Late 20's, Lower Jaw Surgery, Genioplasty and Rhinoplasty - Melbourne, AU

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Watch this space - will update after surgery. I...

watch this space - will update after surgery.
I have booked in the above procedure having all three surgical procedures at the same time. - lower jaw surgery to correct overbite, genioplasty and rhinoplasty.

My journey began when I finally had the money to get braces, to cut the story short the orthodontist advised I had an overbite which would require lower jaw surgery. When I had my consultation the surgeon, they advised I would be able to complete a rhinoplasty at the same time which was a bonus for me as that was something I always wanted to do. I'm not scared and I have done alot of research on all the procedures, however there is very minimal reviews/ information regarding all three procedures at the same time. Please feel free to comment if you have had a similar procedure or preformed a similar procedure your thoughts and advise and what to expect during recovery procedure. I will post a further update once the surgery has been completed.

I feel my main concern is the difficulty I will have breathing through my mouth after surgery.

lower jaw surgery to correct overbite, genioplasty and rhinoplasty.

I had lower jaw surgery to correct overbite, genioplasty and rhinoplasty at the same time love my results. Currently 1 month post op.

My Experience - The Journey

As there aren't alot of blogs with all three procedures at the same time I thought I will break down my experiences for you.

I found that mentally preparing your self years before the surgery is the best thing you can do for yourself.
& always remember you are not going to see your results straight away this is a process and it takes time...

Hospital Admission - Nerves are high, but just remember you will be asleep and you will not feel a thing. Waking up from surgery this was abit of a blur as I was highly medicated just remember you have doctors and nurses there to make sure you are comfortable while while you recover out of surgery.

I could feel my face was like a balloon like when I had my wisdom teeth removed, (but probably worse), I could feel the swelling around my eyes as it was hard to keep them open all I wanted to do was sleep...

During the first 2 days I did not look in a mirror I was to scared to look.
On the 3rd day I looked, and even brushed my teeth with a baby tooth brush very proud of my accomplishment I felt so fresh after that.

Day 1-4 I was in hospital care due to prior medical conditions not related to surgery, (I belive you usually should be in 1 or 2 nights only) however I was very glad I was in hospital care these days as they are probably the hardest days through recovery.

They place this thing around your head with ice for the jaw swelling the cold pressure felt amazing!!
Food - During this time I couldn't use a straw my lips felt and looked huge I don't understand how people mention they used straws through their recovery but I guess everyone is different. I used a cup to have all my meals, I was mainly having smoothies and soups as I am pretty fussy eater, anything that is liquid having a little mirror is handy throughout this time as your face is numb and you can see what you are doing.
Pain - Honestly I felt no pain, it's more of a discomfort feeling. Apparently the nurses knew when my body was in pain because my heart rate would raise and as soon as I has the pain killers my heart rate would go back to normal.
Sleep - I slept elevated head above heart, Prior to surgery I use to sleep flat on the tummy so this was very hard to get use to.
Entertainment - Honestly the hospital staff were my entertainment or I was sleeping most of the time I never looked at magazines, TV or even really on my phone it took to much energy and because of how swollen my eyes were I just wanted to keep them closed or have my room really dark.
Swelling & bruising - These days are the worst swelling days I actually looked like I was in a kickboxing competition and I lost.
Braces - You wake from surgery with rubber bands holding your bite together, my surgeon removed them for me the day after as I felt really restricted.
Hospital - I had the most amazing staff look after me, I think this is also a very important during your recovery.
Rhinoplasty tip of my nose felt tight where the stitches were and I felt I looked abit piggy which is what I expected from viewing other blogs, I think my rhinoplasty experience was nothing compared to the jaw and genioplasty trying to eat, sleep and talk was more exhausting and where I felt most discomfort as mentioned. I felt no pain or discomfort from my nose. Rhinoplasty splints were removed day 1 and did not have any further bleeding and my nose only bleed a little bit on like day 3 no other issues during this time.
Vaseline - this is also another life saver still using this 1 month post op
Lower Jaw/ chin and bottom lip is numb ear to ear.

