Explant after ruptured silicone + 1 pregnancy

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Pre BA my left breast was 10A & right breast 10B. ...

Pre BA my left breast was 10A & right breast 10B. Even with different sized implants it was still very hard to achieve even sized breasts due to my muscle & nipple positioning.
I have Silicone implants (250cc & 275cc) under the muscle.

After discovering (from an MRI) that I have a ruptured silicone implant, I have had to schedule surgery asap to remove my implants. I am not going to replace them or get a lift..I think this is the right thing to do and now I just wish I never had implants to begin with.

I knew something was wrong after experiencing some pretty sharp pains & my right breast had changed shape/size. I'm glad I trusted my instinct before things got worse.

I now have surgery scheduled in about 4 days to remove implants & any silicone leaked in my body.. I am incredibly anxious and hope everything goes well in surgery & recovery is quick
I am also wondering what they will look like afterwards, especially because of my breast asymmetry. I’m not expecting miracles but hope they look half decent after surgery.

I am so scared but at the same time I think it may be a blessing in disguise. . I have always hated having implants and how they looked.. I guess in some ways I'm looking forward to feeling lighter and getting rid of these uncomfortable balls from my chest. I wish I appreciated my body & breasts more when I was younger but thought that implants would improve my lack of confidence, though in my case it didn’t.

Counting down to surgery now. I'm so nervous ……… Can't stop thinking about it

2 days to go.. Had a bad day today

Less than 2 days to go & I had a bit of a bad day and major anxiety overthinking things .. It's my fear of the unknown & scared of looking horrible afterwards. I need to stay positive & remind myself that these Toxic things are finally coming out! My health is more important. I wouldn't be surprised if they caused my illness. Did anyone else get diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) after getting implants?? I noticed my symptoms just six months after implants went in

Can't wait to get these out tomorrow!

Night before my implant removal surgery & doing my best to relax .. I'm in a much better place today than I was yesterday. I have accepted this is going to be the best thing for my health & less scared than I was before.

After looking at the photos I've taken over past month & post BA, I've noticed my right breast just keeps getting smaller..! Maybe it's leaking more rapidly now? Lucky my surgery is tomorrow already

I have packed up my entire big bra collection & looking forward to bra shopping after I've healed (apparently you should avoid underwire for a few months post surgery)

my weight has gone up & down over years, I was 10C post BA, 10D pre pregnancy, 12DD pregnancy, 12E after giving birth, now I'm back to a 10C. So a lot of bra changes lol.

Next chapter, new me. . Here we go

My implants are out! what a relief

Here I am now 2 days post op & I am finding it really therapeutic writing about my journey. I am so grateful for this site & am really appreciative for all the support I have received. It has really helped... I definitely wish this website was around when I was researching & deciding on whether to get implants back when I was 18.

I am now on the other side.. finally. My toxic silicone implants are out and I got to have a look at them too. As suspected on the MRI, my left breast implant was intact, but my right breast implant (the smaller breast) was completely ruptured. What's funny is that even with the MRI, many said that there's a 'chance' it was still intact as sometimes they can get these reports wrong. But I'm glad I insisted with removal surgery and followed my instinct. The ruptured implant looked horrible, split in a couple places and I just couldn't believe it was inside of me. No wonder it was causing me so much pain & discomfort.

I don't have post-op photos just yet as I'm all bandaged up but will post some soon. But let me just say that I am so happy to be 'back to me' and no more uncomfortable implants. Yes, they are small, but I'm ok with that. Majority of models have small breasts too & many women wear padded push up bras...it's not a bad thing. If you have/find a partner who loves you for you, then that's more important than attracting someone who only judges you on one of your physical features. We have MANY other assets & features to show off (not just physically either). I previously thought my husband may be disappointed but he's happier to have me natural again and getting back to good health (he is actually strongly against implants & their toxicity & possible links to illness).

My breasts are nice & squishy (sorry for the visual haha), I actually didn't remember what my breasts felt like after having implants ever since I was 18. I have a softer cleavage line, whereas previously I had a massive gap between my implants which I was always self conscious about.
I haven't been measured but I look like an A or B bra cup.

