33yr Old 2 Kids Both Caesarian - Melbourne, AU

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Excited! 2 weeks to go now! I've booked my...

Excited! 2 weeks to go now! I've booked my operation after my daughter 4.5yr old
Told me to stop wearing black and trying to cover my tummy! Ventral hernia repair with tummy tuck and breast augmentation I'm not even an A cup going for 12c (425cc). Sporty type but cannot loose any weight atm may be the hernia??

5 Days to go!!!

Been a little sick this week and getting very nervous about the op... Have starting packing the bag and decided I'll sen my son to my mother in law for a week or 2(depending on recovery) my daughter will stay with me as my mum will be around to help us out. So, I've got the care sorted and feel very blessed mum's are willing to help out! A little worried about my boob size now. I never really had a big breast other than when I was breastfeeding and it looked amazing!!! Going for that same size (12C) I want it to look natural and in proportion with my body... I'm only 157cm tall (5.2" I think). Can't wait to get my tummy back... I'm an ex ballroom/Latin dancer and have had abs as far as I can remember. I hate my body at the moment.... Counting down the minutes to get my body back!

The night before!!! Only few hours to go...

I'm officially fasting tomorrow morning I can say goodbye to my round tummy and flat chest forever! Bag is ready and I've done the best I can with the house... Will update tomorrow after the op! Wish me luck ...

All done!!!

I'm a new woman!!! It's all done ... Ventral hernia repair with tummy tuck, lips on hips and tummy, breast augmentations 300cc and maybe nipple reduction... Tummy is surprisingly not sore at this stage, my right breast is pretty good my left is really sore! Hard to breathe at the moment as it feels really tight. Hospital has been great and Dr Kalus has been back to check and said it all went great... Will post more Picts later!

Day after surgery!

Here is some progress pictures... So far so good! My breasts look great considering the swelling and the fact that they are still sitting high. Took my drains out and changed into a bra... Didn't sleep much. I'm
Keeping up with the medicines and just had local anaesthetic to my breasts to ease the pain. It's a burning sensation.

4 Days after Surgery Update

Tonight I'm feeling a little better... The last 3 days have been tough, really tough. Definitely a lot worst than caesarian birth. Yesterday I was really emotional. Have been having contraction like pains in my tummy for the last few days gand my left breast was killing me! Today I only took 2 endone tablets total but I'm keeping up with panadol every 4-5 hours. I slept better last night as well. Been sleeping and living on a recliner as bed is no go for a week or more I think, need to sleep upright. Thank goodness this recliner is comfortable. I soaked my feet in water
today and washed my hair with dry shampoo. The hardest part is probably not been able to shower. Been sponge washing instead but not the same. Have been all Bandaged up so haven't taken any photos. Will post some Tuesday. Although I'm Extremely swollen still, my breasts look soo good and soo natural already! I love them. Haven't seen my tummy properly worried about the scar but need to give it time to heal.

One week after surgery

Went back today for the first time after surgery and changed all my dressings. Will start doing breast massages to make sure they are nice and soft... The left breast was still under excruciating pain the nurse confirmed it is a nerve pain and did some ultrasound therapy and added some light therapy, have to admit I actually cried in her office from the pain in the one breast (I'm
usually very good with pain) but tonight I feel so much better. I can move my arm a lot more and the pain is very manageable (i also took some stronger pills) I was also able to shower so I spent 40 minutes in there just enjoying the warm water and scrubbing my skin like never before... I've been sponge washing but it's never the same. Feel good tonight. Here are some progress photos as you can see I still can't straighten fully and I'm very very swollen... Breasts are still swollen and you can see some yellow bruising. I hate my belly button atm. Can't wait for all swelling to go down. I reckon I also put on weight doing nothing all day I'm scared to weight myself so I'll do it in a few weeks when in more mobile!

10 Days After Surgery

Today I'm feeling good. Showered and dressed all by myself... I know it seems odd but to put those compression pants I always needed help... Feels good to be able to do it on my own. Pain in my left breast is manageable with those new pain killers (they target the nerve pain...). I think the swelling in my tummy is a little less or I hope so anyways. I'm a little inpatient and just want it to look as I hoped for. Does anyone know how long it will take for the swelling to go down?? I'm sure I've put on weight as I'm not moving much... Going to try walking more from today and see how I go. These a pics from today, one breast looks bigger in photos but not to the naked eye!

Totally worth it!

Ok, haven't updated in a while... it has been a hard ride, up and down and the pain is still present. Having said this, I had a ventral hernia repair with muscle repair and tummy tuck, plus breast augmentation! Need to give myself a break and let my body heal. I do have a 2yr and a 4.5yr old to chase after as well so recovery was always going to be harder. I'm starting to straighten and swelling is going down but I'm very tender. My upper abs hurt the most and haven't got sensation to my belly button section yet. My breast and nipples are also tender. I took some photos this morning and I was pretty impressed with the results! Only 3 weeks after op and I never thought it could look like this! I'll let you judge the results ;-) (ps. Belly button is not what I hoped for but compared to before tummy shot I'm extremely happy)

Before and after shots!

Night before and 3 weeks after surgery! Feel like a woman again...

5 weeks and feeling better everyday!

Haven't updated in a couple of weeks so wanted to send a couple of shots... last week I swelled up... I was very concerned but I had my period so I waited that it all went down and it did! This week I'm feeling great... boobs don't hurt, the tummy is very tender and it does hurt a little but I'm not longer taking pain killers so it is not that bad!

Dr Allan M Kalus and the team at Avenue Plastic Surgery up to now have been amazing. They explained the procedures very carefully making sure I understood exactly what I'm in for. Dr Kalus is a professional that strived for a very natural approach is not pushy into doing other procedures and I feel extremely comfortable talking to him and his staff! Great feeling and looking forward to the procedure

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