Day 5 - 7 On the 7th day after surgery my cast was due for removal however while I was in hospital my surgeon came and extended the date to post op day 12 for cast removal. During these days your face is still swollen but you can see it's getting better and better every day. By this time I was ready for visitors to keep me occupied, you still get very exhausted and want to nap, but I believe sleeping helps with recovery. You also feel like your mouth needs a rest after talking with all your visitors. I found sleeping and eating to be the most difficult during the recovery but you will find every day you feel better and better. Once I was home I mixed up my foods I was starting to have toast which I lightly toasted to be soft enough to fit in my mouth and break down with my tounge I use minor chewing if needed. You can literally feel what you can eat or not your body tells you.
( I started to form a rash on my face from the cast it was so itchy)

Day 8 - 12 Facial swelling had gone down completely I actually started to look myself I had very faint yellowish bruising fading under the eyes but that was it. Day 12 cast removal so excited to see my new nose, this was something I always wanted. My surgeon first started with removing my stitches however he did not remove all of them as he did mention they would dissolve over time, the stitches are annoying to get out really didn't like this fiddling around with my nose. When the cast came off the surgeon was removing alot of dead skin, the pressure used felt uncomfortable because your nose still feels so tender. Then the cast was lifted you feel the pressure lifted straight away, then he showed me in the mirror my new nose, I has so many mixed emotions I had a rhinoplasty reduction so the nose bridge looked so small the size I imagined I slightly touch it felt so smooth, however my tip of my nose felt hugeeeeeeeeeeee including the columella which was hanging all I was thinking is please just be swelling. The surgeon then said he wanted to tape my nose for another 5 days then I can remove this...
Jaw numbness is only located now at the bottom lip and chin area also I feel like i have this tight feeling when talking and eating.

Day 13 - 16 nose is still taped, tip is still huge and columella still hanging.

Day 16 - 21 I noticed during this time the incision on the columella was healing strange and three small looking pimples formed one popped and alot of puss came out, then the other two I started to remove the puss cause it started to feel better once removed. Day 17 tape was removed tip of the nose was still very swollen including the columella, the bridge of my nose also started to look abit fat.

Day 21 Second surgeon visit I highlighted the puss experience to my surgeon, as I thought slightly infected he also sqeezed the puss on the columella started to look better once the puss was being drained out. I was put on antibiotics straight away. The surgeon believes some of the stitches may have not been dissolved properly by my body which caused the infection. Numbness still only located bottom lip and chin.

Day 22 - 27 all signs of infection has gone. Tip still looks swollen to me but to the public eye I look normal. Columella tender to touch, bridge of nose still tender. Columella is hanging less. Chin and bottom lip still numb. Eating better more solids anything my mouth can handle. Cheese burgers are really good.

Currently 1 Month and 7 Days -
Chin and bottom lip still numb, however the numbness is starting to feel different like its slowly gaining feeling back. I'm still required to wear rubber bands 24 hrs unless I'm eating I can take these out, this was instructed from my very first surgeon visit. Eating is better I am chewing on food my body can handle I am now able to open my mouth two fingers wide. I also still feel tightness in this area when talking and eating. However I am back at work and getting back into normal life.

Nose is still slightly tender on the Columella, Tip and Bridge.
Columella swelling has gone down and is only faintly hanging.
I still find the tip is swollen, not to the public eye but to me
My nose especially and my T-zone is very oily and my skin has started to break out the past week or so...

I'm still getting use to my front profile, I feel my nose looks wider then it did prior to surgery so I do hope this is all swelling, they do say it take a full year to see your results. However I am seeing small changes everyday.

I love my new side profile, I do still find the tip is big still as mentioned hoping this is swelling.

I still don't know if my current situation is normal however I am due to see my surgeon for another visit in the next week.

If you have any questions about my experience please feel free to comment.

Just know it all gets better in time and we all heal differently, this is just my experience so far.
I might of missed some thing out If i remember anything I will add a further post.

(I also won't be posting photos as I have decided for privacy reasons.)

Hope this helps =)

Nearly 6 Months Post OP Rhinoplasty/Lower Jawsurgery

Believe me when I say it defiantly gets better and better over time.

Nose swelling has completely gone down, sometimes I think the tip can look swollen at times just slightly, overall love my new nose.

Tip still feels slightly hard including the Cronulla. Not sore or tender... my changes are quite sutle and my nose now suits my face.

Lower jaw surgery and genioplasty looks amazing.

If i touch my bottom lip and just under there is a slight tingling sensastion does not cause any affect in my daily life. Still think it's healing also.

Both changes look amazing still healing slightly, now I understand why they say it takes about 1 year to see your final results.

Best thing I've done for myself. Braces are still on I believe they will be off after a few more visits.

Only thing I have noticed since surgery my skin gets quite oily and I break out of little pimples on my nose it has been getting better also must be due to the healing process, or me touching my nose all the time.

Until next time ????
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