Height157cm/justUnder5.2ftDimensionsBeforeBAChest30in/76cmUnderBreast 27in/68.5cmWaist JustUnder25in/63cmHips33in. Melbourne, AU

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Hi real selfers, I am a petite mother of 4...

Hi real selfers, I am a petite mother of 4 breastfed children between 16 and 3. I always say that I am still waiting for puberty and for boobs! I wear an A cup bra but it is just so I don't have a nip slip incident! I have always admired boobs. And have thought about implants in The past but have never really considered having the procedure myself due to fear-of rejection by my body, money and wanting to finish having all my babies.... I have slowly been coming around to the idea of seriously getting them done and am hoping to do so sometime this year (before I turn 40 next year -2017) in some ways I wonder if I have left it too late and am I too old to be getting something like this done. But I know that if there are no hiccups I will be so happy with my own set of boobies! I have not had any consults yet as I am firstly trying to save up as much as I can so that when I do have the consult I don't have to then wait till I save the money. I have found the PS that I want to have my consult with- He does trans-auxiliary implants and that is where I want my suture line. I am now also looking into other surgeons to get an idea of who I can choose from. My husband isn't too keen on the idea. And when I mention it he always purses his lips! But he has said if I save up half the money (one boob!) he will pay the other half of the money (the other boob!)

My first Boob job dream!

This morning I woke from my first boob job dream! And they were too small! Couldn't even tell they had been done! Lol I'm having boob greed before I've even had my BA. Anyone else have pre boob augmentation dreams? I'm hoping my next tattoo be will be with bigger boobs!

Keeping it on the downlow....

Hi ladies, One of my very, very close girlfriends was less than impressed when I casually mentioned I was contemplating a BA... So I have decided not to mention it to her ever again because it made me feel bad!!
I have also decided that I will be very selective with who shares this information- family a definite no no!! And only friends that show no inkling of negativity!! It is a tough journey to go on and I down want any bad vibe clouding up what is an exciting time.....even though I am not sure how long this journey will be..

Polyurethane Foam Covered Silicone Tear Drop Implants AKA Furry Brazillians

I am now thinking that the furry Brazillian implant will be more suited to my body shape... (No boob or boob tissue at all...) but this can only be done via incisions under the breast.
I initially wanted the trans-auxiliary because there is no noticeable scar under the breast this way but the furry's sound like a safer option....and more expensive...of course..
Because I have such little breast tissue I feel that this year drop style would be best for giving a natural boob slope.. It also appears to indicate that there is a much lower change of capsular contracture (which of course is one of the main issues us girlies are trying to avoid)
But my thing was that because I am half Asian and have in the past had problems with keloid scarring-on my chest from chicken pox I wanted to obviously avoid the incision on the torso...
So what is the best option? I am now leaning towards the furry's because of lower incidence of CC. Still haven't had a consult yet so have to wait for that and see what is recommended for me..

Think I've Gone off the Furry Brazillians Aka Textured Implants

I am feverishly reading as much as I can and have come across some articles that indicate that textured implants can harbour 70% more bugs on heir lining due to the texture and when removed can be more difficult to separate if an explant is required at some point...

So am still thinking about everything, from trying to work out how much natural tissue I will lose from the augmentation, to what can be lost if I have cc and how much is usually removed with the explant...
Really trying to get as much info as I can to be prepared with questions...

First consult booked!!

I finally had the courage to call and take the first step and book my first consult! I will be meeting Dr Richard Bloom who is here on real self.

Any ladies here have their BA done with him? I'd love to hear your experiences!

His first available consult isn't till 23 Aug 2016 but I'm locked in!

So weird to be going in and showing someone my body and getting sized up in such a way... No nerves yet-too far away for that! But I know they'll come!

So ladies, I have to start thinking about questions-any hot tips? Questions you think should be on my list?

I'm hiding under the Doona at 11:25 pm while hubby sleeps and I listen to Rufus' latest album talking to you...about boobs!

Best try to sleep!
Nighty nights ladies!

Hi, tomorrow morning I am going to visit and chat...

Hi, tomorrow morning I am going to visit and chat with the first surgeon about my boobs!

It's late notice but does anyone have any recommendations on what I shld be asking! I have some questions already prepared of course, but maybe I have missed some! I'm not nervous or particularly excited, I think because I know I can't get it done for 3-6 months anyway... But in saying that I do have my outfit ready to wear (no bra lol)  It is first thing in the morning at 8 am near the city which is a pain in regards to peak hour traffic, but am planning to leave 1-1.5 hrs beforehand so I am not late if there is traffic issues.  Hope everyone is having a great day! :-)

First consultation done and dusted!

Hi real selfers! I had my first consult with Richard this morning. And it went well.

Mentor round smooth silicone implants..

I found Richard's disposition to be very amiable. He firstly,after introductions, took all photos including those with the vectra 3D imagining machine.
How cool is that get up?!
Richard went through everything thoroughly and I pretty much didn't have to ask any questions! Richard did comment on how well versed I already was on what to expect. :-) ~ I like to be prepared ;-)
When I had watched the Keller funnel trailer on YouTube I noticed that the implant was handled a few times and this was one thing I brought up as it was niggling me (seeing I will be asleep and cannot oversee my surgery lol) Richard reassured me that no one would be handling the implant and that his nurse would open and tip the prosthesis straight into the funnel from its sterile packaging.

Richard also gave me a bit of a run down of how the procedure would be done.
Firstly using anti bacterial solution over the whole area, then covering the my nipples to keep them out of the sterile field.
Then making the incision in both breasts at the inframammary site-fold of the breast then making a pocket in one breast placing a antibacterial pack into the pocket and leave for around 20/30 minutes, then do the same to the other breast. Make sure there in no excess bleeding change gloves and then insert the implants with the Keller funnel and suture me up!
This is essentially what I should expect.
So the only thing that I was concerned with was the scarring of the suture line-I saw some of his other patients post surgery and they looked a bit bulky... I will talk to him about it another time.
I do not need to have any other consults I am able to just make a booking as long as I give 4 weeks notice.
Now to save the 10000 AUD!!!
I'm excited!!!

Weight and recommended implant size

I keep forgetting to add my weight with my height. I weigh 42 kg/ 92.5 lbs and am 157cm/5f2inches
The recommended implants mentor moderate profile 300cc
Hope this helps others of similar shape!

300cc Round Smooth Silicone Dual Plane for a 40 Yr Old Mum of 4 Breastfed Children

Hi, FINALLY! I am 5 days post op. I always wanted boobs and for some reason I knew I wouldn't get any! Puberty never came! About a year ago I suddenly decided that I would love some boobs and that surgery was safe enough these days for me to take the plunge. I breastfed all four of my kids for all up approx 5 yrs. so didn't have anything except nipples left afterwards. Surgery day was so 
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