30, No Kids, Circumferential Abdominoplasty & Thigh Lift After 110lb Weight Loss - Melbourne, AU

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After maintaining 50kg weight loss through diet...

After maintaining 50kg weight loss through diet and exercise since 2013-14 decided I couldn't get the body I wanted with just that alone due to excess skin from being overweight my whole life. My skin is not nearly as bad as what I have seen on this site so I do feel lucky that because I've got quite a solid build a lot of my weight is carried in bones and muscle which I would never haves realised until I went through my weight loss experience, everyone is different & Ill never be that petite and that's ok.

Surgery is December 8th & excited for the next step!!

Photo from this morning

What I can't get rid of..

1 day post op!!

Currently sitting in my hospital with all sorts of tubes and things coming out of me, my operation was yesterday, went from 8am-2:15pm, have 4 draining tubes, 2 on each side of hips, a pain buster which is releasing pain relief directly to my stomach area. I also have circulation leg wrap on my calves with the none movement, having a catheter in has been a godsend! Not having to worry about peeing is amazing!

First day post op I'm feeling very tight, for obvious reasons, have a little difficulty taking full breathes but other wise the doctor is very pleased with how it all went and how I'm going.

In total I had about 7kgs/15lbs of skin which is pretty incredible ????????

Ok I'll leave it there and update when I've gotten
out of my bed and I'll post some photos.

Post Op Day #2

Currently sitting in a recliner with a thousand pillows my nurse has put me in after I went for my first little walk since surgery.
Yesterday involved a blood transfusion due to low hemoglobin and blood pressure and a fainting spell on the nurse before that. Today was feeling much better.
I'm being kept well relieved of pain with doses of endone, paracetomol, ibuprofen, targin & tramadol depending on what I'm about to do or how much pain I am in at the time.

The incision looks good from the abdominoplasty, it has not been sewn from the outside has just been sprayed or taped. My thighs incisions are still covered.

I would say the factor that is causing me the most discomfort is a very very swollen vulva. The surgeon isn't too concerned about it an advised due to the fact that they pulled my vagina up in surgery and my thigh lift end very closely to my vagina it could be the reason, however it is quite uncomfortable and there is not much i can except for put ice on it.

Incisions are very tight from swelling, but no amount of reading about swelling van prepare you for it really.
Will leave it there andreport back later

Day 2 post Op Photos


4 Days Post Op

I'm still currently in hospital as I had to get top hospital cover to be here so I am covered for as long as I need to be here. Yesterday was a pretty good day, I spent a lot of the day sitting in the recliner, went for a walk and went outside in the sun in the wheelchair. My catheter came out & so did 2 of my drainage tubes, leaving 2 still in, they both still producing quite a bit. I felt I mad some progress yesterday and would assess going home today.

However as I'm still draining quite a bit and my vulva is yet to go down I opted to stay another night with the surgeon's advice. Today was the day i first took my binder off and my compression socks off since surgery, I read in other peoples reviews that the first time you take your binder off youll be quite light headed, as soon as the nurse took it of me i instantly started feeling dizzy and faint, she called the other nurses in to help me get back into bed for a while, after lunch was tried the shower again and were successful, as well as getting me dressed and putting some pants on me (drainage tubes in them). Was the first time I saw myself after surgery without the binder so i took some photos. Sitting in bed feeling quite swollen in my tummy area at present. The pain isn't too bad but i am being medicated every few hours with something.

If i could give one tip about making this easier, i would say have good upper body and leg strength before you have the surgery, it has made it much easier for me to get up and down, hold myself up when required, especially when you have the ability to use your core strength in these early days. I spent a lot of hours in the gym lifting weights leading up to the surgery and I'm glad they were able to be used.

Before & after

Day 5 Post Op

Went home from the hospital today and currently sitting in the comfiest tilt and shift recliner that I bought off Gumtree for $200, picked up a toilet seat raiser, basic walking frame and shower chair. My awkward vulva swelling has thankfully gone down, and now i have to concentrate on making myself poop. that's my biggest problem at the moment, and laxatives do exactly do the trick.