*Day of surgery..
I woke up from surgery & within 20 mins I felt great surprisingly (What an amazing anaesthetist). I had minimal pain but was given a bunch of pain killers, anti-inflammatory & other meds to keep pain away. I had bad nausea later in day from the medication but that subsided.
*Day after surgery.. I felt great. Besides some tenderness in my breasts, I didn't feel like i had surgery. (When I had my first augmentation at 18 I remember the pain was excruciating so this was nothing like it). I barely have pain & have been out & about. I decided to get dressed up & feel good about myself day after surgery instead of laying on couch with pain killers. I haven't needed many pain meds at all in fact.

I will update soon with my progress.
Thank you for being there to help me get through this. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster leading up to surgery & now so glad that i did it

Photos: 2 days post explant..

I don't want to discourage anyone from explanting based on my photos as I have had a different history to most other reviews on the site. Even though they're small & don't look overly amazing, I am still REALLY happy to be implant free!! It is the best thing I did for my health & self confidence..

I will upload some photos now as I want to track my progress/improvement of my breast tissues returning to normal over the next 3-6 months. Although it could take a year I'm told.
They have a big indent like a scoop has come out from the top area, but apparently that fixes itself (i hope). Also my nipples look shrivelled & caved in! But that also fixes itself too I'm told & tissue still needs to heal underneath.

Keep in mind I had breast asymmetry before my explant, so this has obviously remained (there is a whole bra cup size in difference).
Plus, I have breastfed within past year & got Mastitis (twice) in my right breast, which is even more unlucky because that was the smaller breast.. this meant I lost even more breast tissue from right side.

I have also had 2 Breast Augmentations over the years..
1st BA surgery was Saline implants over the muscle (330cc) in 2003 (for 5 years) which also eventually 'bottomed out' & stretched skin.
2nd BA surgery was Silicone implants under the muscle (275cc) in 2008 (for 6 years) - then I got an implant rupture on right side (again my smaller side), so right breast had to be cleaned out of silicone in surgery ..

Plus through recent pregnancy & weight changes my bra size has gone up & down.. so a lot of skin stretching has occurred.

I haven't found anyone with a similar situation to mine so far and think my explant results would have been better if not for the multiple surgeries & my breast asymmetry etc.

I haven't had much luck with regard to my breasts over the years & finally feel like I have some freedom to be myself now

If you are in a similar situation to me I'd love to hear from you ...

1 week post Explant! Healing everyday

It's been a week of healing, both inside & out. I have noticed little changes day to day.
Let me just say that I don't miss my implants not one bit & feel so much better without them even if they are less fuller/firmer.

This might sound strange but in the days after surgery, I noticed a 'swooshing' sound like fluid or air was trapped in my breasts but I did some special massages & this has gone away.
Also I feel like they're not as caved in as a week ago.

My skin looks stretched & this is also from breastfeeding too.

I went bra shopping today for a wireless bra. I wish I didn't have asymmetrical breasts. It makes bra shopping such a crappy experience. Found a great comfy wireless bra though!! And padded too. I am so sick of sports bras lol

Aside from that, I'm still pain free & waiting for my breast tissue to recover & fill out. It's going to take some time so I need to have more patience, but still have no regrets about Explant! :)

Will update again soon ..

SEROMA: another dirty word I just learnt in the plastic surgery world

As you can see from my post Explant photos, my breasts are quite uneven BUT There's actually a medical reason for it. I went to my GP to request an a Ultrasound as I had a feeling something wasn't right (again). The report showed that I have bilateral "SEROMA" but a much larger amount in my left breast. This means that it feels like a very firm & large water balloon is in my breast (similar to the feeling of an firm Implant). It is fluid build up within the remaining breast Capsule.

The worst part is, is that my left breast was already bigger to begin with so now it is at least 2 cup sizes bigger than my left. Why am I so unlucky. . .

TREATMENT: the ultrasound clinic can drain the fluid with a needle & under a local anaesthetic.
I'm going to wait to see my PS first though so he can assess it too.

