Late 20's, Lower Jaw Surgery, Genioplasty and Rhinoplasty - Melbourne, AU

Watch this space - will update after surgery. I...

watch this space - will update after surgery.
I have booked in the above procedure having all three surgical procedures at the same time. - lower jaw surgery to correct overbite, genioplasty and rhinoplasty.

My journey began when I finally had the money to get braces, to cut the story short the orthodontist advised I had an overbite which would require lower jaw surgery. When I had my consultation the surgeon, they advised I would be able to complete a rhinoplasty at the same time which was a bonus for me as that was something I always wanted to do. I'm not scared and I have done alot of research on all the procedures, however there is very minimal reviews/ information regarding all three procedures at the same time. Please feel free to comment if you have had a similar procedure or preformed a similar procedure your thoughts and advise and what to expect during recovery procedure. I will post a further update once the surgery has been completed.

I feel my main concern is the difficulty I will have breathing through my mouth after surgery.
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