Otherwise the pain is very managable, i am moving around very well and have to remind myself to take it easy.

First Post up Appt with Surgeon

Today I saw Sophie in her suites to my frist post opp appt, shes very happy with how im tracking, I accidentally pulled out the suction-y part of my of my drainage tubes last night (not out my drain site don't worry, just the tube attached to that tube) so they switched both my drainage bottles out because the fluid is still quite a lot, she is wanting me to have 40mls or less per day and right now I'm emitting about 200mls a day. She prescribed me with some tramadol because obviously i didn't realise in the hospital how well the nurses were managing my pain haha, so I have endone and tramadol and ibuprofen & panadol to space through out the day if the pain requires it.

My back is feeling the brunt of it right now, i'm quite swollen and sitting on your backside for most of the time doesn't help much either.

My dad has been driving me around and being very patient I might have to put some more thought into his Christmas present.

Post Op Day 5 photos

9 days post op

11 days post

Starting to get feeling back between my legs. it's a strange feeling cos right now the back of legs are touching and have feeling and she didn't operate on that pert but because in between my thighs is starting to come to and I can feel sensation in between the back parts of thighs touching is quite unnatural feeling.

13 days post op

The struggle is still real people! I can stand and walk around at the moment, but bloating and gas from pain killers and operation still in effect. Still wake up with sore scars and stiffness if the painkillers have worn off. I can adjust in my chair better, kinda change my positioning which is nice.
My drains came out yesterday and finally stopped incessantly leaking all over the place today which is great. My stomach is looking great for the front and will
Hopefully start looking more normal from side on when my back swelling goes down.

Slowly the glue she used is coming off from around the incision marks but I look like a grubby little kid around some parts of my scars I don't look at as often (around the back mostly)

28 days Post op

It's been a month since surgery day and I've had lots of learning curves and experiences I can share for those who are wanting to have the procedures I have.

Once my drainage tubes were removed my legs slowly ballooned up and my stomach started to develop fluid, dr told me to look out for a wobbly water like feeling in my stomach, went and had to he seroma drained last Friday, 200ccs came out, I thought it would hurt but Due to what I assume is the nerve damage I couldn't feel a thing and was very happy to see the fluid disappear, I realised the next that some more fluid had developed in my lower abdomen and a pocket of fluid next to my belly button did not go after the first aspiration and went back on Tuesday, Dr drained a further 50cc from my lower abdomen and 60cc from the pocket of fluid next to my belly button, for that one he had to go in through my belly button, again I had no feeling and it was just cool to watch.

My legs are still very swollen and am realising it might take some time for the fluid in my muscles to be absorbed into my body. Am also realising to have a completely tight stomach I will need to have an upper body lift. Which was always the plan but will work harder to get it sooner rather than later.

5 weeks, 2 days post op.

Have returned back work this week, body had to adjust to the commute, walking to the train Station and then from the station to work. The sides of my legs were my tubes were are slowly having less pain which means I'll be able to start sleeping in my side. Have been on the couch this week with my pregnancy pillow and am
Wishing my recliner came with me from my parents. Swelling slowly going down in my lower back and it's giving me a small amount of hope I won't end up with a complete pancake ass before I have to start working out.

4 months post surgery

The last couple months have been slow! The had developed seromas under my leg incisions which my PS thought was fat necrosis after ultrasounds it was seromas and I got them drained every week for about a month and decided to get a drain put back in the bad leg as the fluid amount, it cost me $300 to do but it closed the cavity within about a week and a half. My back still has some swelling which is slowly going down but being unable to exercise really didn't help! Have started swimming for low impact exercise and lots of stretching to help my abdominal area not feel so tight. The seromas were extremely frustrating but am glad I got rid of them in the end.

6.5 Months Post Op

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