. I was in the area and went with another friend for a consult and Dr. Diaz and T were very attentive to my want of "realism" and fullness. So, after more though...I just put down my deposit and booked my labs/pre-op/surgery/post. I can't believe I am finally gonna do it.

52 days...

52 days until my dreams come true! One Monday I am going to turn my working out up a notch. I want to get in a little better shape so that the downtime doesn't hurt my fitness level.

Ordered my supplies...35 days

OMGoodness...35 days out. I ordered my vitamins and scar cream as well as a couple of front closure bras.

Before pics

I am so embarrassed right not....I really hate these things. Can't wait to get them upgraded.

Wish pic

19 days...

Goodness, I am 19 days out and I can't stop thinking about boobs!! I am so excited. Lately I have been thinking that I might want to go a little bigger than 400ccs.

Paid in Full! 14 days out

Just made the last payment...this is really going to happen. No turning back now. Come on 6 August!

Pre-op today!

Had my pre-op appointment today! It was great. Dr.Diaz and his staff were totally attentive to my questions. He is very meticulous, which is a good thing. My hubby really likes him also. We went over all the paperwork and I decided on 450ccs but, he ordered 500s also. I got my scripts filled and pre-registered at the surgery center. So, one more day and I will have my twins. Showtime is 0630 on Wednesday.

Welcome to Boobieland!

Dr. Diaz called me in the evening to make sure I was good to go and that I had read I've the paperwork , told me he would take good care of me and said he would see me in the morning.

I slept pretty well last night. Woke up at 6 am, showered with the special soap that they gave me at the clinic and got dressed. We were off to the surgery center at about 7:15. Everyone in the surgery center was great! Everyone was very nice and friendly. The got me all checked I and hooked up. The Dr. Diaz came in, talked to me about a couple of things, marked me up and sId we were ready to go. They wheeled me down the hall , talked to me for a minute, then off to sleep I went.

Next thing I knew they were waking me up and I felt like I had a lot of weight in my chest. I was pretty foggy for a while because I remember getting dressed and sitting in the wheelchair, getting in the car, then I was home.

My loving and supportive husband had me get in the bed, supplied me with Gatorade and crackers and I went to sleep. I woke up about 4 made a couple of phone calls and received a call from Dr. Diaz . He was just checking on me and making sure I was taking my Meds. he also let me know that he used the 450ccs and that everything went great. I told him that I hadn't gotten sick and that I was doing great. I spoke too soon. A few minutes after I was running to the bathroom. But, after that, it was all good. I went back to bed and messed with my computer for a while until I went to sleep. No real trouble sleeping, the hubby woke me up to take meds and then I went right back to sleep.

Follow up appointment today. They should unwrap me and put me in a bra. So it will be my first time seeing them. Follow up was super quick, the nurse unwrapped me and took a quick look. Then, Dr.Diaz came in. He said everything was great. They put me in a sports bra and wrapped me again. I didn't get to see them though because there were not any mirrors in the room I was in. But, they said I could shower tonight so, I will get a peek. Ice protocol has been started. Ice is awesome. The girls are still swollen. Pain is not too serious. If I had to try and describe it, I would say it is like when you are beginning to breast feed and your milk comes in for the very first time.


This morning I have another follow up at Dr. Diaz' office. I took a shower and unwrapped myself this morning. Hopefully, all is well. I have a little bit or soreness at both incision sites but, nothing major. I think everything is going alright. Everything thing is good. Going to start working on range if motion and walking around this weekend. Got the twins in a sports bra and everything is a-ok. It is looking like I don't even need the lift because when they drop and fluff everything should look really natural.

Bras and a follow up

I had a follow up appointment today. I have to start the massages and work on my range of motion. The massages are not my favorite activity. But, I must do them because I know it is for the greater good. I also went to Target and got a couple of bras. I got the same kind as lrb757, and I have to cosign...they are AWESOME and I was excited to buy a 36DD. ????

Ok just checking in...

So, Wednesday is six weeks with the new girls. All I can say is....I love them. I haven't had the boob blues at all. So, Dr. Diaz is AMAZING! I could not have wished for a better experience. Follow ups every few days and an awesome staff. I was taking pics once a week but, I lost most of them (stupid phone). So, I will post what I have been able to recover.

Pics first couple of days

We opted not to do the crescent lift and just went with 450cc high profiles.

A few more pics

I wanted natural looking and at this point they were coming along nicely. I am so in love. I hate that I lost the rest of my pictures.

So, my scars...I think they areally ok. They are a little dark but, they will lighten with time like my other scars. The one is a little raised but, I am sure it will smooth out with time. I am using Biocornium Scar cream twice a day.

Day 40 something

I think they look like I was born with them. I love them...and so does my hubby :) I went a got measured a week ago. I am wearing a 36DDD or a 38DD. That is pretty great!!
Best decision I ever made! Thank you Dr. Diaz!
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