PLUS the capsule containing the fluid is actually OVER THE MUSCLE. My recent implant removal in 2015 was for Silicone implants placed UNDER the muscle from 2008. (But remember I also had Saline implants 2004-2008 OVER the muscle).. I'm therefore wondering how long I've had this problem undetected for, as my left breast was always ridiculously bigger after BA (as you can see from my pre-op photos). I just thought it was from the Rupture.

Ladies, get yourself checked out if you have these symptoms..

Also discovered something else more disturbing in my report but I'll update in another post to keep this one as brief as I can

YAYY so happy!! my breasts look so much more even now after having the Seroma/Fluid drained from left side

I had my 6 week post op appointment today with my surgeon. I had excessive fluid build-up in my left breast which he drained today (it was a very quick & easy procedure).
I felt INSTANT RELIEF after he drained the fluid because it felt like a hard rock before that.
As a result, my breasts look much more symmetrical now! SO happy.. There's a chance the fluid may return but then I can just return to get it drained again. It is a complication related to any type of surgery apparently so it's nothing too serious.
I'm also on antibiotics to fix the issue I had related to the fluid build up as the incision was a bit inflamed & may have been infected. The antibiotics should fix this over the next week or so.
I don't have a photo to upload yet, I'm wearing a compression bandage for a couple days to assist with healing. Will update again soon..
Following my appointment with my surgeon, he also booked me in for "light therapy" at his skin clinic which speeds up the healing process using special technology (i have 3 complimentary sessions). It sounds pretty technical so I am really curious to see how it works :) it apparently helps with scar healing among other things

2.5 months photo update of Explant Surgery

Hi all, it's been a while since I last logged in so I thought it was time for a photo update.
As mentioned in previous post, I had fluid issues & have since had to get my left breast drained twice. I think it's ok now though. It's been a fun rollercoaster but nothing I can't handle :/
They still are a bit uneven in size as they were prior to surgery, but otherwise they are healing well.

Breast firmness has improved a lot since my first week post op.. So I'm happy about that as I thought it would never happen. That "scoop" feeling you have in upper pole area straight after explant, now feels fuller too (the fluffing effect as they call it lol)

One thing I'm finding hard is finding a bra! I feel like I'm 12 years old again & have no idea what style or size will suit me & my new boobs lol!!
I'm a size 10A or 32B in bras now but still wearing a soft padded genie bra for now as it's so comfortable & has good compression

Hope my review is helping others make their decision to be implant free again :)

5 months post explant! Update..

It's been 5 months since my breast implants were removed.

Despite being small, I would never get implants put back in. Implants just felt & looked awkward on me.

The way they feel now 5 months later compared to 1 month post op is totally different.
More fullness when I squeeze my breast tissue & no more "dents" in my chest. They are definitely more firm.
I have loose skin on my left breast but is getting better slowly.

BEFORE & AFTER pics ... old implants vs my new breasts

I decided to upload some old pics of my implants over the years. I really hate looking at them because they bring back bad memories but it's a good comparison to see how my breasts looked then VS how they look now without implants. I didn't realise you couldn't edit posts when I first started this review so otherwise I would have had these pics at the start.

PHOTOS ATTACHED relate to my journey below:
*I had Saline implants over muscle 2004-2008 which bottomed out, rippled & looked horrible,
*I had Silicone implants under muscle 2008-2015 which resulted in a rupture & muscle flex deformity,
*i had a pregnancy & a lot of weight loss/gain which changed how breasts looked.
*Then in 2015, had implants removed without replacement. What absolute freedom..

I have uploaded the latest 6.5 month photo post explant.
One thing that bothers me is that my scar seems to look a bit distorted in my breast fold.

I have gained some weight recently & my breasts looked fuller which I'm pretty happy about.

Hope this helps others on their journey to explant.. It's been the best decision I made
I am now looking forward to my next pregnancy WITHOUT IMPLANTS! I imagine breastfeeding would be so much easier too (fingers crossed).
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I was virtually pain-free after my surgery. However, not overly happy with the way my scars still appear 'dented/pinched in' after more than 1 year post op.

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